I find it all rather disgusting, frankly, when it comes to how so many RINOs can so casually continue to make clear just how little they actually care about our country and they only seem to care about maintaining their over-inflated sense of importance.  And yet they all have the nerve to criticize our president.  How absolutely pathetic!  And as I have said before, it’s these RINOs who pose a far greater threat to our ability to remain free than do Democrats, for reasons that should be very obvious to all.

And so it was Willard Romney who recently made another of his routine visits to ‘fake news’ HQ, this past Sunday, after having apparently been summoned for yet another appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” which he was only too happy to do.  You see, his services were once again needed to bash the president, this time by claiming President Trump is acting “embarrassing” with all of his election fraud claims.  Claims that, according to Willard, have no basis whatsoever in any sort of actual fact.

Anchor Jake ‘The Fake’ Tapper said, “President Trump held a meeting on Friday in which he reportedly discussed with his disgraced former National Security adviser Michael Flynn this deranged idea to appoint martial law and force new elections in states that Biden won. They also discuss appointing conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell as a special counsel to investigate her baseless claims of election fraud and also issuing an executive order to seize voting machines.”  And this guy is a ‘journalist?’

Jake ‘The Fake’ said, “This is, needless to say, quite alarming and scary to a lot of people.”  And he then asked Willard, “What is your response? What will Senate Republicans to do to make sure this doesn’t happen?”  Willard said, “Well, it’s going to happen. That is going nowhere. I understand the president is casting about trying to find some way to have a different result than the one that was delivered by the American people.”  So he thinks the result was “delivered by the American people?”

Willard went on to say, “It’s really sad in a lot of respects and embarrassing because the president could, right now, be writing the last chapter of this administration with a victory lap with regards to the vaccine.”  And he added, “After all, he pushed aggressively to get the vaccine developed and distributed. That is happening on a quick time frame.”  Actually what’s truly embarrassing is how the Republican Party continues to allow into its ranks those who are disgusting turncoats like Willard.

Willard continued by saying, “He could be championing this extraordinary success, but instead leaving Washington with conspiracy theories and things so nutty and loopy that people are shaking their head wondering in the world has gotten into this man? I think that is unfortunate because he has more accomplishments than this last chapter suggests he is going to be known for.”  Frankly, I find it quite hilarious that Willard feels, in any way, qualified to lecture Donald Trump.  Willard is the ultimate LOSER!

So according to Willard, the possibility of fraud in an election where there were numerous instances where there was neither ID checks nor signature comparisons is a “loopy” conspiracy theory?  But spending three long years on a goofy Cold War fairy tale about Russian collusion should be considered as being completely believable?  I still say that Willard remains upset because Donald Trump took him to school on how to win a presidential election.  But then again, Donald Trump actually set out to win.

To me, what’s “loopy” is ignoring sworn affidavits provided by hundreds of people who worked inside the elections and witnessed irregularities. And “loopy” is ignoring that an entire truckload of ballots left New York and ended up in Pennsylvania. Also, “loopy” is ignoring videotape evidence of five election workers in Atlanta telling everyone to go home and then pulling out and scanning tens of thousands of ballots that just so happen to time sync with a massive surge of votes for ‘Creepy Joe.’

The more of these RINOs, like Willard, who continue to join with the Democrats in denying that the outcome of our recent president election was in fact altered by a massive amount of fraud that took place, the more we can be absolutely certain that it did.  Willard chooses not to put much stock in such things as signed legal affidavits from eyewitnesses of the voter fraud, or the videos of the vote counters, or the pulling out the boxes of secret ballots after clearing the counting area of monitors.

Willard, in much the same manner as ‘The Maverick’ did, hates Donald Trump for no other reason than because he won.  Winners do what it takes to win while losers, on the other hand, simply whine and play the blame game while trying to win over a ‘fake news’ media complex that simply uses them whenever it’s convenient. In other words, old Willard is nothing more than the epitome of a ‘useful idiot.’  This turd has really turned into a total jackass, and I’m embarrassed that I ever supported him.

The Democrats, along with their many allies all across ‘fake news’ media, including many there at ‘Fox News’, were sure that if they were all willing to act in concert, and very quickly so, in declaring ‘Creepy Joe’ the winner, then the chances of any of their shenanigans ever being discovered would be remote.  But it didn’t quite go according to plan.  We are now approaching Week 7 since the election, and the longer things go the more evidence of the cheating that took place is discovered. 

So much is now known about the massive amount of cheating, on the part of the Democrats, that took place in several key battleground states.  And that Willard can so easily disregard it makes quite clear just which side it is that Willard is on. And he isn’t on the side of our country.  He lacks honor, values and ethics. He is cowardly, bottom feeding trash. With his immoral and cowardly lies, he’s really a Democrat in Republican garb.  There is no room for such cowards and traitors as he in our party.

And, while I’m quite sure that it goes without saying, we must rid ourselves of these traitors if we are ever going to have any hope of being able to preserve our Constitutional Republic. We will not have an honestly counted election ever again if we do not fight the electoral fraud that took place in this presidential election. We are at a tipping point in American history. The Democrats have said they will stack the U.S. Supreme Court with political hacks and do away with the Electoral College.

Willard claims to be a conservative and yet seems to be doing all that he can to derail a president who has worked tirelessly to advance the most conservative agenda in decades.  It’s the Trump agenda that is all about fair trade, secure borders, self-reliance, fair taxes for all, enterprise zones, a strong national defense, keeping America free from pointless wars, secure elections and a whole lot more.  And yet it’s those like Willard who are constantly seen as siding with the Democrats.

Willard is another of those ‘usual suspects’ with names like Kasich, Flake, Christie and a whole host of others, who seem to take an inordinate amount of pleasure in opposing President Trump at every opportunity.  They have now become little more than proud members of the ‘resistance’ by demonstrating what has been a very obvious willingness to aid the Democrats in tearing the country down while, at the same time, doing all that they can to further undermine the president!

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