So just how stupid are the American people?  And, apparently, how little do they care about the qualifications of those who they elect to ‘lead’ them and how willing are they to risk being able to live in freedom.  Well I think this last presidential election goes a very long way in answering all these questions.  Now granted, they seem to have had a lot of help in selecting their new president, but it was courtesy of their ignorance that such help, to the degree that it occurred, was made possible.  So roughly 72 million of us saw no problem with putting our country in grave danger.

Now it was four years ago that the American people elected as their president a man who was a true outsider to the ways of Washington.  A man who had spent his entire life in business, not politics, a man who loves America and promised to put it first, a man who made promises to the American people and vowed to keep them.  And almost immediately after he came into office great things began to happen.  And it wasn’t long before the misery of the previous eight long years began to fade and Americans forgot the effort that had then taken place to destroy their country.

And in what seemed to be no time at all our economy, quite literally, exploded, unemployment for minorities and women was soon at historic lows, wages actually grew for the first time in decades, the average cost for a gallon of gas was soon below two dollars a gallon and America would eventually become totally energy independent.  The stock market skyrocketed, everything was booming and then the lockdown brought about by the ‘Chinese virus.’ And after emerging, for the most part from the lockdown, our GDP growth for the 3rd Quarter was a staggering 33 percent.

And it was also under the leadership of this outsider that America was made to enter into no new wars or conflicts, the rogue state of North Korea remained pretty much under control, not testing any new missiles, the terrorist organization, ISIS, which had come into being under his predecessor, was eradicated.  Added to all of that were the peace agreements arrived at in the Middle East and signed by four countries, which was unprecedented.  Also, our housing market was the strongest it has been in years with homes appreciating in value at an unbelievable rate and selling quite well.   

Now we fast-forward four years later to 2020 when, even after watching all that had taken place over the course of the last four years, the American people, for whatever the reason, chose not to re-elect the stunningly successful outsider but instead chose to elect as their president a man who was the ultimate insider, in fact a man who had spent nearly half a century on the inside.  Not only that, but they chose a man who has no respect or love for their country and a man who is, in all likelihood, the most corrupt individual ever to be elected president and who will gladly sell them all out!

They chose a man who will come into office feeling that he will have a mandate to reverse ALL the positives from the last four years.  And I have no doubt that by this time next year we’ll be back to four dollar a gallon gasoline, what we now pay to heat and cool our homes will likely have doubled or even tripled, at least half of our newly constructed border wall will have been torn down, we’ll be back to depending on those who hate us for our energy, unemployment, especially for women and minorities, will remain in double-digits and God knows what else, none of it good!

But this is apparently exactly what the majority of the American people preferred to be taking place instead of all the positive things that had occurred over the course of the previous four years. So to say that what lies ahead for our once great country is uncertain and more than a little scary, would be an understatement.  But I fear nothing good for this country, or her people, will result from how this most recent presidential election at least appears to have turned out.  Frankly, I worry for my children and grandchildren when I think about what sort of future they will have.


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