Oddly enough we have yet another Democrat who has now stepped forward declaring that the time has come for President Trump to admit his defeat. Someone who was himself once elected to the U.S. Senate, back in 2008, courtesy of a few thousand fraudulent votes cast by convicted felons, the dead and others who were not legally able to vote.  This despite the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’ has been declared the winner and the fact how it becomes clearer every single day how there was a massive amount of voter fraud that lead to his ‘victory.’  And of course the Democrat of whom I speak of, now calling on President Trump to concede, is none other than Al Franken.

And so it was ex-U.S. Senator Franken who was recently lured out from under his rock, this past Tuesday, in order to make an appearance on MSDNC’s “All In” hosted by one of the many faux ‘journalists’ there at the network, Chris Hayes.  And it was during what was a rather pointless exchange that he referred to President Trump as “a grown man who can’t admit he lost” the 2020 presidential election.  Well, I’m thinking that would depend entirely on your definition of, “lost.”  Because when one is obviously cheated out of a victory, does that actually constitute a loss?  Apparently in the world of Democrats it does, at least as long as the Democrat comes out on top. 

So anyway, it was the imbecilic Mr. Hayes who started things out by saying, “I’m curious your reaction to this. Part of what has made this entire negotiation maddening from everyone — I’ve talked to and reporting on it is here you’ve got this president who can basically make Republicans do anything who hasn’t lifted a finger on these negotiations, hasn’t pushed them on anything, has totally checked out. If he wanted to from the beginning right —he’s got these people doing Stalinist self-criticisms on camera— he could have had them probably deliver a $2,000 check, and he’s been nowhere. Now at the last minute, he blows the whole thing up.”

Franken responded by saying, “This is not the time you threaten to veto a bill. First of all, he should have been there negotiating the whole time. And you’re right. He’s just been completely AWOL. Not even just since the election but pretty much AWOL before, certainly on these talks. I mean, Mnuchin kind of participated in them.”  He added, “You know, this guy’s been awful the whole way, but he’s just gotten worse and worse and worse and worse. And this, what he’s doing right now is a travesty. He’s a grown man who can’t admit he lost.”  Franken should go back under that rock from which he was lured out from under since he has nothing worthwhile to say.     

And I’m thinking that Franken would better serve his party by simply remaining quiet since, as I mentioned earlier, he too was once declared the winner of an election through purely fraudulent means.  In 2008, the day after that election Republican Senator Norm Coleman led Franken by 725 votes. Did Franken just admit that he lost?  Nope! Instead, Democrats simply kept counting and recounting and finding ballots for 8 months until they got the result they wanted. Franken finally won by 312 votes.   Among numerous reports of fraud, 1100 felons illegally voted in that election. As a known cheat, Franken has got some nerve taunting ANY legitimate candidate.

Democrats speak 100 percent hypocrisy and projection. Not a word they say is true in any way, shape, manner or form.  It’s usually just the opposite of what they say that’s true.  The problem is that the American people, collectively, have a very short memory.  Sadly, most Americans will follow a sports team far more closely then they follow their government.  Then when dealing with reality, the typical citizen is ignorant of what those in government are doing, what those in government have done, what TRUE rights are granted to the citizen, and where those rights come from. Elections have been stolen going all the way back to the Kennedy/Nixon contest.

To take part in cheating in order to win an election is the complete opposite of democracy.  People like Franken think it’s somehow cunning politically, to increase ones power in that manner, when instead it decreases the overall strength of the union.  Plus it undermines the rule of law, not that that bothers people like Franken.  It’s no different than transferring wealth from those who labor for it to those who see themselves as being above actually having to work for something.  But under the skin Democrats, like Franken, are Communists at heart.  And again, when Franken first entered the Senate it was because felons, and many of the dead, who put him there.

Franken, like so many others, has substituted for the truth that which is the ‘fake news’ media narrative.  And it’s those like Rove, Kasich, Christie and Romney who have done the very same thing! Their type lives and dies by the narrative, which in this case is that President Trump lost the election. They actually believe perception is reality! No, he didn’t lose, and the evidence backs that up overwhelmingly, but they refuse to see it because whatever opposes their narrative they ignore as being irrelevant. President Trump is looking at what’s true, not at the carefully constructed narrative. The truth will prevail because it must!  Or everything comes to an end.

Look, everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, knows the Democrats stole this election. The Democrats know it. The Republicans know it. The Supreme Court knows it. Hundreds of signed affidavits by those who witnessed the cheating.  Truckloads of ballots delivered in the middle of the night, across stateliness after deadlines had long passed.  Suitcases full of ballots pulled out from under covered tables, all caught on video. Hundreds of thousands of ballots, all for ‘Creepy Joe’. Come on!  If all this cheating is not vigorously pursed, we will never again have a free and fair election in this country. We will lose our Constitutional Republic, it will crumble from within.

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