I’ve said it before and I will say it again, these Establishment Republicans, these RINOs, have proven time and again that they represent a threat to our Republic that is more serious, and very much so, than even the one posed by the Democrats.  And nothing, and I do mean absolutely NOTHING, has made that more painfully obvious that than the presidency of one Donald J. Trump.  Think about it.  When looking back at the last four years, with a truly unbiased eye, what President Trump managed to accomplish is truly remarkable.  He showed himself to be the most conservative president in the history of this country and I say that with no reservation!

Meanwhile, it has been our cadre of congressional RINOS, right down the very last one, many of whom in the past have claimed to be ardent supporters of the conservative agenda have stood in way, and very proudly so, in the way of President Trump as he worked tirelessly to make good on those promises what got him elected.  We all know the names of these ‘usual suspects,’ and these traitors to their constituents and, even worse, to our country.  President Trump has spent four years trying to advance those causes, many of which, these very same traitors have promised to support if we elected them.  They chose not to keep those promises.  

It’s one of those RINOs, Sen. Ben Sasse, of Nebraska, who recently released a short, and rather terse, statement in which he chose to bash President Trump for doing nothing more or less than what the Constitution allows him to do as president. That being to grant pardons and commute sentences.  President Trump chose to do so for 29 individuals, including Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, both men who I have always felt were essentially railroaded for no other reason than because they chose to support Donald Trump for President.  And where it would seem that President Trump agreed with that assessment, it’s quite clear that Sasse most definitely did not. 

And how do we know that Sasse was less than enthusiastic when it came to these pardons?  Well because it was shortly after the pardons were issued that Sasses office released a statement that made that sentiment very clear. The entire statement from his office said: “U.S. Senator Ben Sasse released the following statement after President Trump exercised his constitutional power to issue pardons to another tranche of felons like Manafort and Stone who flagrantly and repeatedly violated the law and harmed Americans. ‘This is rotten to the core.’” “Rotten to the core?”  How so, exactly?  Well Sasse provided no reasoning or rational for his claim.

President Trump pardoned 26 individuals, including Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and George Papadopoulos, who were investigated by the FBI as part of its probe into the Russian collusion hoax but ‘convicted’ on charges completely unrelated to collusion. President Trump also commuted part or all of the sentences for three additional Americans.  One of the individuals was Topeka Sam. Sam served three years of a 130-month sentence she received in 2012 after pleading guilty to a conspiracy to process and distribute cocaine, but has since dedicated her life to helping other women towards a path of redemption and founding Ladies of Hope Ministries.

It was back in October that Sasse reportedly held a call with several of his Nebraska constituents during which he slammed President Trump, saying he “mishandled the coronavirus response, ‘kisses dictators’ butts,’ ‘sells out our allies,’ spends ‘like a drunken sailor,’ mistreats women, and trash-talks evangelicals behind their backs.”  It has been reported that Sasse sees himself as being a potential 2024 presidential hopeful.  Good luck with that, Ben! And, you may recall that it was Sasse who also incorrectly predicted a “blue tsunami” on Election Day — despite historic turnout for a Republican president as well as sizable gains in the House for Republicans. 

President Trump criticized Sasse as a “RINO” back in August, after Sasse bashed him for issuing executive orders to halt the government’s collection of payroll tax and provide $400 federal unemployment checks to Americans. And it was then that Sasse said in a statement: “The pen-and-phone theory of executive lawmaking is unconstitutional slop…President Trump does not have the power to unilaterally rewrite the payroll tax law.”  If I remember the president took that action because of those, like Sasse, in Congress essentially refused to do much of anything to help those Americans struggling under the weight of the ‘Chinese Virus.’

Sasse’s complaints would likely be considered a bit more credible if it was any of us who could remember Sasse whining as loudly as he is now back when ‘BO’ was busily pardoning some real scum bags, genuine criminals, and more than a few sex offenders.  But it was then that Sasse was remarkably quiet.  By the end of his second and final term on January 20, 2017, ‘BO’ had exercised his constitutional power to grant the executive clemency—that is, “pardon, commutation of sentence, remission of fine or restitution, and reprieve” to 1,927 individuals convicted of federal crimes. Now I don’t recall Sasse, who was elected in 2014, making any such accusations.

If the Democrats do end up succeeding in installing their man in the Oval Office it will be because they were aided and abetted by all of the many spineless RINOs, of which Sasse is so obviously one. The Republicans could, if they so desired, put a stop to all this madness currently going on regarding our recent presidential election, and in so doing save the Republic.  But because they are nothing more than a bunch of political cowards who put their ‘job’ above the very survival of our country, they choose  to refuse to stand with our president.  They are banking on the fact that we will come to forget their treachery, but I’m hear to tell them, “We will never forget. EVER!!!”

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