So who is it, exactly, that all of these RINOs now wanting President Trump to resign or, worse, to be impeached again, think they’re actually winning over? Are they genuinely trying to make sure that we never, EVER vote for them again? Because, I gotta tell you, that would seem to be exactly where we’re now headed. Never has one man succeeded in terrifying the political establishment to the degree which President Trump has so terrified them. There can be no other explanation.

I’ve never been a big proponent of going the third party route, for the very simple reason that I saw it as being nothing other than rather counterproductive. I saw it as being nothing more than a way to ensure that the Democrats would never again lose any election. But if the 2020 presidential election showed us anything it’s that the Democrats would now seem to have this whole election thing all figured out anyway. So we might as well now start moving in the direction of creating a new party.

As I’ve said in the past I thought that the far better approach for conservatives would be for those of us on the right to do to the Republican Party that which those on the hardcore left have done so successfully to Democrat Party. But to be honest, I’m now rethinking that idea. Granted, while starting from scratch in starting up an entirely new party may be the longer way to go, but I’m thinking that the Republican Party has now simply run it’s course. It must now simply be allowed to die.  

The many RINOs that we have today are more corrupt than any Democrat. At least the Democrats don’t pretend to be something they are not. We know they hate America. The massive betrayal of these RINOs claiming to be conservatives is simply staggering. It’s become crystal clear now that the number one enemy of conservatives are the RINOs! Like rats they are all now crawling out of the woodwork. Those like Graham, Romney, Sasse and even Pence are among the worst. Screw these traitors.

As long as these faux conservatives continue to succeed in getting elected by lazy, careless conservative voters, the Republican Party will remain unelectable at the national level. In 2022 there’s a chance to primary and remove some of them, but voters must want to do it. If that doesn’t happen, then there’s no point in ever again voting Republican because it’ll just be the same old shit. So we abandon them and go in search of conservative candidates willing to run under an entirely new banner.

With that said, I firmly believe that our country now finds itself in a place that it has not been in for centuries. The very same place that our Founding Fathers found themselves in back at the very beginning of this country. So, will those who today profess a genuine love for this country have the courage of our forefathers and do what we all know must now be done if we are to remain a free people? Or, will we instead, enter that 1000 years of darkness that Ronald Reagan warned us about?


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