So, according to the very same guy who, at the ripe old age of 77, has never worked a day in his entire life, and who, in his early 50s, decided to get rich the old fashioned way and to simply marry money, those who are about to lose their jobs because of ‘Crazy Joe’ Biden’s recent string of executive orders pertaining to the oil and gas industries, can always get a job making solar panels. So tell me, how does a guy who has never worked a SINGLE honest day in his entire parasitic life, married to a glorified psycho-trust fund bimbo, know anything about work or business?

Yes, it was John Kerry-Heinz who said, just this past Wednesday, that president ‘Crazy Joe’ wants fossil fuel workers who lose their jobs to “have better choices” such as the making of solar panels. And when asked what he has to say to people who believe they are “seeing an end to their livelihoods,” Kerry-Heinz, who happens to be ‘Crazy Joe’s pick as the special presidential envoy for climate, said that the president is focused on creating “new jobs.” Look, there is a huge difference between a job and a decent paying job. A notion that is completely foreign to dolts like Kerry-Heinz.     

Anyway, Kerry-Heinz said, “You look at the consequences of black lung for a miner, for instance, and measure that against the fastest-growing job in the United States before COVID was solar power technician.” He said. “The same people can do those jobs. But the choice of doing the solar power one now is a better choice.” And he continued by saying, “Similarly, you have the second-fastest growing job pre-COVID, was wind turbine technician.” Does he really think that Most Americans are actually stupid enough to believe ANYTHING he says? “Wind turbine technician?” Seriously?

And then he went on to say, “This is happening. 75%, 70% of all the electricity that’s come online in the United States in the last few years came from renewables. Coal plants have been closing over the past 20 years.” And he noted, “So what President Biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives. They can be the people who go to work to make those solar panels.” Kerry-Heinz said that a focus of the ‘Crazy Joe’ climate plan is to grow clean energy jobs in the United States. “Clean energy jobs?” Who the Hell is he kidding?

Kerry-Heinz added that “workers have been fed a false narrative,” which he said is “no surprise.” He said, “They’ve been fed the notion that somehow dealing with climate is coming at their expense. No, it’s not. What’s happening to them is happening because of other market forces already taking place.” What a lying sack of shit this guy is. But old Kerry-Heinz is correct when he says that people have been, and are continuing to be, fed a false narrative. But where it’s coming from is corrupt morons just like himself. I guess he figures we’re too stupid to know that.

‘Crazy Joe’s climate plan has been met with resistance from those who say his actions will cause thousands of people to lose their jobs. ‘Crazy Joe’ has pledged to waste at least $2 Trillion on ‘climate change’ issues and in combatting bogus ‘climate change.’ Most recently, the Washington ‘Com’Post reported that ‘Crazy Joe’ is prepared to pause new federal oil and gas leasing, which was one of his campaign promises. Yup I figure it’ll be no time at all before I’ll be back to paying 5 bucks for a gallon of gas and will likely be paying somewhere around a grand just to heat or cool my house. 

I’d be curious to know when Americans might take it upon themselves to start asking these idiots why they seem so hellbent on destroying our economy. If you voted for ‘Joe and The Ho’, you’re an imbecile. ‘BO’ spent 8 long years trying to peddle this same snake oil, including wasting some $500 million on Solyndra. Of course, as Kerry-Heinz says, solar power technician was the fastest growing job in the country, going from 100 to 150 jobs. And Democrats’ response to those who are losing energy sector jobs?  The same as was ‘BO’s and Hitlery’s to the coal miners, “Sucks to be you!”

Like leftwing politicians in just about every other western country, these idiots are now determined in their efforts to destroy the energy systems of their own citizens for the idiotic reason of trying to change the climate. They offer zero evidence that spending trillions on unreliable technologies, that can never replace fossil fuel energy, will alter the temperature of the planet or make the weather better (whatever ‘better’ might mean). It’s one giant scam that only enriches renewable energy profiteers and passes more employment to China. So why are they doing it?

Logic would seem to indicate that imbeciles like Kerry-Heinz and ‘Crazy Joe’ would bring these wonderful “better choice” jobs online BEFORE they set about ending all of the jobs currently filled. But then, as we’ve seen, logic and Democrats are two things that very rarely, if ever, go together. And let’s all remember, extreme times do call for extreme measures, because, after all, ‘climate change’ is an ‘existential threat’! What’s now, paramount for the sake of the planet, or so we are told, is the need to bring an abrupt end to the both production and the consumption of fossil fuels!

And so, is it yet beginning to dawn on anyone that we’re slowly but surely being made into a country of consumers, and not producers? And does anyone remember back during the 90’s when it was old ‘Slick Willy’ who was telling us that we needed to get used to being a ‘service economy’ rather than a manufacturing/goods economy? And how shortly thereafter that service jobs started going to those people happy to work for a little as $2 an hour. Anyone see a problem with the longevity of our nation here? I mean, that ‘would’ be the what the Democrats are trying to bring about here.

Like most devoted leftwing climate zealots, Kerry-Heinz seems not to have a clue from where the necessary materials that make up modern technology come from, especially plastics and related compounds. Surprise, surprise they come from fossil fuels. Just because you stop drilling for, and refining oil here in the USA, it does not mean the demand is in any way diminished. In fact, it will likely increase to meet the production of solar cells and windmills. Who will drill and refine the fossil fuels for our technology improvements? Third World countries with lax environmental laws?

And so the end result of all this insanity, as well as the most likely Democrat goal, in all of this is the complete decimation of the American workforce along with through-the-roof gas prices, skyrocketing utility costs, rolling power outages, larger trade deficits and dramatically increased worldwide pollution. And you have to ask yourself, is this really the platform upon which the Democrats will be counting on to keep them in power? Or, since outright cheating worked so well for them in 2020, will that simply become standard practice for them regarding all future elections to come?  

And finally, just as an oh by the way, I do think it worth mentioning that the largest solar panel manufacturer is JS Solar, founded in 2007 and whose Headquarters are located in the city of Wuxi, in the Jiangsu province in south eastern China. The second largest company is Trina Solar, which, as it just so happens, is also a Chinese-based company founded in 1997 and with Headquarters in Changzhou, southern China. Now while this might just be all some weird sort of coincidence, since we are dealing with people like ‘Crazy Joe’ and John Kerry-Heinz, that’s all pretty doubtful.

And it’s impossible to make a list of this nature without also mentioning Jinko Solar, which is currently the most significant Solar Panel Manufacturer in the world, having shipped 11.4GW worth of PV panels in 2018 alone. Yet another Chinese company, headquartered in Shanghai, it started out in 2006 as a solar wafer manufacturer and slowly grew to build the entire modules. So, what is it that ‘Crazy Joe’ might really be up to, and with the rather obvious assistance of a scumbag like old Kerry-Heinz? Might it be more about helping China, and perhaps getting a few kickbacks in return?



  1. Mashed potato face Kerry is a loser, a fake, a liar and an imbecilic useful idiot for the dumbocrap party, itself corrupt to the rotten core.


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