So, let me see if I have this right. One of those who were essentially responsible for bringing about what is nothing less than the end of our two party system, courtesy of their having ushered in the demise of the Republican Party, is now offering advice, to those still interested in doing so, advice on how best the party would be able to get its groove back. Seriously? And it is in so doing that Karl Rove once again makes very clear why it is that he is no longer respected, nor trusted, by the millions of Americans and conservatives who supported President Trump. Rove should be seen as nothing other than a court jester in the service of the Republican Establishment. 

Rove is that long-forgotten ‘Architect’ from the G.W. Bush Presidency. And it was this week that he apparently thought was the most opportune time for him to comment on the 2020 Presidential election and what needs to happen moving forward since he’s been so successful over the course of the last decade. It was in a recent Op-Ed at the Wall Street Journal that Rove said, “It’s important to remember that President Donald Trump’s most popular achievements were conservative: originalist judges, a pro-growth tax cut, regulatory relief, strong national defense, recognition of the global threat posed by China, secure borders, and respect for life and religious liberty.”

Rove seems to forget that before Trump, Republicans had said virtually nothing about China stealing jobs or intellectual property or about securing our borders.  He gives no credit to President Trump for being the most pro-life President in history and neglects to mention unfair trade, jobs, peace in the Middle East and the American future in space. Rove and others forget that after eight years of President Bush, who never took a stand against the corrupt media, the Republican Party was in shambles. Rove’s efforts gave America ‘BO’ and Democrats supermajorities in both the House and Senate.  Many would argue he has no right to even present his ideas after that failure.

The thing that Rove doesn’t understand is that President Trump was a winner and the most popular Republican in history. President Trump celebrated numerous accomplishments despite Rove and others in the Republican Party opposing him, blocking him or actively working against him and his supporters along the way. Rove comments on the election without seriously considering the impossibility that: Republicans lost the White House while picking up U.S. House seats, holding half the Senate, and adding to its numbers in state legislative chambers. Rove refuses to look further into these numbers simply because he hates President Trump.

Rove then goes on to add, “The party should also increase efforts to recruit candidates who are female, Hispanic, Asian-American, black and younger. More diverse candidates were key to the GOP’s surprise gains in the House and the states. The GOP must also disavow QAnon, the Proud Boys and militia elements that have infiltrated its ranks. The first is a cult organized around bizarre conspiracy theories and directed by unknown cranks, the second is a gang of violent thugs, and the third is a group of secessionists and extremists. Nothing good will come from tolerating such kooks and fanatics.” Rove is a boob and worthy only of being ignored.

As is usually the case, Rove has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. What he says is directly from the Democrat playbook. He proves this by making what is, without a doubt, the most idiotic comment ever made by a political pundit on either side by saying, “Republicans should also encourage GOP secretaries of state and state lawmakers to develop a model election code. The job of proposing electoral reforms shouldn’t be based on the unsupported claims of widespread fraud peddled by Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell.” A person would have to have his head in a hole since the election to not see the election fraud.  His statement is simply not true. 

Rove fails because the entire world is talking about how the Democrats were able to steal the election, just not on social media where they banned any such discussion of the 2020 election fraud.  Rove states emphatically that the steal did not happen and blames Americans’ lack of trust with the election system on President Trump. He said, “Mr. Trump has already done damage to the GOP by convincing some followers that our democratic system is so rigged that it isn’t worth voting. Look at the January 5 Georgia Senate runoffs: Turnout in the most-Trump friendly congressional districts dropped more from the general election than the statewide average.”

Of course, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault!  It has nothing to do with the corrupt system in place in Georgia that stole the state from Donald Trump and allowed a radical Marxist to defeat an attractive Republican U.S. Senator. And didn’t President Trump actively campaign for both Loeffler and Perdue? Rove iout of touch, he is a remnant of the past, a dinosaur. His ideas are not sound, wise or popular today in the era of the Trump Republican Party.  Rove doesn’t understand that the election was most certainly stolen and now all Americans want is the truth. Turncoats who ignore or deny this will have no influence whatsoever in the future, nor should they.

Democrats have learned that nothing can stop them. Not lawsuits, not lower court judges not the Supreme Court, certainly not Republicans, not videotapes of them cheating, not even hundreds of affidavits. All of which will only serve to encourage them to use the same tactics in every election from now on. And since the Republican Party no longer really serves any useful purpose why should we continue to reward cowardly RINOs who care only about themselves? Why reward the ones who used Donald Trump and then stabbed him in the back? If we don’t do something drastic, and soon, there will never be any point in voting ever again.

Look, Rove is just another has-been desperate in his attempt to remain relevant any way he can. Personally, I find him to be about as trustworthy as a used car salesman. There is absolutely nothing he can say that will convince me that the Republican Party must be made to do anything other than to die an unceremonious death. It hasn’t had much to offer for a very long time, and frankly I’m tired be being told one thing by those trying to gain my vote, only to be ignored once they have been safely elected. That was until Donald Trump came along, and did just what it was that he told us he would do. And yet it’s Donald Trump that Rove thinks is the problem?

Perhaps that might be because, for the last five years, Donald Trump was strangely responsible for those on both sides of the political aisle suddenly revealing their true selves, and we all got to see just how corrupt, incompetent, vicious, immoral those in our government truly are. And that’s why they hate him. Also Donald Trump is self-made, so there’s no need for those in the ‘fake news’ media to concoct his many achievements. And that’s why THEY hate him. We support him because we’re not threatened by him. He tells it like it is. He believes in what we believe in, faith, family and country, all things that totalitarians, communists, sociopaths despise.

I do have to laugh whenever I hear idiots, like Rove, talk about ‘strategies’ that should be employed by the Republican Party, after they knowingly allowed a fraudulent election to subvert the will of the American people. And they allowed the ‘fake news’ media to spread lies, slander, and misinformation about anyone that didn’t have a (D) after their name. They protected, allowed and even encouraged mass censorship by big tech during an election cycle. They allowed the destruction of small businesses by allowing unnecessarily long and blatantly unconstitutional lock downs. They allowed ANTIFA and BLM to rain terror in cities all across our country.

Finally, it’s those like Rove who are the very last ones that anyone should be listening to. But then, at this point I could care less whether he’s listened to or not. Republicans are free to follow the advice of anyone they wish, because as I have said, I’m done with them. I have now officially moved on. I have put up with a lot over the past few decades, believing that voting for the was better than voting for Democrats. But I’m just not so sure that that is any long the case. I want something more, I want someone to tell me what they are going to do to save my country and then, do it. Just like President Trump. And I no longer trust Republicans to do that. Sorry Karl!

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