For all the talk of how we were all going to witness another ‘Blue’ wave on Election Day, it would seem to me that if you’re a Democrat member of the U.S. House it’s right about now that you would have to be asking your if it’s really the best for the party to continue with Nancy Pelosi as your leader and as Speaker.   Now granted, I am definitely on the outside looking in a much prefer it that way.  Personally I prefer being a member of a party who can actually win an election based on ideas and policies and without having to resort to cheating.  But that’s another story entirely.  

So anyway, Democrats in the House lost a number of seats they were hoping to win on Tuesday night, all of which was a rather significant blow to the party’s hopes of expanding their majority, as some were even projecting that the Democrats would pick up as many as 15 seats.  But it was just not to be.  And while Pelosi may not deserve all of the blame for the Democrats’ piss-poor performance, she most certainly does deserve the lion’s share of it.  After all, I think it fair to that she’s what most people think of when they think of the Democrat Party.    

As we continue to have some states working very diligently to ‘create’ votes for ‘Creepy Joe’ in order to justify they’re being able to identify him as having won the presidential contest, many House races were decided on election night, showing big losses for a number of Democrats backed by Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).  On Election Day Pelosi and DCCC chairwoman Cheri Bustos held a press conference, mentioning how they had hoped to gain a number of seats.  But their big plans fell flat, and rather spectacularly so.

Because as the votes started coming in, it became clear pretty quickly that House Democrats, hoping to expand their 232-197 majority, were not.  As of Wednesday night, Republicans flipped 7 seats, for a net gain of 5 seats. There are still a few races yet to be decided. Democrats flipped 2 seats. National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) spokesman Michael McAdams said that a House GOP totaling between 208-212 members is not out of the realm of possibilities.  One Democrat lawmaker described the Democrats’ lackluster performance is a “dumpster fire”.

But when all is said and done, despite the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’ may yet defeat President Trump, it’s the Democrat Party as whole that I feel can accurately be described as being a “dumpster fire.”  With their idiotic calls for defunding law enforcement, four years wasted on what was nothing more than series of one bogus attempt after another to impeach the president, calls for open borders, having nothing whatsoever to say against those Democrat followers who were, and continue to be, determined in their efforts to burn down our cities and more, is it any wonder? 

Surely the weakened Democrats in the House are not going to coronate Pelosi again, but then one never knows when it comes to these people. After all, these are not some of the brightest people you will ever come across as you travel though life. Personally, I kinda hope they keep the old girl around a bit longer, if for no other reason than to further facilitate the long-term destruction of her party.  But if there is any sanity left on the Left, they will instead choose a leader who is someone who can actually work with a Republican president and Senate. But is there such a person?

And wouldn’t it be a novel idea if our nation’s ‘leaders’ actually recognized the fact that America is actually divided pretty much 50/50 and would start actually working together for the common good, instead of working to drive people even further apart. There is so much that our country could benefit from if only those in BOTH parties could come to some sort of an agreement on, things that would benefit the country as a whole and not one group over another.  Democrats speak often about unifying the country, but their actions are only intended to bring about further division.

Finally, on a slight different topic, this blatant attempt by the Democrats to steal the presidential election outright must not be allowed to stand.  There can be no question regarding the integrity of the election, and there can be no question in that regard, otherwise we will be setting very dangerous precedent.  Because if these scumbag Democrats are able to get away with it this time they will be encouraged to do it every election.  This time it was the ‘Chinese virus’ and next time it will be some other supposed dangerous ailment that will force this bogus mail-in voting scam.

The Democrats believe ANY ‘victory’, no matter how big or small, constitutes a mandate to carry out their wrecking ball to the very foundations of our society.  When the Republicans held the House and Senate during the last years of ‘BO’s presidency, it made no difference, in the end, in slowing his radical far-left agenda.  He has been, and remains so, a cancer on our moral and social fabric.  Our problem today is that we still have far too many people who are convinced that what the Democrats want to bring about simply can’t happen here in America.  It’s already happening!

I think what I find most disgusting about today’s Democrats is the ease with which they continue to set about trying to destroy our country for no other reason than their desire to rule over it.  They care absolutely nothing for the country nor do they really care all that much about the American people other than to view them as being mere subjects to be ruled over, in any way that the Democrats may see fit.  And that more of the American people, or at least those who chose to vote for ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’, fail to recognize that makes clear the peril that we, as a country, now face.

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