So riddle me this, my fellow Americans. With what has now become the near constant barrage of threats against our freedoms as well as against our Republic, the source of which is a Democrat Party that has now been taken over by some the most radical characters that we have ever seen in American politics, when will the American people finally wake up and say enough is enough, this far and no further? It’s obvious that our most recent presidential election was clearly stolen by the ‘victor’ and yet it’s the candidate from whom it was stolen that continues to be accused of committing the crime of doing nothing more than to point out what we all know to be true. And not only by the Democrats but also by some Republicans as well!  WTF???

Take for instance racist boob Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat from New York and a less than stellar member of the House. He recently commented on how those in charge of defending President Trump in the Senate’s impeachment trial intend to equate the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol to the riots that took place during the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests. It was during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” that Jeffries claimed that making such an argument put forward, what he referred to as, a “false equivalence.” He then wondered how the two could be compared when the BLM protests were peaceful 93 percent of the time and “consistent with the First Amendment” whereas the Capitol riot was “incited” by President Trump.

Jeffries said, “[I]t’s absolutely ridiculous, but it’s not surprising” He said, “It’s a false equivalence, and I believe it will be an attempt to engage in vicious race-baiting. The notion that you are going to equate some sporadic instances of civil unrest, how can you compare that to a violent attack on the Capitol when the president at the time summoned the mob to Washington, D.C., then incited the mob, and then directed the mob to march on the Capitol as part of an insurrection to halt the peaceful transfer of power, undermine our democracy, and resulting in the deaths of several Americans. The two cannot be compared, and it shows the weakness of the argument that President Trump should be acquitted. He should not. He should be convicted.”

BLM and Antifa protests were mostly peaceful and consistent with the first amendment? Seriously? Since when is burning down private businesses, closing off entire streets, looting and stealing private property, destroying parked cars, people being killed, and beaten by thugs, considered peaceful? I cannot imagine what violent protests look like in his delusional state. I mean what planet does this racist moron live on or, better yet, what planet does he suggest we all live on? We as citizens of this country have a right to protest but sometimes there are folks who get carried away on the day of the protest. They don’t do it for months and continually day after day, destroying businesses and burning down federal buildings like BLM and Antifa.

Unfortunately it’s Democrats, like this racist ass Jeffries, and those in the ‘fake news’ media who continue to remain able to maintain control of the narrative, and even more so as we see more and more conservative voices being silenced, including that of President Trump, courtesy of our ‘social media’ giants. This was not an “insurgency incited” by President Trump. What took place, or dare I say allowed to take place, on January 6 was a ‘historic and massive security failure’ by the Capitol Security Force at one of the most important buildings in the United States while both houses of Congress were in full session. And, I might add, it’s Pelosi who supervises the Security in the House of Representatives through the House Sergeant at Arms.

And it might also be worth noting that it was the House Sergeant at Arms who had actually denied the request by the Capitol Police chief for additional troops and back up on January 4. The reason for the request being denied was said to have been because it would created the rather bad optics that the Democrats, and Pelosi, were trying to avoid since it had been they who had once disparaged President Trump for his use of the National Guard in Portland as well as at the White House. What took place on January 6, was allowed to happen by the very same bunch of unethical scumbags who are now trying to pin their own bad behavior on the very man that they hate most in all the world, Donald J. Trump. And it must not be allowed to stand!

And just how is it that one can compare what took place at the Capitol, i.e. the taking a few selfies by Nancy Pelosi’s desk, and ruffling some papers, to torching, looting, burning, and raping multiple American cities over the course of what Democrats described as being our “summer of love.” You can’t, because there is simply no comparison. There was no attempted coup at the Capitol, because there was no plan to overthrow the government. Nor was there any real chance of doing so. Whereas the ANTIFA/BLM riots, together with what was the obvious and very rampant election fraud, of which much of the evidence has now been destroyed or hidden, did amount to a coup, resulting in the bogus ‘election’ of ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.

The Democrats now seem to be more than a little worried that Round 2 of the Trump Impeachment Circus just might actually expose the names of those Democrat politicians who are guilty of having actively encouraged the BLM and Antifa terrorist attacks. Jeffries whines about how the defense of President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial would expose Democrats who urged and accepted the riots as being “peaceful protests” when it was obvious to anyone with a television, and watching what was taking place, is very capable of interpreting what it was that was taking place in just about every Democrat controlled big city all across the country. And it most certainly was NOT demonstrations that were “93 percent peaceful.”    

Look, we now know that the storming of the Capitol actually started well BEFORE President Trump was even finished giving his speech and was actually done by Antifa and BLM members. And granted, it did not cause nearly as much damage as was done during the “summer of love,” but it was still planned and executed by the very same people. In terms of damages, clearly they cannot be compared, and in that Jeffries is correct. And odd that Democrats now use these recent events to raise walls to protect themselves from people who never actually did anything to them. Apparently, walls do work whenever it suits them. Does anyone else feel the Democrats are building their own separate twisted reality into which they try to sucker the rest of us in?

Look, for the last four years, every single one of President Trump’s rallies have been peaceful events. There’s never been even one instance of rioting, looting, destruction of private property or loss of life. And in nearly every instance, regardless of crowd size, or whether the venue was indoors or out, the location was left cleaner after the event than it was before. Now compare that to the supporters of the Democrats, or at least of those who likely voted for ‘Creepy Joe’, those who took part in those 93 percent peaceful BLM and Antifa ‘rallies’ that destroyed businesses, assaulted white folks, threatened those politicians who dared to disagree with them. Right, Mr. Jeffries, BLM and Antifa ‘protesters’ were all well-behaved and peaceful?

We now seem to live in an era where purposeful deception is the norm which is then compounded by a near endless level of ignorance. A false equivalency is ‘a logical fallacy in which an equivalence is drawn between two subjects based on flawed or false reasoning.’ The only thing on display here is a difference of opinion, between Democrats such as Mr. Jefferies and former President Trump. But with dirty politicians (and that’s just my opinion) such as Mr. Jefferies couching his opinion with such authoritative terms as “false equivalency,” tends to have an adverse effect on impressionable news readers who will likely be apt to take those differences of opinions, as being fact. Even though there is no basis whatsoever in fact,

And so it is in my humble opinion that in both the Capitol Riots and the ongoing ANTIFA/BLM riots engulfing American cities there are what can be considered likenesses: criminal activity, violence, conspiracy and hatred of government. But there are also some very significant differences. Those being: the scale and level of violence and destruction, the period of time (months versus days) and the level of cover provided by outside sources. Hence, it’s the ANTIFA/BLM riots, much alike in character to the Capitol Riots, minus the differences, that have powerful cultural, and corporate protectors, and a political party, making all sorts of excuses for their blatant criminal activity, while overblowing the other side’s far less violent activity.

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