Stop and think for minute and try to ponder just how much brain power, I mean real, actual intelligence, it takes to be an athlete or, for that matter, ANY sort of an ‘entertainer?’ If you’re being honest you would quickly come to the conclusion that not much actual intelligence is really required. Hell, it’s none of these so-called professions that can be considered as essential, and yet it seems that all of those who participate in them are of the same opinion that somehow the rest of us peons just wouldn’t be able to get along without them. But I’ve got some bad news for them!

Which brings me to a couple of real buffoons, Lew Alcindor and Charlie Barkley, who are both of the same opinion, although for different reasons. You see, it’s according to them that it’s the NBA who should have received the ‘Chinese virus’ vaccine before anyone else. So, basketball players should get vaccines before law enforcement, firefighters, nurses, doctors, or anyone else because, most basketball players are black? Plus, basketball players should get vaccines before everyone else because race pimping and being a victim while being paid millions of dollars, is really important?

In an op-ed written in the New York Times on Monday, it was Alcindor who argued NBA stars should receive the vaccine first to “build trust” with the black community. The NBA is 81.1% black. Alcindor wrote, “Black people have reason to distrust the federal government’s response to Covid-19.” And he then went on to cite health-related racial injustices of that past, such as the Tuskegee Experiment. And a 40-year study beginning in 1932 in which Syphilis treatment was withheld from black men in segregated Alabama so the government could track the disease. But, that was then!

Lew then went on to explain, “Health policy professionals suggest that public health campaigns using celebrities should focus on celebrities who are influential in particular communities in order to build trust.” And he went on to point out, “NBA players, 81.1 percent of whom are Black, appeal to the under-35 and African-American demographics.” A survey conducted in December found that 40% of blacks nationwide would not get the coronavirus vaccine. Personally, I could give a rat’s ass who gets it and who doesn’t. My wife got it, but I have no intention of doing so.

And then it was back in mid-January, that Charlie had also said that professional athletes should get priority on ‘Chinese virus’ vaccines. Though, Charlie based his ‘reasoning’ for vaccinating athletes first on the fact that they pay higher taxes. ‘Reasoning’ that Alcindor dismissed in his op-ed on the grounds that Barkley’s “argument suggests that the lives of those who make more money (and presumably pay more taxes) are somehow more valuable than the nurses, police officers, emergency medical workers, grocery clerks, and others risking their lives daily.”

Since the NBA, as well as so very many of its players, seem to be so infatuated with Communist China, and since the virus did actually originate in Communist China, perhaps the NBA players should consider getting the vaccine manufactured in Communist China, that would seem to be the most fitting thing for them to do. Why on Earth would we want to give these people head-of-the-line privileges? Are ghetto thugs now to be considered as being more important in this the post ‘Chinese virus’ era? Not hardly! Perhaps it should have been given to them first as a test?  

When listening to these two morons, you get to see firsthand what happens when athletes grow up having received no real education, instead having grades their given to them simply because they can dribble a basketball and throw it through a hoop.  You have to laugh, back when the NBA was 100% white they used that environment to promote black players to get them into the league. Now they’re saying that with the NBA being 81% black, they still need special treatment? Blacks are very adept at playing the permanent victim class, even when they happen to be multi-millionaires.

And let’s be honest here, Lew, if inequality is such a problem then why isn’t the NBA dealing with it? Why are the highest paid players, black? Everyone’s salary should be the same if the messages you push through the NBA of activism are in any way real. But they aren’t, the rules you talk about aren’t for thee, but for those different from thee. Such a bunch hypothetical BS and I hate it. I haven’t watched basketball since my teenage years, and I am now rapidly approaching the ripe old age of 69. And you know what, I haven’t missed it a bit. I also recently gave up football as well!

And I can only assume that in his pea-brain, Alcindor must view everything as being based upon the color of one’s skin. And when it comes to the ‘Chinese virus’ it should have nothing to do with age, or folks who are elderly, but ONLY color. And he seems to think that it makes sense to first vaccinate some of the healthiest, most physically fit millionaires over the elderly, seniors, the military, doctors, nurses, and other who are far more vulnerable and important people. What a bunch of…dribble.  As if Andy Cuomo hasn’t yet succeeded in killing off enough of our senior citizens.

Blacks cried for inclusion and desegregation and they got it. Now they want to be considered as a separate group, as a whole, as well as being entitled to front-of-the-line privileges. They want ‘safe spaces’ where none but blacks are to be admitted. It would seem to me that blacks have the entire line and thousands of miles of safe spaces in Africa. So, buy or rent a cruise ship and load it up with all who seek ‘their own space’ and ‘want to own the line.’ Then sail it away to Mother-Africa. You got the money and let’s see how many actually really want-what-they-say-they-want.

Even racist old Oprah was right about one thing, that there is a generation of people who have marinated in their racism for their entire lives and now just need to die off. While I’m certainly not wishing old Lew any harm, he has done ‘his people’ much harm by fomenting racism and oppression that he clearly does not have to deal with in his privileged pampered existence, living in a gated, guarded, affluent and likely mostly white, community. His life’s ‘work’ is one of the most, if not THE most, nonessential jobs on the planet and gives him many opportunities to lift people up.

But instead, Alcindor continually chooses to be nothing more than petty and small and to tear down people based solely on the color of their skin and/or their social status. He is obviously a person who possesses zero character and who has come to realize that he has contributed absolutely nothing to society or to the world and only directs his self-loathing at others. Isn’t this all just so typical, professional athletes making, and who have made, millions and all with IQs equal to that of fruits and vegetables. Why is it that anyone continues to pay any amount of attention to any of them?

The black community would be far better served by stopping the endless complaining about what has been done to them and choose to focus more on how to conduct themselves in the present. White Europeans were slaves for hundreds of years, long before black slavery out of Africa. While any slavery is terrible, the path forward isn’t through endless rehashing of grievances. No one denies the past. However, constant demands made because of it (reparations at the top) only build resentment. Dr. Ben Carson makes for a far better example than do former, or current, NBA prima donnas.

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