Obviously the lion’s share of the blame for this country now being embroiled in the most screwed-up election in the history of our country can be, and should be, laid directly at the feet of the Democrat Party.  But also, things would likely have gone far differently had more Republican members of Congress, many of them known as RINOs, been a bit more supportive of their president over the course of the last four years.

And, of course, one of those RINOs was none other than one of my two senators from here in Florida, Marco Rubio.  I’ve long been disappointed in Mr. Rubio, most recently because he has now seen fit to join what is a rather select group of other RINO Senators who have now taken to addressing ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden as the “president-elect” when talking to reporters.  He did so just this past Monday. 

Rubio was asked about ‘Creepy Joe’ possibly selecting Sen. Angus King to be the next Director of National Intelligence, to which he responded by calling ‘Creepy Joe’ the “president-elect.” When asked about using the term “president-elect” Rubio explained that all results indicate that ‘Creepy Joe’ will be the president. President Trump has not yet conceded as he is awaiting lawsuits and final votes to be counted.

When asked about using the term “president-elect,” Rubio said: “Ultimately that’s what the results, the preliminary results, seem to indicate. You certainly have to anticipate if that’s the highest likelihood at this point. But obviously the president has legal claims in court, and he’ll continue to pursue those, and if that changes, obviously, it’ll be something we’ll have to deal with.”  Right, we have to deal with it.

The only ‘Republican Senators who have thus far referred to ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden as the president-elect are, of course, all the usual suspect and all RINOs.  They are:  RINO Willard Romney, RINO Lisa Murkowski, RINO Ben Sasse, and of course RINO Susan Collins.  Also, it was RINO John Cornyn who said on Monday that the country will “inaugurate a new president” in January and that “it will probably be Joe Biden.”

Although I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, I have voted for Rubio four times now, between primaries and general elections.  And frankly I’ve grown tired of him.  We never get much of anything in return for our votes. He’s not much a fighter and has been apathetic at times toward the President. This is really the final straw for me.  Hopefully next time around he’ll have a conservative challenger who I can vote for.

It was back when he helped cover up for Democrat Mark Warner and his staff that it became obvious he had chosen to abandon ethics and morality. Needless to say, I’ve now lost what respect I had for him.  He’s become little more than just another creature of ‘The Swamp’ when he starts covering up the crimes of the opposition.  The time has come to get him out of there and to give someone else a shot.

And it was Rubio who was another of those who ran under the moniker of Tea Party candidate, but that was less than honest.  One of the first things he did upon arrival in Washington was to join up with Chuckie Schumer and the ‘Gang-of-Eight’ as the token Hispanic on what was an extremely bad immigration bill.  This is the real Marco, selling out his voters, the people who came here legally, and his country.

At a time when our entire Republican Party should be standing united behind our Republican president, where is it that we find those like Rubio and the other RINO losers Romney, Sasse, Collins and Murkowski?  And while they should be making all manner of noise about that has transpired, disguised as an election, it’s instead that their silence has been nothing less than deafening.  These people are just so pathetic.

Frankly whenever I look out to the future and think about my daughter, and my new grandson, I can’t help but get pissed off at our supposed ‘leaders’ who, while they are supposed to be on OUR side, are on no one’s side but their own.  These are truly scary times, and they are likely to get much scarier if ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats do succeed in stealing this election, and it looks like that’s what’s going to happen. 

So with us no longer being able to depend on those whom we elect, what is it that we are to do?  Especially when the man who most of us voted for can be so easily robbed of his victory.  And if that does come to be the case, the survival of this country will come to depend totally on her people.  But do most people now possess a ‘better red, than dead’ sort of mentality.  Have we now been sufficiently brainwashed?

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that my country would come to be what it is.  A country whose people see nothing wrong with electing into positions of power those who so very clearly hate this the greatest country ever to exist, and who wish only to destroy it.  And it’s becoming increasingly clear that the only man standing with us just may be removed from office courtesy of a fraudulent election.

And while politicians like Rubio apparently have no desire to take the necessary steps to guarantee the integrity of our election process and to allow what was obviously cheating on a monumental scale to go unchallenged, we who genuinely love this country may be forced to take matters into our own hands.  But as I mentioned earlier, I find myself wondering if the American people have the stomach for that.

And finally, much is said about just how much power our social media giants have come to possess, but who is it that has granted them all of that power?  Americans need simply to abandon their Facebook and Twitter accounts and to go in search of alternatives, of which there are now many, that allow them to speak their minds.  Especially since we can longer trust our leaders, we must now become the leaders!


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