It has been for nearly four years now that we have been made to both listen to and to watch the rather bizarre goings on by the Democrats in their ongoing effort to overturn and/or to delegitimize the election of Donald Trump as President.  In 2016 Donald Trump won the election because he outworked his opponent who apparently thought that victory was something she was simply owed her because, well because, she’s Hitlery.  And when it didn’t quite turn out that way it was because of Russia.

Now we fast forward to the election of 2020 with a Democrat Party that, after having been frustrated at every turn in its attempt to get rid of President Trump, hit upon an idea that it knew couldn’t miss.  And with a little help from their many friends in the media, a few Democrat governors and mayors, and a few RINOs in Congress just for luck, it would seem that the Democrats may have finally succeeded in ridding themselves of Donald Trump.  But at what cost to the country?  Not that they care!

All of which brings me to Adam ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff, who just this past Wednesday stopped by to pay old Wolf Blitzer a visit there at ‘fake news’ HQ’.  And while there at the ‘Communist News Network, ‘Pencil Neck’ appeared on CNN’s “Situation Room” and made his rather imbecilic claim that President Trump was actually attempting “to overturn the results of a perfectly fair and well-executed election.”  That he was actually able to make this claim with a straight face is what I found most remarkable.

And it was old Wolf who said, “The president claims he won the election and tweeting all about that and congratulated Republicans in one Michigan county for initially refuse to go certify the election, but a couple of hours today they did, in fact, certify. He is pursuing a very flimsy argument in various courts, and most of them already have been rejected. This may be simply a bumbling attempt. Is the sitting president of the United States trying to overturn the legitimate results of this election?”

‘Pencil Neck’ said, “I think without question that is exactly what he is trying to do. He is failing, but, nonetheless, it’s staggering that a sitting president of the United States would try to overturn the results of a perfectly fair and well-executed election, remarkably well-executed election during a pandemic. It’s just extraordinary. It’s so damaging. He is going to fail. In the process, he is dragging down out Democracy. He is causing millions of Americans to distrust our own election system.”

And ‘Pencil Neck’ continued by saying, “He is making, frankly, the United States into a mockery on the world stage. We used to be the champions of democracy around the world before this administration. What are they to think now when we have a president of the United States who says America is not capable of holding a fair election? It is so damaging. Yet it’s not at all surprising for this president.”  Thanks to those like ‘Pencil Neck’ America IS now incapable of holding a free and fair election!  

For four long years ‘Pencil Neck’ and his many friends in Congress have attempted to “overturn a legitimate election” and again he and his friends, now to include ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, are trying to perpetrate that which is nothing more than yet another attempted coup against this president.  And it’s this time that they think they have finally succeeded.  It would seem that ‘Pencil Neck’ and ‘Creepy Joe’ are competing to see which of them is the better liar with neither having any credibility.

And apparently ‘Pencil Neck’s definition of ‘legitimate’ always seems to involve the activity of cheating. The 2016 election was deemed “illegitimate” because Donald Trump was able to win despite the best efforts of the Democrats, courtesy of all manner of cheating, to prevent him from doing so.  And now in 2020, because we’re told that it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who has supposedly came out on top, and again because massive Democrat cheating, this election is deemed to be “legitimate.”  Go figure!

‘Pencil Neck’ is nothing if not insane as well as an outright duplicitous liar. Democrats have continued to call the 2016 election illegitimate despite the fact that it was they who used every underhanded bit of trickery to overturn an election simply because they didn’t like the result. Now there is mounting evidence of massive voter fraud in numerous states all in favor of ‘Creepy Joe’, yet it’s President Trump who’s being accused of trying to overturn this election by raising concerns over election integrity.

There is nothing wrong nor unethical about wanting a fair election. If Democrats were smart they would simply ride this out without fear and let it all happen so that all of America could witness it. But it seems like their behavior is telling us all something very different and that perhaps they do have something to hide.  When a Democrat says the election was “fair and well-executed election”, you know that it was neither. Even more troubling is the complicity of government employees and many RINOs.

And the fact that ‘Pencil Neck’ is talking, I think, makes clear that Democrats may be more worried than they’re letting on that the longer this thing drags out the more evidence will likely surface, exposing what was their blatant attempt to steal this election outright.  You would think that what has already been revealed would be sufficient to call into question not only the result but the entire process.  And if ‘Creepy Joe’ were honest, he too would be calling for a complete recount.   

The evidence of trickery is both obvious and quite overwhelming!  And it’s clear that traitorous politicians, corrupt judges and compromised law enforcement have all conspired together in trying to remove from office a duly elected president.  And they all feel somehow justified because it’s Donald Trump.  Is this what America has now become?  And are we the American people going to accept such blatant corruption?  Because unless we object, and very strenuously so, it’s going to happen again!

As long as ‘Pencil Neck’ is free to foist upon us a never-ending stream of lies without penalty, censure or any manner of consequence whatsoever, the United States Congress will remain a legislative body that no one need take seriously.  In other words, a joke.  His ‘colleagues’ on both sides of the political aisle have been complicit in his peddling of blatant misinformation, offering nothing but lip service as year after year they grow wealthier and more comfortable in their lifetime career.

Over the last four years Democrats have been screaming that the 2016 election was somehow rigged to produce a favorable outcome for Donald Trump. They even falsely impeached him just because Hitlery lost. During that same four-year span, Democrats rejected every attempt to address voter fraud. Democrat run states refused to cooperate with federal election officials to look at their election practices. And it’s Democrats, at every level of government, who have labeled voter ID laws as racist.

And you know, it was once upon a time, not all that long ago, that things were so very much different. It was then that cheaters were actually punished for breaking the rules. For example, sports teams that were caught cheating were often put on probation and drug dealers got prison sentences instead of record contracts.  Adultery was a sin, not a game, or a hobby complete with its own website.   How things seem to have changed, and most definitely NOT for the better.  And it’s all so very sad.

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