And so, it is with a heavy heart that I now say that the Republic has died, and not with a bang, but with a whimper. A whimper from those who chose to allow it to die and who continue to blame the one man who insisted upon saving it and was likely the only one who could have saved it. There was a massive amount of cheating that occurred in this last election, the facts are undeniable. And to deny those facts is to deny reality. And yet, it was so many of those who had proudly declared that they would stand with the will of the people who would later simply decide to take the coward’s way out and to do no such thing.

Far too much blame was, and continues to be, directed at those who came to peacefully protest what they saw as being an illegitimate election than at the true culprits of the violence that occurred because, quite simply, doing so was far more politically expedient. What we witnessed from our ‘leaders’ last night was likely the greatest example yet of how the oath of office they take upon entering their high office is nothing more to them than mere words. Words that mean absolutely nothing to them. Because if they did, what we would have witnessed from them last night would have been a far cry from what we saw.

To say that I am disappointed in so many of our ‘leaders’ would be a gross understatement, while the actions of others was to be totally expected. Republicans who had declared they would stand with President Trump, in the end simply allowed themselves to be cowed by the opposition, going so far as to join in with the Democrats in placing blame for any and all of the violence that occurred on him and not where it rightfully belonged. These men and women who swore to uphold and to protect our Constitution failed rather spectacularly, and in so doing make me sick to my stomach. It is my fervent hope that their lack of moral courage and political will has earned them a front row seat in Hell for all of eternity.

I do not now, nor will I ever again, hold President Donald Trump in anything other than the highest regard. Because what he was forced to endure for every single day of his presidency was both unprecedented and unwarranted, just as was that which was used to finally unseat him. His only ‘crime’ is that, as president, he did exactly what he said he would do if we elected him, something rarely if ever seen from ANY elected official. And so, with the exit of Donald Trump the American people will be left with no one to stand with them which is, I’m afraid, how it was always meant to be. After all, how dangerous is a man who demonstrates his allegiance is to the people and not to the powerful who insist upon pulling all the strings?

So our country now finds itself in a rather unique place, a place where it has not been in quite some time, centuries even. Will those who profess a genuine love for this country have the courage of our forefathers and do what we all know must now be done if we are to remain a free people? Or, are we now about to enter that 1000 years of darkness foretold to us by Ronald Reagan? Make no mistake, the choice IS still ours to make, we must only be willing to accept the risks, which will be many. Our enemies have shown us what they are capable of and the lengths to which THEY will go in the name of THEIR cause. But it is still not up to them when it comes to where we go from here.

For many months we were made to watch rampaging groups of hooligans destroying our cities at will and all in the name of social justice with nary a word ever being said by any of our supposed leaders. People lost their businesses and some even lost their lives, and yet we heard nothing. And yet, when we have protests done in the name of freedom it’s only then that those protesting are worthy of being chastised or condemned. So while squishy RINOs will continue to refuse to blame those responsible and the Democrats will continue to be allowed to deny their culpability in all that has been made to transpire, the true narrative about what truly occurred, and of how it was allowed to happen, will simply be allowed to fade into the background to the point where it will essentially be forgotten altogether. Never before, in my 68 years of life, have I feared for my country to the extend that I do now.

God Bless Donald Trump, God Bless the American People, and God Bless the United States of America.


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    Republican Party has died or in the least withered into the Swamp with the Democratic Socialist Party. I believe now is the time for a “Patriot Party”; one that will hold all accountable for crimes and corruption…..that would include itself. We can start there! The Deep State is big and dirty and includes both sides of the isles.

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