If this whole election fiasco has shown me anything, I guess, it’s how I’ve been being hoodwinked by ‘Fox News’ for far longer than I would care to admit.  Now granted there were the more obvious culprits, twerps like Wallace, Cavuto, Williams, the now departed Shep, and any number of others.  But this election sham seems to have drawn many more of out of the woodwork, those who essentially backstabbed their viewers and who are now smirking as they set about twisting the knife.  Every time I turn them on it’s someone else who appears to have jumped onto the ‘Dump Trump’ bandwagon.   All of which, I feel, leaves me no alternative but cut the cord.  

This past Tuesday it was Fox News ‘anchor’ Bill Hemmer who revealed more if his true colors when he pressed Sen. Thom Tillis over the Trump campaign’s claims of widespread voter fraud in the presidential election.  Hemmer said, “Senator, I don’t know if you were with us a few moments ago, but Matt Schlapp just came back from Clark County that’s Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s arguing that there are thousands and thousands of illegal votes cast. Well, that may or may not be the case, but so far, we haven’t seen any evidence of that. At what moment do you say put up or shut up?”  Hemmer, if I’m not mistaken, is a CNN alumni, so we shouldn’t be surprised.

Anyway, it was in responding that Sen. Tillis said, “Well, you know Bill, I heard a lot of people when we were concerned with the ballot harvesting that happened special congressional race in North Carolina— I think that people say that no thought occurs and that’s empirically wrong.”  He added, “Whether or not it rose to a level to determine the outcome or are the kinds of questions that you ask in these very, very close races. I think it’s just a process that we need to go through, and we need to be patient and be calm and respect the judicial system that I think that will render a fair decision. When it’s up to the president and vice president to act accordingly.”

So as I said, I’ve decided to cut the cord entirely. I will miss, sort of, Tucker and Watters and even Gutfeld, but I have to do what I have to do and have decided that abandoning them is what needs to be done.  Now of course, if any of them were ever to find a new home, say on NEWSMAX or OANN, I would likely again begin to tune in, but not as long as any of them continue to appear on Fox.  Nope, no way, not gonna happen!  Those in charge of Fox need a rude awakening, of sorts, and must be made to face the SHOCK of plummeting ratings in order for them to get the message. Maybe this will prove to be a pivot point for how we get our news and commentary!

And it will be interesting, I think, to see where the true loyalties of those like Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham, Dobbs and a few others lie. Will they choose to jump ship possibly joining the likes of OANN or NEWSMAX, or choose to stay there at Fox for what, I’m sure, would be a much bigger paycheck?  Should any of them ever choose to depart the ‘Fair and Balanced’ network, I have no doubt that their viewership would likely skyrocket overnight and Fox would likely be reduced to a clone of CNN or MSDNC practically overnight, which would be nothing less than a win-win for the American people.  Fox News must be made to feel the pain of their betrayal.

And in getting back to Hemmer, I thought it was particularly sleazy how he pressed Sen. Tillis. It’s likely a directive that comes from pretty high up the Fox food chain to spew propaganda for ‘Creepy Joe’s legitimacy right now, before any election fraud can be confirmed by courts.  It’s disgusting what these supposed ‘journalists’ are so willing to do. Their shenanigans have been clearly visible over the course of the last four years, as was their blatant attempt to sway this election by calling numerous races for ‘Creepy Joe’ far earlier than they should have been called. They were disgusting, it was all nothing more than a very transparent attempt at manipulation.

There are bloggers with cell phones who are doing more investigative journalism than any of those boobs on CNN, MSDNC or Fox.  Those clowns are far more interested in getting “Creepy Joe’ across the finish line than they are in creating any potential speedbumps that might prevent ‘Creepy Joe’ from getting across that same finish line.  They thought they could pull the wool over our eyes just long enough to force President Trump to concede before all of their obvious shenanigans ever saw the light of day.  The boys at Fox essentially destroyed in one week, what took them 20 years to build.  I believe if I was a stock holder, I would sue them for malfeasance.

Hemmer, like just about everyone else there at Fox News, continues to demonstrate that he seems willing to say whatever he’s told to say by those who writes his paycheck.  And while most of them would likely disagree, I would argue that there isn’t a bona fide ‘journalist’ in the entire bunch, they’re all nothing but a bunch of glorified “teleprompter readers” who are less interested in providing us with the accurate news of the day then they are in spewing the latest leftwing talking points in an endeavor to turn us against our president.  They’ve joined with many of their other ‘fake news’ colleagues in ganging up on this president who they seem to hate.

Fox News has become little more than a cheap imitation of CNN and MSDNC. They no longer serve any real useful purpose.  And with the arrival of Donald Trump onto the political scene it has been one by one that Fox personalities have been coming out of the closet and revealing to us their true colors. I would like nothing better than for the Murdoch Boys to find out just how strong their brand name would be without their current batch of headliners, Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham, Gutfeld, and Watters, along with Bartiromo and Dobbs.  Because it’s those who would remain, Wallace, Cavuto, Williams and Napolitano, to name but a few, who wouldn’t be able to draw flies.

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