I’m sure we’re all very familiar with the Democrats rather disgusting habit of always accusing others of behaving how they themselves routinely behave. And apparently the Democrats think they will be able to silence the more than 70 million of us who voted for Donald Trump to be our president.  Let me be perfectly clear, we will not be silenced, we will not go quietly into the night and we will ignore the fact that this election was stolen just so the Democrats can then set about destroying our country.

And it was that moron Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat Senator and failed 2020 presidential candidate who said Wednesday on CNN’s “The Lead” that President Trump was “just kicking and screaming like the child he often is” by not conceding in the presidential race.  Now I thought that a rather odd comment to hear coming from a Democrat especially since it was a Democrat who lost the presidential election in 2016 has been “kicking and screaming like the child” SHE is, ever since.

And it was some imbecile of a ‘guest anchor’ of ‘The Lead’, Pamela Brown, who when interviewing this idiotic Gillibrand actually asked, “The Biden team is trying to turn down the temperature saying he can proceed even without Trump conceding. You have called President Trump’s refusal to concede outrageous. What approach is best here, do you think?”  To which Gillibrand responded by saying, “Well, President Trump is just kicking and screaming like the child he often is.”

And she then went on to say, “And while he is entitled to file lawsuits, ask for recounts, the reality is that Joe Biden won this election. And the fact that they are unable to have an ascertainment of this election and not eligible to start the peaceful and critical transition that has gone on efficiently in every other election is really going to harm the United States.”  No, the reality is that there is every indication that this election was stolen courtesy of what was clearly pretty widespread voter fraud.

Anyway, this bimbo continued, “Joe Biden needs access to national security information. He needs access to information about what’s happening in the agencies with regard to the Covid epidemic. He is entitled to resources to begin his transition. And that lack of ascertainment is highly problematic, and something that has not been withheld while lawsuits or recounts have taken place in the past.”  The very LAST thing that ‘Creepy Joe’ needs access to is ANY classified information!!!

Now you may recall that Gillibrand is the very same idiot who believed Blasey Ford… just because.  She would also later run for the Democrat nomination for president and never manage to crack 1 percent in any of the polls.  So why is it that those in the media waste time on such unqualified and mentally challenged individuals as this?  Oops, sorry, that would be a rhetorical question.  Is there anyone in the Democrat Party who puts the good of the country ahead of the good of their party?  Nope!

If the election has, in fact, been stolen and that is not investigated, then why should we think that every future election will not be stolen?  And if it hasn’t been stolen, the Democrats have nothing to worry about, and yet they are?  And to be honest it was Gore who kicked and cried like a child and it was Hitlery who, after more than four years, is STILL kicking and screaming like a child because she thinks President Trump was somehow able to rob her of what was rightfully hers to claim!  

Far from “kicking and screaming like the child he is” President Trump is fighting for what is right!  And it’s his right to do so and I thank God that he is!  I would expect nothing less from MY President.  I thought long and hard about these individuals who label our president as “a child” when he demands justice for himself. They are liars, cheats, frauds, and the worst kind of malcontents. They do not represent this country and they very clearly stand against everything that America is and stands for.

Democrats are nothing if not experts when it comes to accusing others of what they themselves are most guilty of.  If ever there was a bunch of whiny-ass crybabies who pitch a fit every single time they don’t get their way, it would definitely be those in the Democrat Party.  And of course this moron Gillibrand says this crap while appearing there at ‘fake new’ HQ because she can be certain that what few are watching that network will actually be dumb enough to believe her idiotic drivel. 

This election has witnessed more than enough skullduggery to warrant a very thorough investigation, and unless you’re some brain-dead Democrat or just another hater of Donald Trump, you’d have to agree.  President Trump is hardly acting like a child as he continues to fight back against the level of voter fraud and blatant manipulation that we now know took place and, even as we speak, continues to take place. He is acting exactly as I would expect my president to act. I would expect nothing less!

This entire election fiasco that was put into motion by the Democrats is all nothing less than mind-blowing.  ‘Creepy Joe’ has NOT yet officially won the Presidency.  And repeatedly claiming that he has does not make it so.  There are far more questions than answers regarding just how it was that we have come to end up where we are.  And it’s become painfully obvious that only one side, far from having any interest in guaranteeing the validity of our election process, seeks only to bastardize it.  

You know, the America people shouldn’t have to live in fear that whenever one of our two supposedly ‘mainstream’ political parties gains control of our government that their primary goal will then become to destroy our country.  But that’s exactly what ‘Creepy Joe’ and congressional Democrats are now bragging about, being able to forever change all that our country is and has forever been.  This is a great country and that our own elected ‘leaders’ want only to destroy it is truly frightening.

And I have a very difficult time trying understand why it is that anyone so blessed to live in such a country as ours could actually bring themselves to vote for those politicians who seek only to destroy it.  We live in the freest country in the world and yet there are people who seem to prefer living in less freedom.  They would rather those in government to decide how they are to live their lives, instead of deciding for themselves, which I wouldn’t mind except for the impact it has on me and mine.

Less than half of the American people now think that ‘Creepy Joe’ actually won this election, and the Democrats seem convinced that if they can only continue to claim that he has, those of us who disagree will simply choose to give up.  And instead of doing all that he can to remove any and all doubt, he seems to be far more interested in doing all that he can to prevent any proof that he may not have won and that his side so very obviously cheated. from ever seeing the light of day.  He cannot succeed.

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