With talk of yet another impeachment of President Trump even being allowed to circulate, I’m torn between which movie metaphor might be most appropriate when it comes to describing the Republicans. I mean do they have some sort of a “death wish” or, do they “feel lucky?”  And if I was Donald Trump I’d be telling these losers to, “Go ahead. Make my day.” While the loudest voices, so far, among these Republicans have been some of more prominent RINOs, and the more out and out haters of President Trump, there have been very few trying to quell the lunacy.

We’ve been told that Articles of Impeachment are expected to be introduced in the House on Monday, with a House vote as soon as Wednesday. And we’re told that there’s little chance that the Republican-led Senate would hold a trial and vote on convicting President Trump in less than two weeks. The Senate is not set to resume full sessions until Jan. 20, which is Inauguration Day, and it’s hard to see the benefit of impeaching President Trump while ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden is being sworn into office. But we shouldn’t underestimate the hate felt for the president by both sides.

And while two-thirds of the Senate is needed to convict, and while many Republican senators have seen fit to disparage President Trump over the course of the last week, several Republicans have already said, at least while out in the open, impeachment would divide the country even further. Still, just the action by the House would make Donald Trump the first president in history to be impeached twice, with the purpose being to prevent Donald Trump from running in 2024. Which is something that both the Democrats and our many RINOs seem willing to do anything to prevent.

It’s amazing to me how so many reasonably intelligent Republican politicians still don’t get it! If they allow this travesty to move forward there will be no chance in 2022, 2024 OR EVER again. My intent now is to never again vote for ANYONE with an (R) after their name. And if Democrats will now be free to steal every election, pretty much at will, and with Republicans refusing to do anything to prevent it, then what’s the point anyway. How unjust and scary is it when there are no consequences for your actions! So many high-level Democrats should have been prosecuted, but nothing!

And in looking back over the course of the last four years I can say unequivocally that no ‘politician’ has ever worked as hard as has President Trump. In fact, no politician has ever accomplished as much as President Trump did in his four-year term. And what he was forced to endure for every single day of his presidency was both without precedent and was totally unwarranted, just as was the method used to finally unseat him. His only ‘crime’ is that, as president, he did exactly what he said he would do if we elected him, something rarely, if ever, seen from ANY elected official.

And so, with the exit of Donald Trump the American people will be left with no one to stand with them which of course is, I’m afraid, how it was always meant to be. After all, how dangerous must a man be considered who demonstrates his only allegiance is to the American people and not to the powerful who insist that only they be the ones in control of pulling all the strings? So measures must now be taken in order to prevent a reoccurrence of what so many, on both sides of the political aisle, have viewed as being nothing less than an abomination in American politics.  

And does anyone recall ever seeing even one Republican take to the Capitol steps to voice their anger over the treatment of their base, of how they were ruthlessly attacked by Democrats and THEIR base of supporters all across this country. And think for a second, if it had been conservatives who had been the ones rioting, attacking leftists on college campuses or when peacefully marching or disrupting assemblies, they would have gone absolutely ballistic! And sadly far too many Republicans are firmly in the pocket of Big Tech and therefore do NOTHING to protect their base.

Yet from our guys we constantly got nothing. They have betrayed me for the last time! We had a Republican president who made as his primary focus, making things better for the American people, but instead of doing all they could to assist him, he was constantly being undermined by so many in his own party. Instead of aiding him in being able to keep the promises he had made to the American people, many on our side chose to stand with the opposition in what was nothing less than a continuing effort to put in place all manner of roadblocks and speedbumps. Disgusting!

We who voted for President Trump were in for a rude awaking. In voting for a man who supported so many of things that we had been told by Republicans in Congress that they too supported we assumed that they would choose to support our president’s ‘America First’ agenda. But oddly enough many refused and even sought to constantly undermine his efforts at every turn. We can never expect any level of party unity when RINOs refuse to support non-RINO candidates. And it was RINOs who went along with massive voter fraud if it succeeded in removing President Trump.

After five years of hate being directed at President Trump, and at me for no other reason than because I was a proud supporter, by the entire left as well as by numerous RINOs, I’m no longer looking for unity with RINOs or the Left. I am tired and burned out and I simply no longer care. It truly is liberating not to care any longer. To not have to get angry at all the corruption, unequal application of laws, media corruption, censorship, and endless betrayal of our RINOs. I am quite content and happy now that I can stick it to RINOs where it hurts, at the ballot box!

I understand exactly what I am doing turning this country over to the Democrats by choosing to no longer cast my vote for any of these RINOs. But we simply cannot continue in the manner which we are. What sense does it make to vote for those who have the same destination in mind as do the Democrats, but who just want us to take longer to get there? We need those who look at America in the same way as does President Trump and who love America in the same way that President Trump has shown us how HE loves America. We need to start from scratch, it’s the only way.

The Democrats tell those on the left what they want to hear as they work to fundamentally change our country from a sovereign nation into a global province without U.S. freedoms and rights. Republicans tell those on the right what they want to hear as they too work to fundamentally change our country from a sovereign nation into a global province without U.S. freedoms and rights. They are both merely ACTORS playing a role. And while in the back room where you can’t see them, they’re both high-fiving each other and laughing at the gullibility of their constituents.

Dark times lay ahead, of that I am absolutely certain. But we have no choice. It will be painful, of that there can be no question. And granted it’s not going to be easy, but we will need to remain steadfast in choosing to vote for ONLY those who make the promise to put ‘America First’ and with the firm understanding that if they fail to make good on the promises they make to us, we will not waste our time by choosing to re-elect them. They need to understand they will remain in office for only as long as they make good on the promises that they make to us. It’s all up to them!

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