So ladies and gentlemen, riddle me this.  Who is it, other than some braindead Democrat or a mentally equivalent RINO, or some other hater of President Trump, that would view an effort to ensure the integrity of our election process as being anything other than an attempt at voter suppression?   Because according to raving loon ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters that is exactly what’s really going on here in trying to determine just how extensive the level of cheating executed by the Democrats was in their effort to drag ‘Creepy Joe’ over the finish line ahead of Donald Trump.

You see, it was ‘Mad Maxine’ who, just this past Tuesday during yet another appearance on MSDNC’s ‘The ReidOut,’ described both Rep. Mo Brooks’ upcoming attempt to challenge the Electoral College and President Trump’s continuing lawsuits as nothing more than attempts at the “highest form of voter suppression.”  It was Reid who asked, “You serve with Mo Brooks. You serve with some of the Republican members of the House. What do you make of the idea that they are not down? They are planning on holding what would be a show vote in the Senate January 6?”

And it was ‘Mad Maxine’ who responded, “It’s shocking. It is absolutely shocking that they would continue in their efforts to do what I consider the highest form of voter suppression. We have never seen anything this. The president of the United States is going to 46 courts, turned him down, and said you have no evidence. He went to the Supreme Court. He has three members he helped to get on the court. They turned him down. They didn’t let him file. They didn’t let Texas attorney general, who is the head of the amicus brief, they didn’t let them file in the Supreme Court.”

She added, “They are still moving forward with trying to somehow invalidate the votes of millions of people in four states. It is just unbelievable they would continue this.”  She continued, “Either they are so afraid, intimidated and bullied by the president of the United States they can’t stand up for democracy and the Constitution. That is hard to believe, hard to understand. When people say to us, why don’t you negotiate with them on coronavirus and response and help the people?  Why can’t you come to an agreement?  Do you understand what we’re dealing with?

And she said, “People who willing to undermine democracy, people who claimed to be patriots. They don’t have respect for the Constitution, and you expect us to be able to sit down with them and for them to negotiate with us in good faith? This is awful.”  She added, “The world is watching. I want to tell you while we have been the leader of the world, particularly on democracy and encouraging other countries around the world to become democratic, we have now taken the bloom off our of leadership. It’s absolutely unconscionable and unthinkable that this could be happening. ”

It’s in ‘Mad Maxine’ that we see the typical mentality of the left on display: criticize, condemn, bash, trash, disparage, and demonize all who dare to disagree.  This is the spirit of the Wilson, FDR, and ‘BO’ administrations. Where the suppressions of freedom are made, then tyranny becomes the outcome, unless people stand fast and strong.  It’s those who know virtually nothing about the Constitution and only show up to vote when sufficiently bribed with government handouts or contempt for fellow citizens who SHOULD be suppressed.  One must be responsible when voting.

I suppose, though, in some strange way that ‘Mad Maxine may actually be right!  I mean, Rep. Brooks’ attempt to stop all illegal votes from being counted is a direct threat to the way that Democrats/Progressives/Socialists have been able to win elections for as long as I can remember!  It’s the computer age that has now allowed them to cheat on a scale never before even imagined.  All votes should be counted is the Democrat chant, whether cast legally or not!  Trying to prove otherwise is somehow a crime against all of humanity and a threat against our democracy!

And how dare President Trump actually seek to suppress those votes cast by thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dead people!  After all, they too should have a say in who becomes our president, right?  After all, without the aid of all those dead voters how was it that ‘Creepy Joe’ was able to get 80 million votes when it was ‘BO’, ‘The Messiah’, who got 69 million votes and Hitlery, the most qualified person ever to run for president, got 65 million votes.  I can’t be the only one who views that as being more than a little fishy, can I?  Nothing about that makes any sense!

However, I am curious about something, can “suppression” with no victims still be referred to as “suppression.”  After all, dead people can’t be denied anything.  And those people who have moved out of a state cannot be denied the right to vote in their new state.  All states require Americans to vote at least once every four years in order to keep that voter registration active. That’s not suppression.  It simply reaffirms that voting is a privilege, a responsibility, that must be exercised regularly to remain strong.  You can’t register once and forget about it for the rest of your life.

And contrary to what ‘Mad Maxine’ would have us all to believe, the votes most obviously suppressed here are actually the votes that were cast legally by those of us who voted for President Trump and then were, as if by magic, changed to Democrat votes for ‘Creepy Joe’ courtesy of a few keystrokes entered into a nearby Dominion vote counting machine.  It’s odd that ‘Mad Maxine’ has expressed virtually no concern for those people whose votes were truly suppressed.  But like all good leftists, only the final outcome matters, not the integrity of the system that got us there.

It’s people who elect those like ‘Mad Maxine’ who shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  The only people who should have voting privileges are those over 25 who own property, who actually pay taxes, those in the military or honorably discharged veterans.  All votes need to be cast in-person with proper ID, no exceptions.  Allowing felons, drug addicts, the homeless, the institutionalized or those too disconnected to get a state ID allowing them to vote is foolish.  Also no one under 25 or over 75 should be allowed to hold elected office and holding office should be restricted to Americans only.

Democrats say they are confident that the 2020 election was both safe and secure and that Republicans are simply sore losers.  It seems to me that the best way for the Democrats to prove their case would be to allow recounts and audits. That way there would be no one able to dispute the fact that, yes, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden did win fair and square, which would give him a great deal more credibility as he heads into the White House.  Yet the Democrats are doing just the opposite, which can lead one to only one possible conclusion.  That they truly do have something to hide.

These days I look at my country and I see a country that can now be considered on life support with Democrats being Nurse Ratched hovering over the bed.  President Trump is our last hope.  And I now find myself in a position that I never thought possible.  One where I feel that the president now needs to declare Martial Law, because of the position that Democrats, courtesy of their sick attempt to steal this election, have now put us in.  This is not how civilized societies are supposed to conduct elections.  And I’m confident President Trump would have the support of millions of Americans.


  1. Maxi pad Maxine has been in office for decades, being too stupid to get a job in the private sector and having enough head case crazies to have voted her in every election so she could embrace corruption and become like her peers, rich and infamous. She has done nothing but ridden on the backs of her people to reach her nefarious ends but becoming more hare brained each election cycle. She does have one redeeming use…she would be a perfect mud flap on the left side of my manure spreader. When she deceases there will be two coffins required, one for her big mouth and one for the rest of her miserable carcass that is too tainted for the skin worms to consume. I wonder if she will be lauded and applauded like Elijah “SCUMmings was for wearing her negritude on her snotty left sleeve and her perpetual victimhood on her ratty right sleeve.


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