Adam Kinzinger of Illinois

John Katko of New York

Liz Cheney of Wyoming

Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington

Fred Upton of Michigan

Dan Newhouse of Washington

Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio

Tom Rice of South Carolina

David Valadao of California

Peter Meijer of Michigan

Never in my life, and I am now 68 years old, did I ever think that my country would come to look the way it does today. Apparently, I was naïve enough to think that there were still those within the Democrat Party who loved this country as much I do. But obviously, I could not have been more wrong. And it was at the very least that I thought those in the Republican Party actually cared enough about their country to ensure that it would survive for future generations. But sadly, as it turns out, I was very wrong on that count as well. It would seem that we can no longer trust anyone!

I suppose it’s fair to say that the Democrats have likely been working on their plan to seize total control of our country for decades, they’ve just always a bit more clandestine in how they were going about it. But with the arrival of ‘BO’ onto the scene they became much more brazen in their effort, and with the arrival of Trump the Democrats completely lost their minds. Driven mad by the fact that their less than stellar candidate was made to suffer a rather humiliating defeat at the hands of a complete political novice. But not to fear, they would have their revenge.

And as it turned out, it was not only the Democrats who would ultimately become primary players in the plot to remove from office a president who was truly a man of the people. Unfortunately, there were members of the president’s own party who were, to be quite honest, even more diabolical in their attacks made against this president than were even the Democrats. And make no mistake, the Democrats would have never been successful in their bid to remove this president from office had it not been for the help that they got from certain members of the president’s own party.

And I’m not only talking about the 10 traitors who are listed above and who decided to join with the Democrats in their latest fraudulent impeachment, which if we’re being honest was motivated by one thing and one thing only. It was nothing more than an attempt to somehow permanently damage Donald Trump so that he would be prevented from ever again running for president. Because it is nothing that frightens our corrupt political class more than the prospect of a second term for President Trump. That is something that they all agree on must be prevented at all costs.

Now if we the American people are to have any hope in righting this blatant injustice, then we’re going to have to change how it is that we approach elections. Especially if the other side is now going to be able to get away with cheating to the degree they were in our last presidential election. And, we must be a bit more proactive when it comes to who it is that we vote for. For instance, we must never forget the treachery committed against this president, and those who took part in it. And we should make it our number one goal to remove them, ALL of them, from political office.

We who love our country must now approach every election from this point on with a certain amount of purpose. And we can no longer depend upon those in our supposed ‘news’ media to provide us with anything other than propaganda. And, we need to totally remove ourselves from such sleazy enterprises as Facebook and Twitter if for no other reason than to perhaps have some impact on their bottom line, as that seems to be the only thing these people understand. We do ourselves no favors by allowing these people to essentially control us to the extent that they do.

But a lesson must also be taught to those in the Republican Party who have been doing nothing more than to tell us what we all wanted to hear only to, once elected, do only what was demanded to satisfy their rich and powerful donors. They have given us nothing but lip service for decades, promising action on such things as health care, abortion, illegal immigration and more. And what did they do when we had a president who would have signed such legislation? They joined with the Democrats in trying to destroy, delegitimize and undermine him in every conceivable way.

I must admit that it’s all so disheartening that we can no longer trust so many of supposed ‘leaders.’ Granted, we all know the dangers of trusting Democrats, but when you can’t trust those in what used to be your own party to do the right thing, it becomes rather difficult not to feel taken advantage of. And while my own congressman is pretty useless, at least he didn’t totally embarrass those of us who have voted for him in the past by choosing to join these 10 traitors in siding with the Democrats in doling out what was nothing more than an act of political revenge.

As I have said before, as disgusting as the Democrats are, at least we know where we stand with them. When it comes to our many RINOs, it’s they who will look us dead in the eye and lie. And these RINOs have come to think that, because we’re so opposed to the Democrats, we’ll vote for them no matter what. And while that has been true in the past, it’s something that we can no longer afford to do. In fact, it may already be too late. And while we can say they’ve stabbed in the back for the last time, they may not actually need to do so again, as they’ve accomplished what they wanted.

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