Propaganda, in the name of news, abounds these days, to the point where you no longer have absolutely any idea what you can believe, what you can’t believe or even what you shouldn’t believe. And it’s regardless of topic or issue. And these days when it comes to trying to direct public opinion on one issue or another the weapon of choice for those either in the ‘fake news’ media of the Democrat Party, which are essentially the same, are supposed ‘public opinion’ polls. Now I’m guessing that the idea here is that if they can convince us that enough people actually do support their cockamamie ideas, the rest of the sheep can be more easily convinced to follow. And even if only a small percentage are convinced, it’s still forward progress.   

I feel quite comfortable in saying that the left’s propaganda campaign, especially when it comes to Donald Trump, will very likely never come to an end. And it is part of that campaign that the Washington Post/ABC recently released a poll. And it was according to this particular poll that we’re supposed to believe that a majority of U.S. adults now believe that Republican leadership should take the party in a different direction rather than to follow President Trump’s lead. Now first off, it’s a Washington Post/ABC poll, so we know it can’t be trusted. And secondly, the Republican Party can go in whatever direction it choses, but I seriously doubt that many of the 75 million folks who supported President Trump will chose to follow.

So, the 1,002 U.S. adults surveyed by this ‘poll’ were asked, “Going forward, do you think Republican leaders should follow Trump’s leadership or should they lead the party in a different direction?” And a majority 69 percent expressed the belief that GOP leadership take the party in a different direction, while 26 percent said they should continue to follow President Trump’s leadership. However, the results flipped dramatically among those who lean Republican, with 57 percent stating that GOP leadership should continue to follow President Trump’s leadership moving forward. And it was just over one-third said otherwise and of course there was the ever-present token amount who never seem to have an opinion on anything.

While a majority of Republicans still believe the party should follow President Trump’s leadership, the results would seem to reflect a decrease from the 76 percent who said the same in February 2018. The survey also asked respondents if Congress “should or should not remove President Trump from office and disqualify him from holding elected office in the future,” but failed to mention that the Senate would not be able to convict and remove him prior to his term ending. Even so, 56 percent said he should be removed from office, with 42 percent choosing otherwise. And 85 percent of Republicans and Republican leaners said Congress should not remove President Trump or disqualify him from future elected office.

I’ve said it before, but I do think it’s worth repeating, polls aren’t for the purpose of determining truth. They are for convincing the unwary that what those behind the poll being taken want you to believe is already is true. For example, we’re told that President Trump got 75 million votes, I would argue that 75 million is what the vote manipulation by the Democrats left him with. People are leaving the Republican Party because their tired of backing these wimps willing to do nothing as the Democrats destroy our country. Trump supporters told the Republican Establishment to go to Hell after the election debacle, and as they then joined the Democrats in helping the media create the narrative which evolved at the Capitol building.

Conservative voters want a new party, and party that will actually do what it promises to do. A party that is anti-establishment, a party that is genuinely repulsed by the thought of ‘big government’ and one that will actually work against the radical leftwing agenda of the Democrat Party as they go about their quest to strip entirely the American people of their God-given freedom and liberty. Conservatives are tired and are no longer willing to tolerate those who are nothing but RINOs, those who did nothing more than to essentially sit on their hands for the last four years and some of whom even joined with Democrats in what was a totally and completely unwarranted ‘second’ impeachment of our president. These people are DEAD to me!  

One would have to be blind, or a complete moron, not to be able to recognize how the Republican Establishment, lead by the spineless/corrupt Mitch McConnell, was COMPLICIT in our obviously rigged election by refusing to address the President’s concerns regarding Mail-in ballots and the many last minute changes made to election laws that violated State and Federal Election Laws and that also eliminated election safeguards. They actually went out their way to reject his concerns! After the election, they dismissed the President’s valid challenges regarding voter and election fraud and even worse they fell all over themselves to be the first in front of the nearest cameras to congratulate ‘president-elect’ ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.

The Republican Party before Donald Trump essentially stood for nothing. It consisted of those who were long on promises but extremely short on delivering on those promises. And if nothing else the Trump presidency exposed the likes of Romney, Bush, Ryan, Alexander and any number of the many other RINOS as the frauds they so obviously are. I hope there are enough Republican voters who got the message, that we’re better off making a stand right now regardless of the ‘consequences.’ We’ve been told over and over we need to control the House and the Senate to get anything done so we have to accept the likes of Romney, Collins, Murkowski and others. No, we don’t! If that’s what put in front of us then we don’t vote or vote third party.

And a more accurate poll would reveal that the majority of voters identifying as Republicans feel that those who we all view as being RINO’s need to quit calling themselves Republicans. Those that supported President Trump represent a fairly centrist coalition of both Republicans and former Democrats. Those that continue the narrative that under President Trump the Republican Party was ‘racist’ totally ignore the fact that many of the former Democrats who came over to the Republican side were people of color, both Black and Latinos. And that wasn’t because of empty promises made by President Trump, it was due to the actual progress made in their communities by the President and his administration these last four years!

And so, while on one hand I fear that it may be too late, and for that I blame the RINOs, I still hope that Donald Trump goes about forming something like a Patriot Party. I believe that that would finally finish off Establishment Republican Party. I once thought the better plan was to reform the Republican Party from the inside out much like the rabid left was so successful in doing to the Democrat Party, but I just no longer see that as being viable. It will be best to start from scratch. After shoving a knife into the back of President Trump and totally abandoning his 75+ Million supporters, these people are done. And if any of them think that they return things to the way they were before Donald Trump, they are more than delusional!

It was Joseph Goebbels who said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

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