Yes, I freely admit it, I am a proud Republican, as was my father before me and his father before him.  It’s in my blood.  And as such I can say without reservation that there is nothing, not one thing, that President Trump has said or done that has caused me the least bit of embarrassment.  On the contrary, I am proud of having voted, not once but twice, for a man who so obviously loves this country as much as I do.  But that seems not to have been enough for many of those in Washington.     

You see, it was John Bolton, another of the many turncoats who are always standing at the ready for whenever they may be called upon to shove a knife into the back of the president they despise, who was recently summoned to ‘fake news’ HQ to appear on Wednesday’s edition of CNN’s “The Situation Room,” hosted by Wolf Blitzer. And it was then that Bolton put forward his claim that President Trump’s criticisms of the coronavirus stimulus agreement were little more than an embarrassing “stunt.”

Blitzer said, “The president also blindsided a lot of Republicans, almost everyone, including his own senior staff, by railing against the COVID relief deal at the very last moment. Is it about policy? Is it about punishing Republicans to not give more support on his attempts to overturn the democratically held election?”  Bolton said, “Yeah, I think this is another appeal by Trump to this base he sees out there.”  Frankly, I care very little about what Mr. Bolton might have to say about President Trump.

Bolton went on to say, “He has now embarrassed many, many Republicans, including the two Republicans running in the runoff election in Georgia on January 5, who supported the bill after signals from the administration that it would support the compromise.”  He continued, “It shows why Trump is not a conservative. Just to come out and say, ‘Let’s go to $2,000 payment per person, $4,000 for a couple.’  Look, Trump doesn’t care what it does to the deficit or the national debt.”

Bolton said, “It’s not his money. It’s like the socialist formula, giving away other people’s money. It’s a stunt. He hasn’t actually said he would veto yet. Maybe he can be talked of it. But it’s the kind of destructive action on his way out of the presidency that shows why he was never fit for it to begin with.”  It says much about Bolton’s mental state that he can look back over the last four years and make the idiotic argument that Donald Trump was unfit for the job of ‘President.’ 

When you stop to consider how it is that he has been made to deal with those like Bolton for the last four years, it’s really quite remarkable that President Trump has been able to get so much accomplished, more so than any other president I can remember in my lifetime.  It’s those like Bolton who were constantly trying to get this country involved in more pointless wars.  President Trump, unlike his many predecessors, ignored them.  Hence he’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Bolton complains about a direct benefit to citizens as the President calls for $2,000 single and $4,000 married, and yet Bolton has no problem with the fact that we were giving billions of dollars to foreign nations, giving billions to the likes of Harvard and the Kennedy center all under the guise of a Covid 19 Relief Bill. And it was President Trump who threw the bullshit flag, and rightly so. He recognized this 6,000 page fiasco for what it was, just another leftwing raid on the federal treasury.

I really have no use for people like Bolton.  I mean, just how pathetic must one be to try and settle a score against a President simply because he chose to ignore bad ‘advice’ that he was given before choosing to inform Bolton that his services were no longer needed.  Bolton thinks President Trump should have politically protected Republicans and not stood up for the American people.  He thinks money given to other countries is acceptable but money to U.S. citizens is fiscally irresponsible.

And if it’s anyone who should be embarrassed, it’s those who make up ‘The Swamp!’ President Trump has repeatedly shown how both the Democrats and the Republicans do not look out for the American people!  Why it is that they don’t have our backs. They’re working for other countries, not for America.  And these RINOs are more dangerous than even the Democrats.  And if they allow ‘Creepy Joe’ to cheat his way into the White House, forcing President Trump from office, they will be very sorry.

So it’s now that Bolton and the other swamp rats are concerned about the deficit. All the money for illegals, foreigners and foreign countries, foreign wars, doesn’t seem to worry anyone about the deficit.  But give Americans some of their own money back after the government has destroyed their jobs, marriages, education and pushed millions into poverty and all of a sudden everyone’s hair is on fire about the deficit. I might believe them if it was 25 trillion dollars ago!  Now they just make me sick.

And I listen to these people bash President Trump, saying how he is not fit to be President, and I just shake my head. He is without a doubt the best President in my lifetime by far. Even with all of the opposition and hate he’s had to contend with on our behalf, he has gotten more accomplished in his first four years than any number of his predecessors combined. You never hear about that in the news though. You have to do your own research to find out all of the good things he’s done for America.

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