Only someone like Willard Romney would think that going forward with an impeachment trial of former President Trump would actually bring unity to our divided country. And if Willard genuinely thinks that impeaching a President guilty of absolutely no crime, and who was voted for by more than 75 million Americans, will bring unity to our country, well then, he is much further gone than even I thought he was as well as being far more demented than even ‘Creep Joe.’ But as crazy as it sounds, that does seem to be the position that Willard has now staked out for himself.

You see, it was just this past Sunday that Willard joined ‘Crybaby Chris’ Wallace, one of the many resident Trump-haters there at ‘Fox News’ on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” where he put forward his argument that merely the act of impeaching former President Trump would bring national unity. ‘Crybaby Chris’ asked, “Senator, do you support holding this impeachment trial, and what do you think the rules should be on the length of the trial and whether or not to call witnesses?” Willard responded by saying, “Well, we’re certainly going to have a trial.”

And Willard went on to say, “I wish that weren’t necessary, with the president’s conduct with regard to the call to the secretary of state in Georgia as well as the incitation towards the insurrection that led to the attack on the Capital calls for a trial. If we are going to have unity in our country, I think it’s important to recognize the need for accountability, for truth, and justice. So I think there will be a trial, and I hope it goes as quickly as possible, but that’s up to the council on both sides.” Odd that Willard would speak of the need for “accountability, for truth, and justice.”

And Willard continued by saying, “I think it’s pretty clear that over the last year or so there has been an effort to corrupt the election of the United States and it was not by President Biden, it was by President Trump and that corruption we saw with regards to the conduct in Ukraine as well as the call to Secretary of state Raffensperger as well as the in citation to insurrection. I mean, this is obviously very serious and an attack on the very foundation of our democracy, and it is something that has to be considered and resolved.” Now what of that makes even a lick of sense? NONE!!!

And how is it that, with a straight face, Willard is able to make the argument that the effort to corrupt the 2020 election was NOT perpetrated by ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden and the Democrats but was, instead, perpetrated by President Trump? Does Willard really think that those of us who supported President Trump, and still do, are really that stupid? And how, exactly, does Willard explain the FACT that there were several locations where we had more votes cast for ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden than we had voters to cast them? I mean if Willard has a logic explanation for that, I’d be happy to hear it!   

And let’s face it, both RINOs and Democrats have a rather unique way of defining “unity.” You see, it’s these likeminded individuals who define “unity” as a scenario where all opposition is effectively silenced and essentially forced into accepting all of the lies that they are told, as the truth. It’s either that, OR ELSE. It’s scary to witness a coward resort to sniveling and groveling in situations that require courage. But that’s what we’re seeing from Willard and his RINO cohorts. They have no idea the damage they have done and are doing to their party and the country, or do they?

Let them do what they want, in the big scheme of things it will be all for naught? Because contrary to what this fool thinks, all that will be accomplished is that more folks will simply choose, as I now have, to abandon the Republican Party. And those like Willard, if they wish to continue in their lofty positions of power will need to officially become what we have long known them to be, Democrats! As I have said before I have never been a big proponent of going the Third Party route, we conservatives have been sufficiently ignored to where we now have no alternative.

We conservatives should never again compromise our values and hold our nose when voting for another ‘Republican.’ They’ve been gutless for decades, and betrayed us more than once. I’ve voted Republican for over 40 years, and been kicked in the teeth by them over, and over again. I am no longer a registered Republican, and I sure as Hell will never again vote for a Republican. Congressional Republicans committed the ultimate betrayal on January 6th, when they voted to legitimize unlimited voter fraud, and I will never forgive them…nor will I ever forget. The party is dead to me.

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