How are we hated, for no other reason than we support President Trump, let me count the ways. We’ve been called deplorables, the dregs of society and more recently, “chumps.”  And it wasn’t that long ago that ‘Creepy Joe’ even accused those Black Americans who would dare to vote for President Trump, of not being Black?  And also more recently it was some second-rate cable ‘fake news’ guy who actually compared us to drug addicts.  And now, just a few days ago it was ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden who again referred to some of President Trump’s supporters as being “ugly.”  Yet this is the guy we’re told who, IF he wins, will bring us ALL together?  

So anyway, it was just this past Friday that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden addressed one of his drive-in rallies in a parking lot in St. Paul, Minnesota.  It was a rally that it just so happened was also attended by more than a few supporters of President Trump.  Supporters who, over the course of ‘Creepy Joe’s speech, took great pleasure in annoying ‘Creepy Joe’ by honking their car horns.  And it was over the course of his speech that ‘Creepy Joe’ repeatedly barked at the Trump fans, who protested his visit from outside the fence.  At one point ‘Creepy Joe’ point to the pro-Trump crowd and said, “These guys are not very polite, but they’re like Trump.”

And ‘Creepy Joe’ went on to say, “They’re gonna be okay. We’re gonna take care of them as well. We need to come together. Need to fight for all these folks.”  And it was later in the speech that ‘Creepy Joe’ referred to the Trump supporters as “ugly folks” as he explained why he believed a nationwide mask mandate to be a “patriotic duty.”  He said, “Dr. [Anthony] Fauci called for a mask mandate last week.”  ‘Creepy Joe’ went on to say, “This isn’t a political statement like those ugly folks over there beeping their horns. This is a patriotic duty for God’s sake.”  So it’s now our patriotic duty to be forced to wear a stupid mask?  Nope, how absolutely silly is that?

And what I found to be rather telling, and kind of funny, is that according to those on the scene, there were more Trump supporters who showed up for the ‘Creepy Joe’ event than supporters for ‘Creepy Joe’.  The Trump supporters gathered outside of the event also recited the Pledge of Allegiance, which was captured on tape by a reporter.  ‘Creepy Joe’ had made a visit to the state in an attempt to shore up support in the face of a determined push by President Trump to win Minnesota.  He repeated his typical stump speech, including bogus claims about Social Security, and debunked claims about what Trump supposedly said about soldiers.

What I find as rather astounding is the fact that throughout this entire campaign, or at least since the Democrats settled on ‘Creepy Joe’ as their guy, is how most of those who claim to so fervently support Biden remain unable to tell us exactly why they support him.  Also, none of them are able to tell you a single accomplishment of ‘Creepy Joe’ in the 47 years he spent in government.  Yet when you look at President Trump, it’s easy to name 10 things that he stands for, and easier still to rattle off 10 accomplishments.  I would like to think that most people are not stupid enough to vote for ‘Creepy Joe’ and they will re-elect President Trump.

It’s become painfully obvious that the Democrat Party, as well as those who support it’s ‘Hate America’ agenda is psychologically conditioning as many Americans as possible to dehumanize all of us on the right and to make it seem totally acceptable to committed act of violence against us for no other reason than we disagree with them. And, apparently, for the good of society.  The Democrat Party has now gotten to where, if we’re being honest, it is nothing more than a steaming pile of anti-America poo. It consists of what is a odd assortment of the liberal, super-rich elites and some very radical ‘progressives.’  All of whom hate America.

I cannot be the only one who sees the blatant hypocrisy in how those in our ‘fake news’ media routinely accuse President Trump of saying ‘mean’ things about gang members, those in this country illegally as well as those in the media, or how “partisan” he is when he points out how Democrats wish to destroy America.  Yet they never point out when ‘Creepy Joe’ says derogatory things about supporters of the president.  It’s supporters of ‘Creepy Joe’ who burn, riot, and loot, while supporters of President Trump say the Pledge of Allegiance and honk their horns.  That fact in itself should clarify the very stark differences between the two candidates.

And I find it all more than a little disgusting when we hear the supposed leaders of our country telling us how it is that America is the source of all the world’s problems, how her best days are now behind her, and how the country was somehow founded improperly.  Personally, I refuse to accept how it is that these pathetic Democrats, and their many loony supporters, continue to describe the country that I love and in whose service I spent 24 years of my life.  I have no doubt whatsoever that Donald Trump loves America just as I have no doubt that ‘Creepy Joe’, as well as his running-mate ‘The Ho’, hate America and want to bring it to an end.

This election is so important.  It’s not about being White or Black of even about being Republican or Democrat.  It’s about being an American and choosing to live in freedom that, as our Founders described, was granted to ALL men by God, not by man.  And it’s about returning to a government of, by and for the people and away from a government that seeks only to control us. Donald Trump stands for American values, ‘Creepy Joe’ stands for power over the people.  President Trump must win to keep the American dream alive for our children and our grandchildren. Go out and vote, show crooked politicians that we are united and cannot be controlled.

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