It doesn’t bother me that President Trump ‘lost’ the election, good people lose elections all the time. But what sticks in my craw is how ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden and the Democrats actually think those of us who voted for the president are stupid enough to think that he ‘lost’ fair and square.  Because he didn’t, the election was stolen, there’s no denying it!  It also bothers me that it’s a growing number on our side who don’t seem to care.  There can be no doubt that a great deal of cheating took place.

I mean when you have more ballots cast than you have people to cast them there can be only one possible explanation.  And I fail to understand those people who seek public office for no other reason than to make it possible for them to destroy my country.  And while I don’t suppose much can, or will, be done about it, I can only hope that the flame freedom will not be diminished or that any attempts to extinguish it will be futile.  But that, I suppose, will depend on the American people!

It seems that a number of RINOS are already too willing to throw in the towel and accept as legitimate what anyone with a brain now knows was the result of the most fraudulent election ever to be conducted in any industrialized country.  Another of those on this list of gutless turds is Sen. Kevin Cramer, our RINO from North Dakota, who this past Sunday during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” actually stated that it was “past time” to begin the transition to a ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden administration.

It was during what was a rather pointless exchange that Cramer said, “I agree there has to be an end. I frankly do think it’s time —well, it was past time to start a transition or at least to cooperate with the transition. I would rather have a president that has more than one day to prepare should Joe Biden end up winning this. But in the meantime, again, he’s just exercising his legal options.”  Well duh, of course there has to be an end.  But how about we at least make sure it’s the correct end? 

And it was ‘faux journalist’ and ‘anchor’ Chuckie Todd who said, “I just want to confirm, you believe the head of GSA tomorrow morning at this point ought to say the transition needs to begin, it looks like Joe Biden will be the apparent winner. Yes, there’s more to go through. This is what the head of GSA said. Yes, there’s still more to go through, but it looks like Joe Biden is the apparent winner. Let’s allow the transition process to begin. Should that be what happens tomorrow morning?”

Cramer responded by saying, “Yeah, it should happen tomorrow morning because it didn’t happen last Monday morning. I think you have to begin that process, give the incoming administration all the time you need. I will also say this — I think Vice President Biden has been a bit overdramatic as it relates to Operation Warped Speed and distribution of the vaccines and things. None of those things are a secret. The military is in charge of Operation Warped Speed.”  Our side is always so quick to cave.

And Cramer then went on to say, “The military still will be there after the election, but there are a lot of other things. I informed my staff well over a week ago they had to cooperate with any transition outreach because we want to be prepared. We have a government to run regardless of who the president is.”  Well no shit, Sherlock!  I’m glad this guy is so unconcerned about what it is that the ‘Creepy Joe’ and his sidekick, ‘The Ho’ have in store for this country.  I can only assume that he agrees with them?

And it was yet another RINO, Sen. Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania, who is another of those that I have virtually no use for.  You see, it was this gutless moron who released a statement on Saturday that said in part, “I congratulate President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their victory. They are both dedicated public servants and I will be praying for them and for our country. Unsurprisingly, I have significant policy disagreements with the President-elect.”  President-elect?

Toomey went on to say in his idiotic little ‘statement’, “However, as I have done throughout my career, I will seek to work across the aisle with him and his administration, especially on those areas where we may agree, such as continuing our efforts to combat COVID-19, breaking down barriers to expanding trade, supporting the men and women of our armed forces, and keeping guns out of the hands of violent criminals and the dangerously mentally ill.”  What a bunch of idiotic pablum!

Anyway, his statement concluded by saying, “To ensure that he is remembered for these outstanding accomplishments, and to help unify our country, President Trump should accept the outcome of the election and facilitate the presidential transition process.”  Right, by all means, President Trump should behave in typical Republican fashion and simply accept as fact that despite how there were more votes cast for ‘Creepy Joe’ than there were voters to cast them, he still somehow won the election?   

And frankly, I’m not really all that surprised that these pathetic RINOs can so casually throw the 70+million of us who voted for President Trump under the bus.  As far as I’m concerned, we should focus on supporting President Trump and stopping the steal. If he doesn’t get the four more years that he has rightfully earned, and if election/voter fraud isn’t remedied with the perpetrators punished, then nothing else will matter, because it’s all elections in the future that can be considered rigged.

We all know there was a concerted effort by Big Tech, Big Media, the Democrat Party and Hollyweird to manipulate the less intelligent and easily impressionable among us into supporting their obviously senile candidate. And just for extra measure, millions of extra votes were created essentially out of thin air just to make sure that their guy would win.  Now, we must see this thing through all the way to the Supreme Court, after all, this is America, it is not some third world banana republic, at least not yet.

Now envision a world where Communist China is the number one power.  And if that doesn’t bother you, please explain to me why not.  And while you’re at it you can also explain to me why we should elect those to high public office who seem to have no problem whatsoever in having a communist country being able to dictate to us what can and can’t do, because that’s exactly what we have in ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden as well as every single Democrat in Congress.  And ‘We the People’ allowed it to happen. 

And that these RINOs can so casually ignore what we all now know transpired doesn’t give me much hope that future elections will be conducted in a free and fair manner.  So what will come to be the purpose of elections, other than to make it appear as if our leaders are actually chosen by those whom they rule over?  If I had been told when I was a teenager that in my lifetime my country would come to cease to exist, I wouldn’t have believed it.  And yet, that’s exactly where things seem to be headed.  

And over the course of the next four years I have no doubt that, unless things change and pretty remarkably so, the betrayal that we have experienced on the part of our supposed leaders will only grow even more hostile as America will be made into less of a superpower and more of a satellite under pretty much the total control of another country.  And sadly it would seem that our newly ‘selected’ president would be just fine with that.  Right now the future of this country is looking pretty grim.  

I wish I could depend on the American people to rise up and to keep this grim future from becoming a reality.  But as we’ve seen they seem not to be interested in doing so.  Because it is in President Trump that we have a man willing to stand up to Communist China, and the American people could have so easily voted for him in numbers that would have made the cheating that took place impossible.  But they chose not to, voting instead for a man guaranteed to kowtow to the Red Chinese.

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