Election night was the very last night I that watched Fox News and I have not watched it since, not even Tucker. I had been a faithful viewer of the network since it’s very first broadcast. Brit Hume and Chris Wallace were so arrogant and sickening. I’m so thankful that I never have to listen to neither Hume nor Wallace ever again, since I will never watch Fox News again!  President Trump won a landslide election in November and had it stolen from him by a guy hiding in his basement, hours after midnight, in at least five swing states.  The evidence of fraud remains undeniable.

But the Republican elites (RINOs), the liberal ‘fake news’ media hacks, the tech giants, the Communist Chinese and the cheating Democrats all want President Trump to fold and, if we’re being honest, are all praying that he will.  But it’s in their approach to Donald Trump that they are ALL using as their guide, behavior seen by any number of Republicans from the past, those who, I have virtually no doubt, would have been only to glad to concede on election night.  These would be the very same ones quite willing to wait for the next Republican to maybe win an election.

But in getting back to Fox News and my decision to leave it behind, there was a time when I actually thought Brit Hume was someone who was basically pretty nonpartisan and fairly objective. But he made clear on election night that I had been foolish to ever think he was anything other than just another hack.  And he has continued to demonstrate that fact.  It was Hume who recently tweeted this out, “With apologies to Shakespeare, it will be said of Trump that nothing in his presidency became him less than the leaving of it.” Hume thinks the president is embarrassing himself.

Hume doesn’t need to wait on history to see how people regard this election, all he needs to do is look at Fox’s cratering ratings to understand where the people, including myself, now stand. Look, we had ‘Creepy Joe’ winning less than half the counties in America than ‘BO’ did and yet he somehow succeeded in getting 12 million more votes than ‘BO’ did and it doesn’t take genius to explain what happened. It’s all pretty obvious and every person with a functioning brain knows what happened.  And to deny what we all know took place, is simply the actions of a traitor!

It’s none of those in the ‘fake news’ media we have known for years who should NEVER be trusted again. And it’s with each passing day that those on ‘Fox News’ work only to dig the hole they’ve created for themselves even deeper, sealing off any apology they could ever save what might come to remain of their network.  Democrats knew they had no chance of defeating President Trump with ‘Creepy Joe’ as their candidate. The original vote fraud had been well-planned to be subtle and concealed and if they had been able to stop there, I think it just might have worked.

But it was pretty early on that they knew the original plan was going to have no chance against the sheer SIZE of the Trump Red Wave. The vote fraud was getting CRUSHED as the evening unrolled. Hence the emergency plan of extreme ballot stuffing was activated. They probably knew at about 8 pm they’d have to take some extreme measures if they were going to have any hope of winning. But the emergency plan was as blatant as it was obvious, and left lots of tracks. Anyone with half a brain and an ounce of integrity, which leaves out Hume, knows the election was stolen. 

I’m curious to know what it is that makes any of these idiots think there will ever be another free and fair election conducted in America. If Democrats get away with this obvious fraud, which was fare more blatant than the 2016 fraud, there will be no holding them back in the future. Just like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia and a whole host of others. I doubt that there is even one voter in all of those countries combined that thinks their elections are even remotely fair. Of course, Americans are way more gullible and it will take a couple more for the more naive to catch on.

As near as I can tell Fox News has now pretty much ended altogether any reporting on anything that is even remotely related to voter fraud in this election.  Fox News seems to have made a conscious decision to not even offer occasional updates on the fight against the vote fraud. How can they now be considered as being any different than CNN or MSDNC?  If, like me, you’re angry that your vote has been stolen, you need to quit Fox News because of this betrayal. Personally, I’ve switched to OAN pretty much fulltime and found their coverage very good. My favorite is Dan Ball.

Because voting doesn’t work, the courts don’t work, the House and the Senate don’t work, those agency’s entrusted with the running of government don’t work, because the Constitution doesn’t work, the people have a tool, when all else fails, to force all of them to work.  Like it or not, Americans not only have the right, but the moral obligation to rid themselves of tyranny, it’s what made this country what it is.  When all peaceful means have been exhausted then it’s time to go back to the basics and remind those who have forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around!

So, answer me this, can one be determined to be the “loser” of an election that was stolen from him?  Well according to those at ‘Fox News,’ other members of the ‘fake news media, certain RINOs and the entire Democrat Party, the answer is a resounding yes!  Especially when it comes to President Donald J. Trump.  We all know the identities of the major players involved in what was this blatant act of election theft perpetrated on the American electorate. They make everything about Trump to hide the fact they care nothing about integrity, transparency or the will of the people.

To sit idly by and say nothing about something so blatantly obvious as the theft of an election or to, worse, act as if the election was completely aboveboard, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that those whose job is supposed to be to keep the American people informed about those in government now seem to be far more concerned with keeping secret what those in our government are actually up to. And where we might have once been able to trust ‘Fox News’ to be “Fair and Balanced” I now find myself wondering if that was EVER really the case.  Including Brit Hume!

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