Since when it is the lunatics in Hollyweird who should be seen as knowing a lick about our Constitution? And how is it in any way a good idea to listen to and of these uneducated buffoons when it comes to any of the truly important issues of today? For instance, we recently had leftwing loon Rob ‘Meathead’ Reiner attacking those Republican lawmakers who are planning to challenge the electoral college results, and going so far as to actually accuse them of committing “sedition and treason.”

‘Meathead’ has repeatedly called President Trump a Russian asset over the course of the last four years. And it was this past Saturday that, via Twitter, that ‘Meathead’ said, “Every Senator and Congressperson who votes to overturn the election will be committing an act of Sedition and Treason. Their names will be recorded for history.” And if they are successful in the effort to prevent what is being attempted here, then by all means, their names SHOULD be forever recorded in the history of our country.

The cause of his ire is the fact that there is now a growing number of Republican senators and congressmen who have made it known that they are now planning to challenge the electoral college results on January 6, citing alleged acts of voter fraud, lax enforcement of voting laws, and other voting irregularities. How is following Constitutional procedures for questioning electoral college, “sedition and treason?” Perhaps ‘Meatheat’ should refamiliarize himself with the Constitution.

It has been reported that several Republicans including Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas), Marsha Blackburn (Tennessee), Steve Daines (Montana), John Kennedy (Louisiana), and Mike Braun (Indiana) are all now planning to join Sen. Josh Hawley (Missouri) in objecting to electoral college votes. They announced their plans in a joint statement just this past Saturday, alongside four senators-elect. In the House, there is at least 140 Republicans who are now expected to join the effort to challenge the results.

‘Meathead’s claim that Republican lawmakers will be committing “sedition and treason” has no actual basis in law. Four years ago, several House Democrats objected to the electoral results of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential victory. Reiner, who endorsed ‘Creepy Joe’ and served as a major Hollyweird fundraiser for the Democrat presidential hopeful, has made numerous and unfounded accusations against President Trump, calling him a murderer and a white supremacist on social media.

And only to a leftist, socialist, communist, liberal like himself is the insisting upon elections being free and fair something to be considered as being “sedition and treason.” No, ‘Meathead’, they will not be committing treason by executing their constitutional duty. Honest Americans know it was impossible for ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden to win an election that was both free and fair. And no honest American will ever believe that ‘Creepy Joe’ received more LEGITIMATE votes than did President Trump.

‘Meathead’ fails to see how irrational his position is. He never terms used terms like “traitor” or “seditionist” in speaking about the FBI schemers whose crimes were committed upon a sitting President!!  “Sedition and treason” is what the Democrats have been doing for the last four years. And, if we’re being honest, for likely a lot longer than that. What the Republican lawmakers are about to do is all legal and has been done by the Democrats themselves and on numerous occasions.

These have been the latest talking points of the last few weeks, and likely the next few. Every Socialist Democrat is making the same accusations of “sedition and treason” because they know most Americans do not understand the Constitution as it is written. There is a specific process for contesting the elector votes. A process that others have pointed out that the Democrats themselves have followed several times in the past. But when Republicans do it, it’s considered “sedition and treason.”


  1. Follywood is a nauseating maelstrom of dead rotting human corpses, corrupt by far more than anything else, even road killed maggot infested skunks. It emanates the stench of hypocrisy that would gag the proverbial maggot and is the largest collection of dead headed leftist loon losers that ever existed, save for the collective kooks of the present damnocrap party including dimocrap mayors of big USA shitties, and dipocrap governors of different states. Let us add to that some of the recent event over the fraud of a fake election.


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