And so how is it that, one who views himself as being both a stellar ‘investigative journalist’ and a very dear friend of Donald Trump, Geraldo Rivera chooses to describe the greatest exercise of provable election theft in American history?  Well, he says it’s sometimes that “shit happens.”  But it was this past Saturday that he went even further with his critique of his ‘dear friend,’ claiming that President Trump has been acting like an “entitled frat boy” since the November 3 election.

You see, it was just this past Saturday that Rivera chose to pass on to his longtime friend what I’m sure he saw as being some heartfelt advice when he tweeted out, “For almost 4 years I’ve supported @realDonaldTrump who was assailed by leftist creeps who conjured the Russia Hoax to wreck his presidency. Nevertheless he prevailed.”  Rivera then went on to add, “Sadly he lost a bitterly contested election. Shit happens. However since he has behaved like an entitled frat boy.”

Rivera, who has long counted the president as being a personal friend and who claims to have supported him in both 2016 and 2020, has said on several occasions in recent weeks that it’s time for President Trump to walk away and concede the race to ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden. But, has Rivera not been paying any amount of attention since the election?  Or, is he another of those who thinks that because some leftist judges have refused to hear any of the evidence, no fraud took place?

And it was just before Christmas that old Rivera tweeted, “Clearly Americans are anxious to resolve election anxiety,” Rivera tweeted just before Christmas. “@realDonaldTrump it’s really up to you to recognize reality. You’re a winner-Father of Vaccines-Now be a gracious former president, honor the constitutional process.” Yes, by all means, now is the time for being gracious.  A time when those who hate this country may now be on the verge of installing their puppet as president.  

It sounds to me like perhaps President Trump may have managed to somehow treat Rivera in a manner that he viewed as being unfair, perhaps he refused to accept Rivera’s phone call or something else that Rivera’s bloated, fragile ego simply couldn’t handle. Rivera praised the president pretty consistently until President Trump ‘appeared’ to no longer be in a position to benefit his “very good friend.”  I just don’t see this as being advice one good friend would offer to another.

Rivera is simply looking out for his old friends in a post-Trump universe. He’s one of those guys who when he says he has your back, most likely turns out to be the very same guy who stabs you in the back.  He’s also just about the last person I would listen to for advice or truth!  He is nothing but a showman, no depth, no dignity, only a lot of empty words.  And a far as I can remember he’s never been right about anything which is why it strikes me as rather odd why he continues to be sought out.

If Rivera truly did want others to see him as being the ‘investigative journalist’ that he sees himself as being, there is a very easy way for him to do that.  He would work as hard as did in revealing Al Capone’s empty vault to prove how it was that his longtime friend really did won the election and to reveal the massive amount of voter fraud and corruption surrounding this election and involving the Democrats.  But he won’t do that because Rivera as much of a fraud as ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden is.  

Since it is in some respects that he still does view himself as being an ‘investigative journalist’ he could easily return to his ‘glory days’ by doing what no major media outlet has yet done, and come out with ‘anatomy of an upset’ explaining how it was than an obviously senile ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden was able to engineer a statistically impossible upset in the early morning of November 4, 2020. And he could show how only massive fraud explains it.  Simply declaring that “shit happens” doesn’t cut it.

I can only assume that Rivera has come to believe his own press. He actually thinks he is important and that what he has to say actually matters! He has never been loyal to the President. These comments are both immature and unfounded!  Every American should be thanking President Trump for what he was able to accomplish for us in what was, politically speaking, a very short time. And guess what, it was been every time that he has challenged an issue (including this election), that he has been right!

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