Having spent four years of my life living in Massachusetts, I can honestly say that never in my life, before or since, have I lived in such a bastion of leftwing lunacy as that of the ‘Bay State.’ Of course that should be obvious to even the most casual of observers if using as one’s guide the fact that those who reside there have the rather peculiar habit of electing some of the most anti-America individuals ever to be elected.  Politicians such as Teddy ‘I Got Away With Murder’ Kennedy, John ‘The Traitor’ Kerry-Heinz, and Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, to name just a few.

And it’s yet another of these rabidly leftwing kooks, Ed Markey, who this collective of mentally deficient ‘Bay Staters’ have seen fit to send off to Washington.  Markey, at 74 years old is the ‘junior’ senator from the ‘Bay State’ while it’s Elizabeth Warren who serves as the senior senator.  And that these two are the best that could be found says much about those who voted for them. And it was this moron, Markey, who recently called for a recognition of “the true history of Thanksgiving” as “atrocities committed against Native Americans,” doing so via Twitter on Thanksgiving Day.

Markey, who uses a photo of himself wearing a mask on his Twitter profile, wrote:

While we celebrate all that we are grateful for today, we must also remember the true history of Thanksgiving and recognize the atrocities committed against Native Americans, as well as the widespread disease brought by European arrival which decimated the Native population.

In Massachusetts, on this 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s arrival, we continue to stand with the Wampanoag people who first met the Pilgrims and celebrate their continued sovereignty and land rights.

In Massachusetts, on this 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s arrival, we continue to stand with the Wampanoag people who first met the Pilgrims and celebrate their continued sovereignty and land rights.”

Massachusetts is the sovereign land of Wampanoag people, claimed Markey. Despite America’s sovereignty over the Bay State, he called for a celebration of Wampanoag “land rights” on Thanksgiving.  And the Boston Globe called for a “reframing” of the Thanksgiving “narrative” on Wednesday, describing Native American “struggles” as rooted in “environmental devastation” and “police brutality.”  Native Americans survived a “genocide,” according to the Boston Globe, which further advocates left-wing historical revisionism to be applied to primary school curriculum.

Markey was recently reelected to the U.S. Senate in November’s general election. And it was according to the Associated Press, that this moron actually received 66.7 percent of the vote, which would seem to indicate that it’s at least two thirds of the ‘Bay State’s residents who are, in fact, completely bonkers.  But, as I mentioned earlier, these are the very same people who thought it would just a bang-up idea to vote for a drunk like Teddy Kennedy, a traitor like John Kerry-Heinz and a fraud like Elizabeth Warren.  Yup, these folks are none too fussy about who they vote for.

Before we get too far into this leftist version of history, I think it’s important to remember that those peaceful ‘Native Americans’ actually butchered pioneers and peaceful settlers. The ambushes and gouging of eyes and placing them on stones, decapitation, quartering, skinning alive, slaughter of men women and children, torture and terrorism is all part of the actual history of these “Native Americans.”  And as we know, it’s considered fashionable to hide the truth. The mythological stories perpetuated by historical revisionists nowhere near tell the true story.

And contrary to what we hear from those like this idiot Markey, Indian tribes were attacking and killing each other long before the “pale face” made it onto the scene. They took slaves, not only from other tribes, but had plenty of Black, White and Mexican slaves that they kidnapped during their raids. Are we going to cancel everything from the Indian culture, like the name Seattle, after Chief Seattle, or how about the names of states?  After all they were slave holders, and we all know that liberals like to cancel anything related to history that doesn’t fit into their small box.

There is nothing more dishonest than historical moralizing from the comfort of the 21st century.  We are sitting in judgement of a time when brutal public executions were regarded as entertainment. A time when most people didn’t live much beyond the age of 40, their lives were often brutal and short. That this is no longer the case for Americans, including Native Americans, is something to be thankful for. History, stripped of context is propaganda, which is what this claim is, dished out to a bunch of soft living snowflakes that would not have lasted a week aboard the Mayflower.

So why should I feel guilty for being white and fairly successful, and for not choosing to cut school, and not starting drug habits and not having premarital affairs where I spawned children that I could not take care of.  Now, while I am certainly not rich, I am secure in my finances.  I don’t waste my money and I choose to neither drink nor smoke.  I don’t overeat, I try to stay fairly active and do my best to keep myself fairly healthy. Why couldn’t I have had a bunch of kids with different women and duck out on them, and then shoot a cop, and steal everything I own?  Because I CHOSE not to.

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