So I’m now making it official, it is no longer that I will refer to myself as being a member of the Republican Party. I mean, there’s no longer any point. For far too long I turned a blind eye to willingness of so many in the party hierarchy to simply go squishy whenever faced with even the slightest amount of intimidation by the opposition. I was constantly being disappointed. And those in positions of power have repeatedly demonstrated that they needed me far more than I needed them.

You would have to be a RINO not to see that the events that occurred earlier this week in the nation’s capital were a complete set up. And yet we have had numerous RINOs falling all over themselves in their effort to get in front of a television camera or a microphone in order for them to throw President Trump under the proverbial bus. That they can do so, and so casually, to greatest president in my lifetime, has proven to me that the time has now come to sever my relationship with this party of pussies!

And it was yet another one of these many pathetic RINOs, Nikki Haley, who very recently criticized Donald Trump for his actions since losing the election back in November, adding that he will be “judged harshly by history.” Haley made the comments during a Republican National Committee dinner in Florida on Thursday but also complimented the president’s “truly extraordinary gains” during his first term. She said, “President Trump has not always chosen the right words.”

Haley went on to say, “He was wrong with his words in Charlottesville, and I told him so at the time.” And she said, “He was badly wrong with his words yesterday. And it wasn’t just his words. His actions since Election Day will be judged harshly by history.” Haley, who once served as the governor of South Carolina, has really been a long time, and rather harsh critic of Donald Trump. Despite that fact, she was appointed to U.N. ambassador by the president in 2017 but left in 2018.

It was at the RNC dinner that she said, “It’s deeply disappointing.” And she said, “And it’s a real shame, because I am one who believes our country made some truly extraordinary gains in the last four years.” Haley added, “We should not shy away from our accomplishments.” Haley’s comments were made a day after we were told a mob of Trump supporters had stormed the Capitol building in an attempt to stop the Congress’ certification of ‘Creepy Joe’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.

So apparently Haley, like just about every other stinking RINO, is of the opinion that by outing herself as a simple traitor she will somehow garner for herself some level of support for, quite possibly, 2024? Who, exactly, does she plan on getting votes from? Conservatives seem to be, by and large, done with Republicans (Democrat-light) and Communists still have the Democrats to vote for. I have voted consistently for Republicans since 1972–but no more. The Republican Party is now dead to me.

Personally, I could give a rip about what President Trump says, all I care about results. Unlike ‘BO’, who was really nothing more than a used car salesman in an Armani suit who accomplished absolutely nothing in eight years and divided this country like nothing that has been seen since the 1960’s. And before anyone spews that that is what President Trump done for the last four years, I will be more than happy to produce a list of President Trump’s many accomplishments.

In spite of four years of seething ‘fake news’ media hatred, Deep State and RINO sabotage, all manner Democrat treachery from the Russia hoax to a parody sham impeachment, and the Chinese bioweapon, I have no doubt that history will record, if it provides an accurate accounting, that President Trump had the most productive and beneficial first term of any president before him or yet to come. To claim anything other is to promote nothing more than a work of pure political fiction.

Haley is nothing more than another worthless hack of politician grabbing for anything that she thinks might keep her afloat just long enough. Like all these washed-up politicians they turned to Donald Trump to keep them relevant. They never liked him, but the accepted the power he gave them. But when things got tough they abandoned him in a heartbeat and even attacked him. They will go down in history as the greatest of all traitors. And if there is a God each and every one will burn in Hell.

The problem with these turncoat politicians is not so much their criticism of Donald Trump, it’s that they have no real convictions. They support President Trump when it looks favorable to them but when the wind shifts, even the slightest, they trip all over themselves to move to whatever position is best for them. They don’t care about what the voters really want. Most people don’t want open borders, globalist policies that take jobs away from Americans or regulations that stifle the economy.

Most people don’t want China stealing our intellectual property and running roughshod over the world. President Trump worked to actually do something about these issues instead of mouthing platitudes and letting all those things go on in the background. A lot of Washington seems to believe that Republicans will be returning to the Democrat-lite style establishment politics. The establishment may well intend to do that but they will not get support from the millions of Trump supporters.

To me, and roughly 75 Million other Americans who voted for him, Donald Trump is a hero owed deep respect for his incredible foreign policy accomplishments.  Not only does Kim no longer shoot rockets over Japan, but peace has broken out all over the Middle East.  Either of these by itself is Nobel Prize–worthy as each flummoxed the experts for 70 years. By not strongly emphasizing just how extraordinary these successes were, Haley piled on the president at a hard time in our history. 

Marxists have now taken over the Democrat Party and there was a time when I thought what conservatives needed to do was to work toward taking over the Republican Party in the same way. That always seemed to be a lot easier than going the third party route. We would start by not re-electing any incumbents then proceed to purge all of the weak-kneed Republicans by refusing to support them. Those in charge would eventually get the message and the Conservatives would take over.

But that just never worked. What needs to be done to show that we’re serious is to drive a stake through the heart of the party and to then build an entirely new party, a genuinely conservative party for those with genuinely conservative values. And we refuse to share the new brand with the imposters, fraudsters, and carpetbaggers who have no fidelity to the new party’s charter. It is better to do without than to continue with people like those who threw their own Republican President under the bus.

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