If you needed any more of a reason to call into question the very questionable result from our very recent and very questionable election it would be the fact that ‘BO’s butt-buddy, Paul ‘RINO’ Ryan, is now calling for President Trump to concede defeat to his Democrat opponent, ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe, Biden.  I’m sure everyone will remember ‘RINO’ Ryan as being a MOST ineffective Republican Speaker EVER, after spending time as the protégé of the equally ineffective, John ‘Boner’ Boehner.  Ryan did his best to sabotage the Republican Party and his inability, or dare I say his unwillingness, to work for President Trump’s agenda was a disgrace to the Party.

And more recently, it was during some silly virtual conference for which I’m sure he was paid well for his services, ‘RINO’ Ryan said, “I think maybe even more important is that these legal challenges to the outcome and the attacks on our voting system really need to stop, in my opinion.”  And he went on to say, “The outcome will not be changed, and it will only serve to undermine our faith in our system of government, our faith in our democracy.”  He then took aim at President Trump’s legal team, accusing them of “doing damage to our country, to our democratic institutions and norms,” by challenging the election results in key battleground states.

Ryan said, “It is not pleasant, and I know there are a lot of people in this country who are disappointed. But I think it’s really important that we’re clear about this, which is the fact that the president’s lawyers throw these sort of baseless conspiracy theories out at press conferences but offer no evidence of these in court tells you that there is not the kind of widespread voter fraud or systemic voter fraud that would be required to overturn the outcome of this election.”  He added, “So, the election is over. The outcome is certain, and I think the orderly transfer of power, that is one of the most uniquely fundamental American components of our political system.”

Paul ‘RINO’ Ryan ‘retired’ from politics back in January 2019 after serving 20 years in the U.S. House, his last three years as Speaker of the House.  And it was as a way to sabotage the Trump administration that Ryan, as Speaker, actually worked to ensure that the Republicans would come to lose their House majority in the 2018 midterm elections, and he succeeded.  And it was after departing Congress that he went on to join Fox Corp. as a member of its board of directors, which might help to explain Fox News’ rather sharp lurch to the left.  ‘RINO’ Ryan has long been a long time and very vocal critic of President Trump, as well as of his approach to governing. 

Words cannot express how thoroughly disgusted I am with Paul ‘RINO’ Ryan, another of our many phony conservatives and, as such, one who continues to go out of his way to do as much damage as possible to conservatism, as well as to our country.  ‘RINO’ Ryan is the foxhole buddy who stabs you in the back because he knows you won’t let him surrender. And it would seem that his current position there on the board of Fox News has allowed him to set about removing of any and all vestige of conservativism from the network to where it’s become extremely difficult for viewers to tell the difference between Fox News and other networks like CNN or even MSDNC.   

So according to ‘RINO’ Ryan, the election must now be considered as being officially over.  And those of us who voted for President Trump must simply accept the reality of it and move on.   Now whether it is or it isn’t over certainly doesn’t alter the fact that there was great deal of political trickery, on the part of Democrats, that took place.  All of which makes the reality of it rather difficult to accept until a great many questions finally get answered.   And if ‘Creepy Joe’ does end up being ‘certified’ as the victor, there are a great deal more questions than answers when it comes to whether or not he can be seen as being the ‘legitimate’ victor. 

It’s the ‘fake news’ media, the Democrat Party, Democrat voters and Democrat state courts who appear completely fine with individuals casting ballots for other people, counting ballots that can’t be validated as being cast by eligible voters, excluding conservative poll watchers from scrutinizing the process, and encouraging electronic vote tabulation that cannot be audited. It’s not a question of whether this happened, but that one side is completely OK with it. I thought the objective was to defend the election system as fair. It appears that one side has decided that it doesn’t really matter how the vote totals are arrived at, as long as their side comes out on top!

More than 73 million Americans voted for the traditional values that President Trump ran on, the same values that supposed conservative Republicans have been running on for decades.  But for some reason when Donald Trump chose to advance policies based on those values, many of those same Republicans chose to oppose him.  So I can only assume that those ‘conservative’ Republicans have spent decades telling us what we wanted to hear to get themselves elected and then once in office all is forgotten. These RINOs have actually been very active participants in the resistance for four years. There is ZERO difference between these Republicans and the Democrats.

Donald Trump committed the unforgivable sin, he actually made good on many of things he ran on, it wasn’t all just lip service to get himself elected.  And in so doing he made many ‘conservative’ Republicans appear as the frauds they truly are and forced them into defending their opposition to policies that they themselves had actually run on, but now opposed because they were being championed by President Trump.  After all, one isn’t supposed to DO what one promised if elected, one is simply supposed to promise to do them.  As I have said before, I have no doubt that President Trump defeated ‘Creepy Joe’ in a landslide, plain and simple!

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