Political trickery by any other name… With all that the Democrats could now be doing with their newfound congressional majority, what is it that seems to be occupying all of their time? Well, it’s in the Senate that they are all now very hard at work trying to impeach a president who is no longer even in office. And then, we also have a couple of Democrats, one from the House and one from the Senate, who have crafted a piece of legislation the specific purpose of which is to rob from the American people their most fundamental right, the right to vote. Lofty goals both, don’t you think?

The two clowns behind the effort now being undertaken to make it far easier for Democrats to steal elections are, as I mentioned, both Democrats. And they claim that their bill is designed to “fight voter suppression,” but I’m sure that we ALL know exactly what the purpose behind this blatantly unconstitutional piece of legislation truly is.  It was this past Thursday the two Democrat lawmakers introduced their bill, dubbed the “Vote at Home Act,” to expand “Oregon-style” mail-in voting nationwide, contending that the move is necessary to “make real progress” in the country.

The bill was introduced by Sen. Ron Wyden and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, a couple of losers from the liberal bastion of Oregon, and details were provided in a press release put out by Wyden’s office. And according to the release the proposed measure would “massively expand vote-at-home ballot access, provide voters with pre-paid ballot envelopes and enact automatic voter registration.” The lawmakers point to the unprecedented number of Americans, both real and imagined, who voted by mail in the 2020 presidential election — a move Democrats vehemently pushed.

While the Democrats largely used the ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic as being their justification for opening the floodgates for mass mail-in voting, which many critics warned very early on would lead to mass voter fraud, universal vote-by-mail has existed as a primary electioneering weapon of the Democrat Party for decades, even prior to the pandemic. And the measure introduced on Thursday essentially updates the vote-by-mail measure the two lawmakers introduced in 2017, long before the ‘Chinese virus’ was unleashed upon the world by the Communist Chinese government.

Abrupt, and may I add blatantly unconstitutional, changes made to state election laws, coupled with existing concerns of fraud and irregularities, led to a rather heated post-election battle, which essentially ended January 6 after Congress, with the willing participation of our many gutless Republicans, chose to certify the electoral votes despite challenges from a few Republican lawmakers and ongoing concerns from millions of Americans who continue to question the integrity of the 2020 election. This should have ended so very differently, and yet it didn’t.

Despite all of the continuing concerns and the massive number of questions that were either ignored or simply left unanswered, this idiotic press release still described the expansion of mail-in-voting in 2020 as being nothing less than a resounding success. It was according to this idiotic release that, “The legislation follows the successful expansion of voting at home and by mail in the November 2020 election, when nearly 50 percent of voters used a vote-at-home ballot, an all-time high in federal races.” This could have only been written by an imbecilic Democrat. And so it was!

Anyway, according to this same release, this piece of legislate if enacted and signed into law would:

•Promote the Ability of Voters to Vote by Mail – All registered voters would receive ballots in the mail weeks before Election Day, allowing them to carefully research candidates and issues well ahead of Election Day to inform their vote.

•Expand Options for Casting Ballots – All registered voters would have the ability to cast their ballot through the mail or a drop-off site. Voters residing in states with in-person, same-day registration would still have the option to vote at a polling station in lieu of voting at home.

•Fund the United States Postal Service – The legislation would provide the USPS funding to cover costs associated with mailing ballots both to and from voters in federal elections. This would allow states to save money by transitioning away from polling stations and reduce a major barrier for voters with the federal government absorbing the cost associated with USPS delivery.

•Enact Automatic Voter Registration – States would be required to ensure that each citizen who provides identifying information to the state motor vehicle authority is automatically registered to vote.

This boob Blumenauer appeared to agree, contending that the right to vote is “under threat in communities” all across the nation. And it was in a statement that he said, “Last year we saw a widespread expansion of vote-at-home access as a safe and secure way to participate during the COVID-19 pandemic.” He added, “We should continue to make voting easier, not harder.” And he then continued by saying, “This important bill would strengthen and clarify the right to vote at home, the most secure and convenient way for voters to exercise the franchise.” What a bunch of BS!

“Continued progress” and “fighting voter suppression,” interesting verbiage, don’t you think? I’m thinking what these two are really saying here is, “our illegal and unconstitutional seizure of power is to be made permanent by the end of citizens having an actual ability to reject us at the ballot box through honest elections, we therefore demand the power to simply forge as many ballots as we need for ourselves while also destroying the ballots for our opposition. This will end that annoyance of having to campaign amongst the unwashed masses.” Sound about right?

Look, this is a very clear violation of the oath that all of these worthless meat sacks took “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.” But I guess when it’s themselves who are the enemies, we can’t rightly expect them to protect the Constitution from themselves, right?  

And you know, it was once upon a time that the United States had an election process that was essentially the envy of the world. The American people could cast their ballots without coercion or outside pressure, and America was where voters were confident that their votes would be counted accurately. But sadly, that would no longer seem to be the case, because we have one political party more concerned with winning at all costs than winning by putting forth the best candidate with the best ideas, as was once the generally accepted approach to elections in America.

So, in their effort to make it easier for them to cheat, and basically impossible for them to lose, every election, Democrats are now working ever so diligently to undermine election security as well as citizen confidence in our voting process. This has been their plan all along, they already know the game is rigged in their favor in so many of our larger, Democrat controlled, metropolitan areas. They know how well this favors their party. It has absolutely nothing to do with trying to ensure that every eligible voter gets to vote. It has everything to do with making it easier to cheat!

I must admit, sometimes I do find myself wondering if enough of the American people appreciate the gift that they have been given and the sacrifices that have made to secure that gift. Far too many view it more as more of an entitlement than a responsibility. EVERY American has the responsibility to ensure that they can pass this gift on to their children and, when feasible, to assist others in the world to secure this gift in their own country. Our forefathers were mature and wise enough to understand this simple concept. Alas, today’s ‘leaders’ are nowhere near as mature or wise.

Free and fair elections mean that individual voters are free from being singled out for their support of any particular political party, or particular candidate. Commonsense would say that mail-in votes should not be a primary method of voting. They are a secondary option specifically for those who are not capable of attending a polling facility. Everyone else is required to attend in person to negate any potential fraud that mail in voting can be subject to. There must be firm requirements for access to mail in voting and mail in voting should always be a minority of the total vote.

The only way to absolutely ensure free and fair elections is to vote in person and to have the ballots counted in the presence of scrutineers from both/all major parties. If mail-in ballots are allowed to succeed, then you can kiss America goodbye. The only way mail-in ballots can succeed fraud-free is with the same safeguards in place as those for in place for in-person voting and only by request with the application saved and able to be traced to the person who made the application.  It was with mail-in ballots that Democrats were able to STEAL the election from President Trump.

You know, it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when the American people can no longer trust those whom they elect as their leaders. Sad because it’s those very same leaders who, if we’re smart, we will assume are lying to us with every word they utter. Leaders who we elect to do what’s best for our country, and the very same leaders who, once they gain entry into elected office, proceed to band together to come up with new and improved ways to entice what appears to be a growing number of Americans seem more than willing to ‘sell’ their vote for the right price.

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