Well folks, it would seem that we are now about to enter the era of ‘BO’ 3.0. And I think we can be reasonably sure that ‘BO’ will be the one calling the shots, and as radical as ‘BO’s 8-year regime was, this will likely be more so. So, let’s throw open the borders, let in Moslems who want to kill us and make Americans pay for a climate plan that will completely destroy our economy. Look, we all understand that ‘Creepy Joe’ is merely a tool of the Democrat extreme left who, for the next two years, and likely longer, will be in complete control and with absolutely nothing to stop them in their mission to destroy our country. Expect the United States to simply disappear!

We have been told that ‘Creepy Joe’ plans to immediately take executive action to roll back President Trump‘s agenda and to expand the federal government’s power. The opening salvo will consist of a 10-day blitz of executive actions as ‘Creepy Joe’ seeks to act swiftly to remove America’s freedoms, advance an extremist ‘climate’ agenda, and throw our borders open to all manner of dangerous migrants without waiting for Congress. According to ‘Creepy Joe’ he will take the necessary action to help struggling Americans by reversing the gravest damages of the Trump administration, but also to start moving our country forward once again.

While out on the campaign trail, on those rare occasions he managed to wander out of his basement, it was more often than not that we conservatives frequently ridiculed old ‘Creepy Joe.’ Many of us thought he was showing signs of Dementia, but perhaps we were wrong. Suppose he was simply operating at a much higher intellectual level than were those of us making fun of him. Perhaps we simply didn’t recognize his genius. Although, I am still trying to figure out what a “lying dog faced pony soldier” is.  That one was so far over my head that I fear I may never fully understand its meaning. I mean, you know what they say about truly brilliant people.

So are we about to see the real ‘Creepy Joe’, as he brings his yuge intellect to bear on some of our most chronic problems. The Trump administration was all about short term gratification, with no thought given to future consequences. Donald Trump gave us enhanced prosperity, increased liberty, and improved national security. But was this all short-sighted and selfish. While the rest of us were drunk on these immediate rewards, ‘Creepy Joe’ knew that a little sacrifice today could yield immeasurable rewards in the future. The rationale for many of the initiatives that ‘Creepy Joe’ will pursue may not seem obvious at first, but we need to be looking at the bigger picture.

We need to keep in mind here that ‘Creepy Joe’ is playing the political equivalent of 3D chess, which, to be perfectly honest, is simply beyond our comprehension, right?  You see, he has a plan, and it’s each step of that plan that will move us ever closer to the inevitable goal. He will indulge the left’s fetish with ‘climate change’ by rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, restricting energy exploration, and banning fracking.  Energy costs will skyrocket, driving up the cost of transportation, utilities, and all manufactured products.  Every American’s buying power will be significantly reduced and spending on leisure pursuits will simply no longer be an option for many.

And then there’s forgiveness of student loans, massive spending, and the expansion of government assistance which will drive a necessary rise in the national debt. Also, according to ‘Creepy Joe’s plan, there will be new trade deals with Communist China which will then cause rising unemployment and bring a return to stagnant wages. And courtesy of “Medicare for all” the government will come to assume complete control of our healthcare. And, for the first time ever, absolute equality will be achieved in our health care system. If a treatment is unaffordable to our government, it will be denied to all. Police forces will be defunded and private gun ownership restricted.

And also, again according to his plan, crime will necessarily rise, but it will provide redistribution of wealth to the less fortunate among us. Hate speech will be criminalized and dissenting views will be censored.  This will ring in an era of love, peace, and harmony for all Americans. And be forewarned, failure to participate in this new, gentler, society will not be tolerated.  Re-education camps may be required to help many Americans ‘transition’ with as little trauma as possible. These are the sacrifices that will be asked of the American people in the short term.  But the payoff will be yuge. Think about it, no more thinking for yourself, just do as you’re told! 

So by turning America into a despotic, impoverished hellhole, we will never again have to worry about making any of the more complicated decisions involved as we go through life. It worked for Cuba, so there’s absolutely no reason to believe it will not work here just as well, right? So how foolish were those of us who chose to vote for Donald Trump. I mean being free and having to be in-charge of your own life is just so darn much work. What not just sit back and let those in government make all those pesky decisions that we’re forced to make every single day. ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats really DO have our best interests at heart. They know what’s best for us!

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