You would think that with the very survival of our country now so very much at stake, even RINOs like Willard Romney would be able to see the light when it comes to the level of fraud that we now know was undertaken by the Democrats in their effort to steal our recent election courtesy of massive voter fraud carried out in Democrat strongholds all across the country.  Yet, instead he seems in total agreement with the likes of ‘BO’ who recently declared that nothing “illegal or fraudulent occurred” in our last election.  Not one iota!!  And Willard also seems to agree wholeheartedly with ‘BO’s accusation that President Trump has a ‘flimsy relationship’ with the truth.   

You see, it was Willard, that well-known RINO and longtime hater of President Trump, who recently took it upon himself to excoriate the president, as well as his many allies, early Friday morning for actually daring to continue to fight for a clearer picture of the many attempts at blatant election fraud that occurred in many key swing states in our most recent presidential election.  And Willard actually went so far as to allege the president had “failed to make even a plausible case of widespread fraud or conspiracy” in a host of cases the president’s team has launched in selected battleground states where he trails ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.  Is he serious?

In a rant that he posted on Twitter, it was Willard who said, “The president has now resorted to overt pressure on state and local officials to subvert the will of the people and overturn the election. It is difficult to imagine a worse, more undemocratic action by a sitting American president.”  Willard’s rant came after Rudy Giuliani used a press conference to air numerous allegations of electoral fraud as part of an effort to shine of a light on the vote certification process.  And Willard is not alone in his willingness to simply roll over, two other RINO senators, Ben Sasse and Joni Ernst, have also rebutted comments made during Giuliani’s press conference. 

You must admit that such a comment coming from a greedy lowlife like Willard is pretty ironic.  After all, it’s in Willard that we have a guy who made his many millions by destroying the businesses, dashing the hopes and dreams and the lives of thousands of his fellow American citizens through hostile takeovers of companies, loading them up with debt, stripping them of their value and then shuttering forever those same businesses forever!  And you know, if there is one thing that I hate more than a lying, piece-of-sh!t Democrat, it’s a lying piece-of-sh!t RINO.  And yet Willard was perfectly fine with the country being dragged a fake impeachment of the president.

Look, these people are nothing if not thoroughly disgusting.  As far as I’m concerned they’re traitors.  They tell us what they think we want to hear to get elected and once elected everything goes out the window.  They know that the Democrats hate this country and yet they’re willing to turn their back on the man who want’s nothing more than to “Make American Great Again!” ‘Creepy Joe’ and others in the Democrat Party have made it very clear what it is that they intend to do TO this country, and it certainly ain’t pretty.  And yet it’s these pathetic RINOs seem to be more than willing to help the Democrats in any way they can to achieve their goal. 

How is it that someone who claims to love this country can care so very little about the massive amount of cheating that took place in something as important as an election to decide our next president?  And I thought this clown Ernst was a veteran.  Is this what she was supposedly fighting for?  To allow someone who is not only as perverted as ‘Creepy Joe’, but also as corrupt as he is, to simply steal an election?  If so, what does that say about her?  Willard I can understand, because he’s really no better than ‘Creepy Joe.’  We elect these people and are supposed to be able to trust them, but as we’ve seen, we can neither trust them nor can we depend on them.

Look, I had problem with Donald Trump’s personality at first. I was a supporter of Ted Cruz in primaries. But when it came down to Trump I went with him to see what he would do. He might have some personal quirks, but I believe that his conservative principles and his desire to serve the American people are genuine. NeverTrumpers and these RINOs like Romney are not the conservatives they profess themselves to be. If they were, they would support this president.  If they can side with the Democrats, they are no longer conservatives, if they ever were.  Think what you will of Donald Trump but it is very clear that he does love this country, where Democrats DO NOT.

And let me get this straight. A Department of Justice and FBI who use their vast power to go after political enemies, isn’t a problem. Social media censoring stories, is no problem.  Those in the business of ‘fake news’ repeating lie after lie, is just dandy. Politicians on the take from foreign governments is swell.  Massive voter fraud, well that’s ok too. Marxist organizations burning and looting our cities, is just fine. Calls for defunding the police are ok. Never-ending wars, are no problem. Selling out to China is fine.  Open borders and free everything is perfectly fine. But that evil Donald Trump will destroy us by trying to ensure the integrity of our election process?

Democrats believe that voter fraud in the cities under their control is more an accepted tactic than any kind of an actual crime. It’s just one more thing that Republicans must overcome in every election if they want to win.  But this time Democrats took it to whole new level. And if they are allowed to get away with it then I think it fair to say that we will never again have another free and fair election.  And too, they will never be held accountable for the myriad of ‘Deep State’ crimes that have been committed over the course of the last four years. We will basically be a country without law and order at the highest levels of power in our government. 

And finally, once Willard’s current term is up in 2024 it’s unlikely he’ll run again. After all, he’s accomplished what he set out to do.  Let’s face it, he only ran to have a platform from which he could attack our President.  He is certainly no brilliant legislator, and has accomplished absolutely nothing during his time in the Senate.  He has made it quite clear that he has no interest whatsoever in doing anything other than attacking President Trump. He has virtually no interest in doing anything to benefit our country. He’s truly a sick man and other faux conservative and is consumed by his jealousy of man who accomplished that which he could not.

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