It would appear that there are a goodly number of Republicans who, after making what appeared to be a conscious decision to spend the entire four years of Donald Trump’s presidency acting more like Democrats than the ‘conservative’ Republicans that they claimed themselves to be, now seem committed to doing little more than to shoot themselves in the foot, if not both feet. And I only say that because things seem to be looking none too good for them as we look ahead to the 2022 election season with many appearing to be determined to only make matters worse. While they have dug themselves quite the hole, many show no sign of letting up on the digging.

And if things do turn out the way they are currently being projected to, it will be these very same Republicans who will have absolutely no one but themselves to blame, because things could have, so very easily, been so much different. Because instead of choosing to stand with their Republican president and to do all that they could to assist in advancing the president’s overwhelmingly conservative agenda, agenda items they themselves once claimed to support, they chose to stand with the Democrats who were determined in their efforts to prevent that from happening and to remove from office our ‘conservative’ Republican president at any and all costs. 

Take, for instance, the 15 RINO turncoats who apparently saw some level of wisdom in voting to impeach former Donald Trump a second time. And it is Adam Kinzinger, one of the ten House Republican turncoats, who has now decided to launch a political action committee (PAC), the purpose of which, or so he says, is to challenge those in the Republican Party still aligned with the former president. Now there’s some good headwork for ya! Now I could be wrong, but it would seem to me that perhaps the smarter thing to do here would be to start a PAC the purpose of which would be to encourage those in the Republican Party to continue on with the Trump agenda.  

Now as hard as it may be for some to believe this dweeb, Kinzinger, was actually part of the 2010 class of Tea Party Republicans. So imagine my surprise when it was recently reported that he had said that the Capitol Hill riots on January 6 was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the direction of the Republican Party, dividing those who wanted to move towards autocracy and those who wanted to return to a path of traditional conservatism. He formally introduced his ‘Country 1st’ PAC in a Sunday ‘Meet the Press’ interview, followed by a six-minute campaign-style video launching what he hopes will transform the party from its current state.

And it was during the ‘Meet the Press’ interview that Kinzinger said, “The reality is this: This is a time to choose … And my goal in launching is just to say, look, let’s take a look at the last four years, how far we have come in a bad way, how backward-looking we are, how much we peddle darkness and division.” And he went on to add, “And that’s not the party I ever signed up for. And I think most Republicans didn’t sign up for that.” Kinzinger did a soft launch of his PAC with a group of reporters via Zoom on Saturday, telling them “it’s time for [Republicans] to unplug the outrage machine.” What a bunch of idiotic political gibberish!

He stated that we need to look at “how far we’ve come in a bad way” during the last four years? Was this moron not paying any attention whatsoever? Was he residing under some rock? Now I realize that this boob come from Illinois, a state with a rather long history of providing us with politicians of questionable intellect as well as questionable ethics. It ceased being the ‘Land of Lincoln’ decades ago! So, from where I’m standing imbeciles such as Kinzinger are working to leave those of us who continue to support Donald Trump with very few viable options. Either we work to provide them with acceptable primary opponents, or we stay home on Election Day.  

Anyway, it was in the launch video for his idiotic PAC that this RINO dolt said, “Republicans must say enough is enough. It’s time to unplug the outrage machine, reject the politics of personality, and cast aside the conspiracy theories and the rage.” He also actually called Republicans such as Rep. Jim Jordan “political terrorists.” Kinzinger says he is not vying for leadership in the party or some form of higher office. His goal is just to drive the conspiracy theorists and racists out of the Republican Party. He said, “We don’t embrace conspiracy theories to win anymore.” And added, “Would we lose the Proud Boys? Maybe, I’m fine with that.”

While his purpose seems to be to somehow impact Republican leadership, I must admit that I’m a little curious about what it is that this boob actually thinks he can do, or say, that will, in any meaningful way, alter the opinion that 75 Million voters still have of President Trump. Now he certainly can do as the Democrats, and other RINOs like himself, have done every day for the last four years, and tell one lie after another in trying to smear the former president. But all he’s going to accomplish by doing that is to turn even more people against the party that he’s apparently trying so desperately to save and that has shown itself to be no longer worthy of being saved!

This guy is like so many others on the list, that seems to be growing, of those who seem to have forgotten that they are there to do a job for us! They’re not there to make friends or even to influence people. He can’t be very smart not to see the fraud that took place right under his nose! What sense does it make to go back to hollowing out our nation’s manufacturing base, returning to open borders, have no immigration enforcement, wage stagnation, higher unemployment, returning to worthless military alliances, and giving Communist China free reign to do as it wishes? Perhaps Kinzinger should simply become a Democrat as that seems to be that party’s agenda.

And oddly enough, Kinzinger is a decorated Air Force officer, likely someone of Doug Neidermeyer fame, but that should not alter the fact that someone like him has no business running as a Republican, especially when he seems to have virtually no problem voting for the second sham impeachment and especially without any sort of hearings or even a crime having been committed. He’s just another of those who are obviously so far out of touch with their party’s base. He might as well run as a Democrat as he seems to be calling for a return to policies that will result in nothing more than the destruction of our country under ‘Crazy Joe’ and the Democrats.

This guy Kinzinger is another of those Illinois Republicans who seem to be of the opinion that there are people in his district willing to vote for Democrat-Lite instead of the real thing. Which I suppose would seem logical. After all, if you’re satisfied with your member of Congress regardless of party, would you make changes? This ass would make a great running mate for Willard Romney’s next failed presidential run. Speaking of Willard, I recently read somewhere that 84 percent of Utah Democrats think he’s doing an absolutely bang-up job. Was anyone surprised to hear that? Although, I did wonder what the other 16 percent had to complain about. 

And let’s be honest, we didn’t embrace Donald Trump because of his charm, or his political savvy. Hell, he wasn’t my pick in the beginning. But I came to embrace him because he loves the country, he put America first, and he dared to speak about God. Yes, he was at times crass and even rude, but the man tried his best to fulfill his promises despite four years of constant attack from every direction. What’s that old saying, the flak is the heaviest when you’re nearest the target? Yeah, I respect Donald Trump because he dared to wade into the sewer called Washington and tried his best to rid our country of a bunch of wretched, career politician parasites.

President Trump spent his entire time in office DEFENDING our Constitution. Meanwhile, it’s this guy, Kinzinger and the far too many just like him, who seem to be focused only on spending his time doing little more than to work at destroying it. He took an oath that means every little or nothing to him. The only thing he and the others care about is their ego. ALL of them need to go, starting with the 15 RINOs who were so willing to jump onboard the new impeachment bus. While we can most certainly rid ourselves of all 10 House members who voted to impeach, we’re stuck with all but two of the five in the Senate who voted likewise. This should be Job 1!

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