Now if I’m not mistaken I thought New Hampshire’s state motto was supposed to be “Live Free or Die?”  Either I’ve been misinformed all these years or the morons who reside in the booby hatch of ‘Dixville Notch’ are somewhat oblivious to what it is that ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ have in store for this country should, god forbid, they win. 

Because the small town of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, reported the first results of the 2020 presidential election early Tuesday morning with all five votes going to ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ and none going to President Trump.  And yes the average IQ of this entire little village is likely lower than is the village’s largest shoe size.

Dixville Notch is traditionally the first to cast and report votes, thanks to a New Hampshire law that allows local voting stations to hold midnight votes if all the ballots in a particular location are cast.  Several other small polling places do the same thing there in New Hampshire, I’m just not sure if they’re all this stupid.

New Hampshire is considered winnable for President Trump, and he fell just short in 2016, although Democrats have won the state, once a conservative bastion now a leftwing sanctuary, in six out of the last seven presidential elections. George W. Bush won it in 2000.  So we’ll see if the entire state kooky as is old Dixville Notch.

Now I know it’s just 5 people and many more will vote for ‘Creepy Joe’ before it’s all over, but the reality of it still shocks me. That anybody thinks this guy is qualified to run this country is mindboggling.   Apparently they all watch MSDNC and CNN. They seem to hate this president because someone else told them that they must.

I’ve tried to convince myself that maybe they’re not voting for ‘Creepy Joe’, but for the Democrat Party and have no idea what that means.  Perhaps they still think of the Democrat Party as the one their parents and grandparents likely voted for.  Mind-numbed little robots who are too stupid to check out who they’re voting for.

I’m disappointed really, at the number of Americans who seem unable to use their God-given critical thinking skills and who seem unable to recognize that the Democrats are so far left and corrupt.  Shame on all the fools who vote for ‘Creepy Joe’ with all his mental issues, and who are, in reality, simply voting for ‘The Ho.’

We must never underestimate the level of complete stupidity and utter ignorance of the average American voter.  Frankly we’ve been pretty lucky to have held on to our Republic for as long as we have.  Most voters, like those in Dixville Notch, are morons.  No one with an IQ of over 80 can possibly justify voting for ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho.’

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