So just what is it going to take to drill it into the heads of those in the Republican Party that we’re through with the RINOs? There were over 75 Million of us who voted for President Trump. Then we had to watch as many of our ‘leaders’ did nothing more than to sit on their hands and watch as the Democrats were allowed to steal the election and to claim that their senile old fart had won the contest freely and fairly. And now, all 75+ million of us are being told that our opinion no longer matters, and that we can go screw ourselves when it comes to who it is that WE want in Congress.

And why is it that I say that? Well because one of my senators from here in Florida, Rick Scott, who also happens to be the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), said Thursday that he will support incumbent Republicans senators against potential primary challengers backed by former President Trump. It was then that Scott told reporters, “I’m supporting incumbents.” His comments indicate the NRSC will be more firmly committed to supporting Republican incumbents during the 2022 and 2024 congressional election cycles. Go ahead, Rick, make my day!

And apparently Scott had previously told The Washington Post, earlier this month, that he was uneasy about backing primary challengers. even those backed by President Trump.  By the way, the NRSC is the GOP’s official committee to help elect Republicans to the Senate. The committee typically supports Republican incumbents but is now facing pressure from President Trump, who has threatened, and rightfully so, to back primary opponents against senators perceived as insufficiently loyal. So, Republicans can do whatever they wish, it’s their choice and their political funeral.

But Senate Republicans are in the rather unenviable position of having to defend 20 seats during the 2022 midterms and just may want to rethink that strategy. A tougher primary season could upend any dreams they may still have of retaking control of the Senate. President Trump announced in the weeks before leaving office that he would consider backing primary challenges against a number of Republican lawmakers he felt did not back his efforts to contest the 2020 election. Senate RINOs John Thune and Lisa Murkowski were among those who wanted President Trump out.

And while there are allies of former President Trump who are currently considering Ivanka Trump as being a potential primary challenger against Marco Rubio, I must admit that while I am very much in favor of Rubio being made to face a primary challenger, she would definitely not be my first choice. For one thing, simply having the last name of ‘Trump’ should not automatically qualify one as being a viable conservative candidate. And despite the rumors, Scott told reporters Thursday that he has not been made aware of any primary challenge against his fellow Florida senator.

Scott also said the Republican strategy for 2022 would be to focus on opposing president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden but did not indicate, or elaborate on, whether or not he thought Trump-backed primary challengers would make that strategy more difficult. He said, “Part of what I’m trying to do is get everybody to focus on, you know, what the difference is between Republicans and Democrats.” And he went on to say, “I think it’s gonna be clear with a lot of Biden stuff.” But that’s just it, there doesn’t seem to be much of ANY difference between Republicans and Democrats!!

Senator Scott can go ahead and do as he wishes, it’s his political party’s funeral. But he should really stop and consider the consequences that his party may be made to face by choosing to go down that path. And he should not think for a moment that there remains all that many of us who will any longer simply vote for ANYBODY simply because that have an (R) after their name. Those days are now gone forever, and for no other reason than because of the treachery RINOs demonstrated against President Trump! So, either the party makes some hard choices, or WE will make them!

And I seriously doubt that Scott has taken the time to do the necessary math. A Third Party candidate backed by President Trump, the guy who received the most votes ever by any incumbent president, will spell doom for any RINO candidate. Personally, there’s not a dimes worth of difference between a Democrat and a Democrat running as a Republican. So if the RINOs lose, it’s no real loss for conservatives. It’s too bad the party of surrender doesn’t have the cajones to oppose Democrats with the same intensity that they do conservatives. I will not vote for ANY RINO incumbent, EVER!!!

Think about it, this guy doesn’t even know who the ‘challengers’ might be and yet he’s already declaring that he’ll support his incumbents. In other words, he doesn’t care about listening to voters, he cares only about protecting his buddies. What if the incumbent is someone like a Romney, a Murkowski or a Collins? Will he still choose to support them? It’s rather obvious that Scott learned absolutely nothing from the past four years. I would strongly recommend to Scott that he seriously rethink his current cockamamie strategy. It’s just another reason not to bother donating to the RNC.

Scott is another member of the club that has forgotten how it was that Donald Trump was able to broaden the party’s base. It’s not the voters who need to understand the difference between Republicans and Democrats. The entire ‘Creepy Joe’ fiasco was not brought about by Democrats alone. The difference will be between the Republicans who backed President Trump and Republicans who didn’t. We know who they are, and any impeachment attempts will only further cement their fate. That and how quickly ‘Creepy Joe’s appointments are confirmed compared to Trump’s.

These RINOs still don’t get it! All we want is honest, fair and responsive government. As President Reagan said “we are a nation with a government, not the other way around”. Millions of Americans love President Trump for what he is and what he accomplished. And that he is not afraid to tell it like it is. A ‘politician’ with a backbone is a rare thing indeed! Things don’t look good for the 20 Republicans running for re-election. We are in desperate need of some fresh conservative blood, those who would be willing to go to the mat in an effort to save our country.

Finally, Scott was one of the Tea Party guys who went against the establishment guy picked to be governor. The voters of Florida, of which I am one, supported him and he won exactly because he wasn’t the establishment guy! And now he’s going to do everything in his power to protect the establishment types? Sadly Scott, and Rubio as well, are both great examples of those who simply lied to the Tea Party folks, promising to oppose the establishment in order to get elected. And while they do tend to vote more conservative than the Democrats, they’re still ‘Swamp’ creatures.



  1. Yup. what you say is true. It was in the sights of conservative people the very moment the first act of betrayal occurred by the first rino stupid enough to back stab the President. Then you had two witches, Murkowski and Collins. Name of the first was the singing canary, the late and not so great Malignant McCain, who was useful as teats on a boar.


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