So I ask you, just how downright nutty have the Democrats, as an entire political party, finally become?  And has Donald Trump now succeeded in driving them completely over the edge and forced them into finally revealing themselves for what, and who, they truly are and, if we’re being honest, have always been?  But I very much doubt that those who are the recipients of all that ‘free’ stuff they continue to get from them, really care that Democrats are nothing less than bat-shit crazy.

As proof I offer you Elizabeth Warren, who when recently speaking on behalf of that Democrat dynamic duo of ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ out on the campaign trail this past Monday, said that President Trump is, without a doubt, a threat to all life on this planet because of his stance on what most folks see as bogus ‘climate change.’  She said, “Donald Trump threatens the existence of human life, of all life on this planet.”  She went on to add, “And on November 3, we will hold Donald Trump accountable.”

Warren’s remarks centered on that which left wing loons everywhere continue to describe as being an existential threat, that would of course be the supposed threat posed to all by … ‘climate change.’  She said, “We are reaching a moment on our planet in which the crisis that is upon us may no longer be one that we will be able to successfully fight back against.”  She claimed, “The science around this is not controversial.”  And then rather boldly declared, “The science is clear!” No, it’s not!

And it was to those very few in attendance that Warren asked, “In fact, you know what scares me to death?”  And she then went on to say, “Every time we get more data and reanalyze the data, what we discover is the problem’s even worse than we thought.” And added, “We have even less time than we thought.”  She then asked, “What has Donald Trump done for four years?” And in answering the question she declared, “He not only hasn’t made things better; he has actively made them worse.”

She then proceeded to tell one her trademark whoopers saying, “He withdrew us from the Paris climate accord. He’s put a coal lobbyist in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). What could possibly go wrong?”  In fact, EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler’s time at the EPA when he served in the agency’s Pollution Prevention and Toxics office under George H. W. Bush. Before that, he was a principal leader of the Energy and Environment Practice Group at FaegreBD Consulting.

And then she told yet another whopper when she said, “[Trump] has opened up for offshore drilling, and he has said yes to the oil companies. They can drill in the Arctic  National Wildlife preserve.”  Actually, President Trump placed a moratorium on offshore drilling in Florida. And as been reported, the drilling permits in the Arctic will take place in only 0.01 percent of the 19 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  But this is what these people do, they tell one lie after another!

I’m guessing what she’s really talking about here is some real Old Testament, wrath of God type of stuff.  You know, with fire and brimstone coming down from the sky, rivers and seas boiling, four more years of darkness, the dead rising before then being denied entry to their polling places, no more human sacrifice in the form of aborted babies and blacks and whites living together in racial harmony.  Or in short, all that would signal the end of the Democrat Party.  That’s what this is REALLY all about!

I can’t help but feel like this is all becoming such an embarrassment to America. What do people around the globe think when they see our politicians acting like this?  As an American I’M embarrassed by this kind of behavior from our ‘leaders.’  If we actually go elect ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ there will not be anywhere on this, the very same planet which this moron claims to be so worried about, that an American will be able to go without first making sure to put a paper bag over his, or her, head. 

Frankly, I do see it as being a rather good sign that those on ‘Creepy Joe’s team see the need to be trotting out imbeciles like Warren, as well as ‘BO’, this close to Election Day.  Now granted I’m no Chris Wallace but I’m thinking they know they’re losing.  The media can lie with their polls, but the internal pollsters know the truth. And they are sending out everyone they can onto the campaign trail.  Well, except ‘Creepy Joe,’ of course.  He is hunkered down back home in the dumbass shelter.

This woman is a wannabe at best. Communist China currently produces over 25% of the world’s greenhouse gases. Also, China puts out more coal pollution in five weeks than the US produces in a year. And again, China is GROWING their coal industry. Why?  Employment!  Meanwhile, it was ‘BO’ and his idiotic Paris Accord would have had the U.S. divesting itself of trillions, while China continues to get a free pass for the next 15-20 years. Same with India. President Trump shut this lunacy down.

And wasn’t it just a few months ago that Warren was calling ‘Creepy Joe’ a woman abuser, a racist and a two-time failed presidential candidate?  Now look at her, out from under ‘The Lid’ and working for old Joe and screaming about ‘climate change.’  Every time you think these kooks can’t get more insane they prove they can! The whole of the Democrat Party has come completely off the rails.  And it’s not only those in office, it’s also most of their voters who have also lost their minds!

The desperation of those on the left has now become almost palpable. You can now smell the fear and see the panic in their eyes, and they’re fresh out of smears they have any hope of making stick.  I, for one, am loving it. these miserable people will get what they deserve, nothing!  Our air is the cleanest it has been in at least 25 years.  Back then all life as we knew it was to become irreversibly doomed by 2013, at least that’s what the inventor of the internet and climate change guru had told us.

Let’s be clear here, who is it that has done more to eradicate life on this planet than the Democrat Party?  The Democrats, courtesy of their continued support of Planned Parenthood and of abortion, have the blood of over 60 Million poor souls who never made it their real ‘birth’ day on their hands.  These are very disgusting people, and Warren is one of the most disgusting.  But she is far from being the only one in that regard, there are those like Hitlery, Pelosi and ‘The Ho,’ to name just a few.  

And have you noticed lately how the Democrats have tried to reinforce their ideology by proclaiming themselves to be the “party of science” with the Republicans being presented as “flat-earthers?” Yet the Trump administration has followed the science protocols of Covid, created the science-based space force while it’s the Democrats’ version of ‘science’ that’s used to justify climate change, abortion and the ability to choose one’s gender.  Yet, all life on the planet will end if Donald Trump is elected?

And while the ‘science’ is very clear on such things as the ‘fact’ that unborn babies have a heartbeat at five weeks, they possess separate DNA, actually do feel pain and are a human beings not merely a random clump of cells, it can safely be ignored.  Yet the science regarding ‘global warming’ is far too settled and far too consequential to be simply cast aside.  It, therefore, MUST be taken seriously.  After all, what’s the death of few babies compared to the fate of the entire planet hanging in the balance?   

Never in my 68 years of life have I ever witnessed so many deranged and completely unhinged politicians together in one political party.  But even more deranged is their outright anti-America agenda, their political corruption, criminality and treasonous behavior all of which has been brought to light over the course of these past going on four years.  We elect these people to be our leaders, yet actually leading seems to be the furthest thing from the minds.  They use their office to make themselves rich!

It’s time to wake up America!  These folks have been dumbing us down for decades and how anyone at this juncture in America can vote for ANY Democrat is beyond me. The once pro-America Democrat Party has been completely taken over and it has been replaced with a melting pot, of sorts, consisting of a Socialist/Communist, Globalist bunch of political zealots desperate to bring an end to America.  And love him or hate him our only chance to survive rests solely on President Donald Trump.


At the risk of sounding heartless, words cannot describe the joy that it brought to me when I heard that it’s apparently everything that President Trump says these days not only pisses off Whoopi Goldberg, aka ‘The Black Kow,’ but also depresses her!  And all I have to say, is that it’s her own damn fault.  Because, if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t she one of the many ‘celebrities’ who threatened to leave our country if Donald Trump was actually to get elected back in 2016?  And yet here we are in 2020, and not one of these losers have yet to actually made good on their threat to leave.  But if she continues to be pissed off and depressed, because of President Trump, she is certain still free to go.  If only she, and they, would!

So anyway, it was on Monday of these during another goofy episode of ‘The View’ that ‘The Black Kow’ brought up how she was “in a depression” because of President Trump.  She was responding to a clip from one of the president’s weekend rallies during which he claimed that the United States would be in a depression if not for his leadership throughout the coronavirus pandemic.  President Trump said, “If you vote for Biden, he will surrender your jobs to China.”  And he added, “He will surrender your future to the virus. He’s going to lock down. He’ll listen to the scientists. If I listened totally to the scientists, we would right now have a country that would be in a massive depression instead of — we’re like a rocket ship.”

It was after this particular clip had finished that ‘The Black Kow’ asked, no one in particular, “What is he talking about?” ‘The Black Kow’ then went on to say, “I’m in a depression now because of him. Every time I see him, he depresses me. Everything he says is pissing me off and depressing me. I don’t know what rocket he’s on, but I’m getting off the rocket he’s on. That’s ridiculous, but we’re about two weeks away from this election.”  Obviously, being a talk show is another one of those jobs that requires very little, if any, actual intelligence.  And that this pointless, waste of a program still remains on the air tells us much about the current mental state of a rather substantial portion of our female population.   

And so, it was then our infamous ‘Black Kow’ turned to one of her fellow ‘cohosts’ of this loony train wreck of a TV talk show, a genius by the name of Sunny Hostin, asking whether she thought President Trump had hit upon a winning strategy.  And of course, as expected, it was this bimbo Hostin who agreed with ‘The Black Kow.’  She said, “I’m just shocked to hear him say that,” before going on to claim that President Trump bore responsibility for over 200,000 Americans who had died as a result of the virus.  She concluded her idiotic rant by saying, “He’s just so reckless and cavalier about it. I’m actually disgusted this morning to hear that. I’m disgusted.”  Ok, so she’s “disgusted.”  And I should care about that, why?

So what EXACTLY is it that this dolt Hostin would have had the president do differently?  He shut down travel from areas from which the virus had spread.  These morons accuse the president of being a fascist and authoritarian when he lacks the authority to declare a national lockdown or issue a national mask mandate.  Yet, they blame him for doing neither when study after study shows that lockdowns and masks have NO significant effect.  There will be a vaccine, perhaps two within the next few weeks and yet it’s people such as these who are busy telling people that any vaccine created while Donald Trump is president will not be safe and should not be taken.  That’s what I find as being more than a little disgusting!

Personally, I’m thinking ‘The Black Kow’ is behaving rather like a racist.  I mean we’ve all seen the recent polling data that would seem to indicate that President Trump may be the likely recipient of the highest percentage EVER of Black and Latino votes ever enjoyed by a Republican!  Which likely terrifies both the ‘fake news’ media as well as the Democrats. The REAL “silent majority” is much larger than anyone is projecting.  There are tens of millions of rational, patriotic Americans who are tired of all the political correctness, all of the riots, all of the destruction, and are tired of being lied to and tired of being called racists.  So it’s those like ‘The Black Kow’ who now see their job as being to slander the president.

Perhaps ‘The Black Kow’ should build a bridge and get over it.  When it comes to the economy and employment, President Trump has done more in four years than his Democrat predecessor, and hero of ‘The Black Kow,’ was able to do in eight long years.  Now you would think that ‘The Black Kow’ would heartily approve of the record low unemployment amongst blacks and women ever recorded.  And the record real wage growth, increased spending power among lower and middle class.  Those are all good things, right?  Why would anyone in their right mind want to go back to “business as usual” when things were going so well before leftists decided to tank our economy to prevent President Trump’s reelection?

I think the one thing that we can all agree on is that hearing how ‘The Black Kow’ is so pissed off and in such a state of depression is actually a very good thing for the rest of us.  Because I’m thinking that it means that President Trump might actually winning.  It means that the carriers of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ (TDS) are continuing to suffer. It means that they still don’t really have a clue, and it means that come November 4, we will likely hear a level of mooing, crying and screaming that will make Hitlery’s 2016 humiliating defeat look like a ‘beach party’ by comparison. Sometimes, the misery of some, in this case those suffering from TDS, brings about happiness of the rest of us, just like now.

Finally, what does it say about someone who is so willing to vote for someone like ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden for a job as important as president?  That they would be willing to vote for someone whom they know is corrupt, is someone who has spent nearly 50 years in government and in that entire time was far less interested in making his country better than he was in fattening up his own bank account.  And a man who seems to have a penchant for fondling young girls and who is guilty of highly inappropriate behavior when in the presence of female Secret Service agents.  These people are willing to overlook it all because of their hatred of Donald J. Trump.  They are the epitome of what it means to be disgusting!


Can I just say that ‘Fox News’ should have fired ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace immediately after his pathetic performance as the supposed ‘moderator’ of the first presidential debate between President Trump and ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.  And the fact that they didn’t tells us all that we really need to know about that which was once referred to as the ‘Fair and Balanced’ network.  And when ‘Commie Chris’ laughed with Biden and shared their thoughts together about Trump, that was the final nail in ‘Commie Chris’s reputation as an impartial moderator. 

And while most became suspicious of ‘Commie Chris’ motives after watching his antics as ‘moderator,’ he essentially removed any and all doubt regarding his political perferences by his calling into question a recent New York Post article regarding some, at least potentially, damaging emails from Hunter ‘The Crack Head’ Biden linking his dad, and current Democrat nominee for president, ‘Creepy Joe’ to his Ukraine business dealings.  And in so doing ‘Commie Chris’ seems less a journalist than a spokesmoron for ‘Creepy Joe’s campaign.

You see, it was this past Friday during an appearance on ‘Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” that ‘Commie Chris’ commented on the New York Post article in question.  ‘Commie Chris’ said, “I can understand the concern about this story. It is completely unverified, and frankly, Rudy Giuliani is not the most reliable source anymore. I hate to say that, but it’s just true.”  Giuliani, not a reliable source?  And what makes him unreliable, the fact that he supports the president?  Is that what we expect to hear from an objective and unbiased ‘journalist?’

And it was from there that old ‘Commie Chris’ continued by saying, “There is a story in the Washington Post in The New York Times today saying that the National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien had to tell the president in December of last year that the intelligence agencies thought that Giuliani was being worked by Russian agents and was being used to spread Russian disinformation. Until we’re able to independently verify the story, I’m suspicious of it. It is worth checking out, but I’m suspicious.”  Big deal, he’s suspicious!

Meanwhile both Twitter and Facebook chose to limit their users from even posting a link to the story, prompting ‘Commie Chris’ to say, “Having said that, when it’s on the front page of the papers, when the president of the United States is talking about it, I think they cut off people from being able to even discuss it is a bridge too far. If you want to put up something that says this is unverified, be careful, that’s fine, but to say to Americans, the president talking about this, but we’re not going to let you talk about it, that troubles me.”

Look, one would have to be blind not to see, at this point, that ‘Commie Chris’ is very clearly in the tank for ‘Creepy Joe’.  He’s apparently not the least bit interested in the truth of the matter, one way or the other, or even if Giuliani may be making up his astounding claims, something a real journalist, which ‘Commie Chris’ is not, would do. And you know, if Giuliani had presented something negative about President Trump it would be for divulging such information that he would soon become nothing less than a patron saint to the left.

And while we must not see Rudy Giuliani as being a credible source, we must, above all else continue to see ‘Commie Chris’ as a credible arbiter of information.  The very same guy who just outed himself as a blatant hack when he chose to disregard his role as ‘moderator’ at the Presidential debate and entered the match as ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s tag team partner.  Talk about an unreliable source!  You can’t make this stuff up, but the ‘fake news’ media gives it their best shot.  ‘Commie Chris’ is about as much of a ‘journalist’ as I am a brain surgeon.

Over the course of the last four years it’s become pretty common knowledge that ‘Commie Chris,’ far from being a bona fide ‘journalist,’ is nothing more than a left wing hack.  Intelligent people know who, and what, ‘Creepy Joe’ is, he’s a con artist.  He claims to care about those in the middle class, the ones who actually have to work for a living.  And claims to be the only one capable of bringing us all together, and while the ignorant and informationally challenged may believe him, there are a great many Americans who don’t.

As you may recall, there was not one word from ‘Commie Chris’ on any of the unverified propaganda used in the attempted coup perpetrated by the Democrats.  Not one word from ‘Commie Chris’ on all the stories from ‘anonymous’ sources.  And yet, ‘Commie Chris’ screams like a little girl over this Hunter Biden story complete with crack pipe pictures and all.  I’ve never before seen a guy willing to go to the lengths ‘Commie Chris’ has to tank his own credibility.  He’s right up there with fellow Fox News’ Trump hater, Juan Williams.

So ‘Commie Chris’ apparently thinks that it somehow all makes far more sense that ‘Creepy Joe’ was not involved, and Burisma paid out tens of millions of dollars just for the pleasure of working with son, Hunter? Hunter was a drug addict with zero experience in the energy industry. It’s seems obvious, to everyone but ‘Commie Chris’ that Burisma was paying for access to the Vice President of the United States, and that ‘Creepy Joe’ was involved it in up to his armpits.  Corporations simply don’t hire drug addicts for millions of dollars per year.

And am I the only one to have noticed that whenever a guest, or real journalist speaks the truth about the corruption surrounding the Biden Clan, ‘Commie Chris’ comes running to the rescue almost instantaneously? He’s even attended a few of the many fundraisers for ‘Creepy Joe’ out there in Hollyweird. The more power these radicals get, the more freedoms we lose. Plus, how many times have they leaked questions?  Like Donna Brazile with Hitlery and Kamala likely had access to them prior as well. Yet, still Pence kicked her butt!!

I’m beginning to think that ‘Commie Chris’s only role there at Fox News is to attract to the network those on the left to whom the truth is irrelevant, especially on all matters having to do with President Trump.  Roger Ailes’ model of giving conservatives a mainstream news option has morphed into the next generation Murdoch model of attracting the left as well. And they have succeeded in taking much of the leftwing networks viewers.  It’s ‘Commie Chris’ who speaks for establishment Trump haters and a large segment of leftwing viewers.

‘Commie Chris’s bias against Donald Trump becomes more evident every day. Giuliani, who was the mayor of New York, during 9/11, and known as “America’s mayor,” and a celebrated barrister, is not reliable?  Taking emails directly off a hard drive proven to belong to Hunter is not reliable? Is this miserable creature of the left implying Giuliani is lying about them? Can’t be anything else.  Literally the last 4 years we’ve dealt with hacked, stolen, leaked allegedly true stories but more importantly, unverified and unsourced garbage from corporate media.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ve pretty much given up on ‘Fox News.’  Other than tuning into Tucker every now and again, there’s nothing that I watch on the ‘Fair and Balanced’ network for the very simple reason that more often than not it is neither fair nor balanced.  And the network’s anti-Trump biases have been steadily becoming much more obvious ever since the obvious meltdown demonstrated by their election night panel back in 2016.  These days there’s very little difference between Fox News, CNN and MSDNC.


So it would seem that Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse is yet another of those cut in the mold of Jeff Flake, Willard Romney, Paul Ryan, and any number of others on what has now become an entirely too long list of those worthless RINOs who would much rather see ‘Creepy Joe’ instead of President Trump be victorious come our next election. And if that’s the case why are any of these worthless assholes, minus Flake and Ryan, still in office.  There HAS to be someone in their respective states or districts who could better serve those who live there, as well as their country.

My only reason for bringing this douche bag, Sasse, up is because it was during a phone call, apparently with constituents, from earlier this month that he chose to slam President Trump over what was a pretty wide range of issues.  In the call, first obtained by the Washington Examiner, Sasse lists off many of the reasons he disagrees with the president.  And it was during the call that Sasse proceeded to slam President Trump for the way he has handled the coronavirus pandemic, for his spending, and he even went so far as to say that President Trump is shifting the country further left.

And one of those taking part in the call asked Sasse why he is criticizing President Trump so harshly.  And Sasse responded saying, “The way he kisses dictators’ butts.  I mean, the way he ignores that the Uighurs are in literal concentration camps in Xinjiang. Right now, he hasn’t lifted a finger on behalf of the Hong-Kongers. The United States now regularly sells out our allies under his leadership, the way he treats women, spends like a drunken sailor. The ways I criticize President Obama for that kind of spending, I’ve criticized President Trump for as well.”  That and much more!

Sasse also said of President Trump, “He mocks evangelicals behind closed doors. His family has treated the presidency like a business opportunity. He’s flirted with white supremacists.”  Now perhaps I might have missed those occasions of which Mr. Sasse speaks, but I don’t seem to recall EVER hearing the president mock evangelicals OR flirt with white supremacists.  Perhaps Mr. Sasse is working to advance another of the left’s baseless accusations.  Sasse also said that he thought the reason Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election was because Hitlery was such a bad candidate.

Sasse said, “If young people become permanent Democrats because they’ve just been repulsed by the obsessive nature of our politics, or if women who were willing to still vote with the Republican Party in 2016 decide that they need to turn away from this party permanently in the future.”  He said, “When you listen to Nebraskans, they don’t really want more rage tweeting as a new form of entertainment.”  He said, “I think the overwhelming reason that President Trump won in 2016 was simply because Hillary Clinton was literally the most unpopular candidate in the history of polling.”

So if he thinks the ONLY reason that Donald Trump was able to defeat Hitlery is because she “was literally the most unpopular candidate in the history of polling,” are we now to assume that Sasse sees someone who is even further to the left than was Hitlery, and is someone obviously suffering from the early stages of dementia, as being a better candidate, and as someone for whom people could actually vote for as a reasonable alternative to voting for President Trump?  I’m thinking that Communist China would absolutely LOVE that!  China has essentially ENDORSED ‘Creepy Joe!’

When we are down to the choice between Trump/Pence and ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ any attack made against the president this close to the election should be seen for exactly what it is, a vote of confidence for the opposing party. I would say that Sasse’s actions are worse than that of any Democrat.  With Democrats you know where they stand.  With Sasse you get a guy who claims to believe in those Republican/Conservative principles and yet turns around and tries to sabotage the chances of the incumbent Republican Presidential candidate being re-elected.

I guess Sasse doesn’t consider that if he goes out of his way to attack President Trump at this time he’s essentially endorsing ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden for President.  Has this dolt even considered the possibility that is people change their minds about voting for the Republican presidential candidate they might also change their minds about voting Republican on the down ticket for every other office?  If people change their minds on voting for President Trump will they also choose to vote for whomever the Democrat candidate might be for the House or Senate, for governor or for any other office?

Hating Trump is one thing, but actively embracing the left’s socialist, anti-America agenda by attacking the president this close to an election is unforgiveable, and dare I say should be considered as being traitorous to the Republican Party, in my opinion.  The Democrats are promoting tax increases, open borders, the elimination of private health insurance, reparations, defunding the police, killing the U.S. energy development industries, the ‘Green New Deal,’ abortion up to the moment of birth, Medicare for all and many other proposals that will literally destroy our way of life.

President Trump HAS repeatedly condemned white supremacists over and over while it has been ‘Creepy Joe’ who has made numerous racist comments while hanging out with and even praising known Ku Klux Klan members, the ultimate racists. And that Sasse can criticize of President Trump’s relationship China in the face of all that’s come out about ‘Creepy Joe’ and Hunter says much about Mr. Sasse.  Come out of the closet Ben, you’re a Democrat and we all know it.  And now he’s trying to convince folks to vote for a China loving, dementia riddled, open borders loving, old racist.

Now if I was the suspicious type I might think that Sasse is a plant working in the employ of ‘Creepy Joe,’ and trying to do all that he can to trash President Trump from the right.  Much of his criticism is lies, but what’s new about that.  President Trump has had to contend with being trashed for the last four years by Democrats, the ‘fake news’ media and RINOs like Sasse.  Sasse is the epitome of the spineless Republican and the reason the party still doesn’t understand what they are up against when it comes to the Left. We will lose the country because of politicians like Sasse.

And finally, if leftwing indoctrinated women care more about meany-pants tweets, or the particular tone the president may use, than they do about their own security and the security of their families, or the future of our Constitutional Republic maybe then perhaps they’ve become a bit too complacent in their peaceful, comfortable standard of living.  Anyone who buys ANY of what ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ are selling to the point where they are willing to vote for them, I feel pretty confident in saying, if these two win, will in pretty short order regret ever having done so!  Just saying.


We all know that those on the Left have a long history of accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of doing.  ‘BO’ was, by most accounts, pretty much of a foreign policy flop, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden was, and remains to this day, a crook, and it was Hitlery who colluded with the Russian far more than Donald Trump ever even thought of doing.  And so on and on it goes with these people.  And it might be worth mentioning that ‘BO’ was the very first American president in history to be viewed negatively by a vast majority of Israelis. Less than 10% viewed him favorably whereas President Trump is the most popular American president in their history.  Just saying.

All of which, it just so happens, brings me to ex-president ‘BO’ and something he said in a recent interview on the “Pod Save America” podcast that he gave just this past Wednesday.  You see it was then that ‘BO’ claimed that President Trump didn’t “have the patience and the focus to really substantially change a lot of U.S. foreign policy.”  Tommy Vietor, who is someone billed as being a ‘political commentator and podcaster’ asked ‘BO’, “You spent countless hours with Vice President Biden talking about national security. What did you learn about how he thinks about diplomacy and counterterrorism and the use of military force that others would not have seen?”

‘BO’ responded by saying, “Well, a couple of things. One, and I think this is most important, is when people ask me what surprised me most about the presidency, you know, what I always tell them is: I understood but didn’t fully appreciate the degree to which we kind of underwrite the international order. And in the sense that even our enemies can expect us to behave like adults on the international stage. You know, if there’s a crisis somewhere, people don’t call Moscow or Beijing. They call us and say, ‘What are we going to do to help?’ If there is ethnic cleansing, if there is a conflict, if there is a natural disaster.”  What a bunch of typical ‘BO’ malarkey!!!

‘BO’ went on to say, “And the reason that we can serve in that role, even if we’re not perfect, is that we have the infrastructure. We have experienced diplomats. We have institutional traditions that allow us to show leadership on the international stage — whether it’s in the Paris Peace Accords, whether it’s on the Iran Deal, you name it.”  And ‘BO’ continued, “The thing that over the last four years, it’s not as if Trump has been all that active internationally. I mean, the truth is he doesn’t have the patience and the focus to really substantially change a lot of US foreign policy. What he’s done is he’s systematically tried to decimate our entire foreign policy infrastructure.”

‘BO’ said, “And the thing I know about Joe is that he respects people who know history and have expertise, and he’s going to pay attention to somebody who has worked in Africa to find out, like, ‘how should I deal with a particular crisis there’ as opposed to calling it a bunch of I won’t say the word countries, right? He has a respect and understanding for what American leadership can do.”  Right, so we’re supposed to believe that the guy of whom it has been said has been wrong on every important foreign policy and national security issue for the last 40 years “has a respect and understanding for what American leadership can do.”  How crazy is that?

So we have this guy, ‘BO’, who on his way to becoming president, went from being a community agitator to a mediocre state senator before then completing 2 years of 6 year term as a U.S Senator.  A guy who possessed virtually zero experience of any kind when it came to dealing with individuals on the level of world leaders, who is now offering up a lame critique of a successful businessman who brokered deals all over the world for 40 years and become a billionaire in the process. These empty suits are inflated by hot air from a complicit media propping up what it is that they created.  I’m thinking that perhaps ‘BO’ needs to get out of Martha’s Vineyard a bit more.

Let’s face it, the ‘BO’ doctrine consisted of an eight year apology tour, pallets of cash sent to a country that supports terrorism, a red line drawn in Syrian sand, allowing four Americans to die in Benghazi, one of which was our ambassador, appeasing Vlad Putin by not providing a missile defense system to two NATO allies and on and on.  Since then it has been the Trump Doctrine that has gotten us out of endless wars, defeated ISIS, blocked Iran from developing nukes, brokered record setting peace accords between Israel and Moslem nations, settled tensions with North Korea and restructured horrible trade deals.  President Trump seems pretty focused to me.

And lest we forget it was also ‘BO’ who chose interfere in the 2015 Israeli election in an attempt to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then chose to mislead Congress about what had been done.  But we are rarely if EVER reminded about that.  But as we have seen, ‘BO’ also has a penchant for interfering in elections right here at home.  ‘BO’ tries to sound so smart, experienced and measured.  But minus his ever-present teleprompter he spews nothing but gibberish.  President Trump talks less and does more. His foreign policy has been refreshingly pro-American whereas that of ‘BO,’ and perhaps to a lesser degree that of G.W. Bush, was very much less so.

And compared to his immediate predecessor it’s President Donald Trump who has now been nominated, not once, but three times for the Nobel Peace Prize for exactly what this clown, ‘BO,’ once claimed could NEVER be done, but also claims is something that President Trump would be incapable of doing, changing foreign policy to usher in peace in the Middle East through use of economic cooperation rather than military intervention. Three different countries have now nominated President Trump for his unique approach to foreign policy initiatives that started four years ago.  Now remind me again, what was it that ‘BO’ was nominated for?  Oh, that’s right, getting elected!

To be perfectly blunt, President Trump has accomplished more in less than four years in his effort to get American foreign policy back on track than ‘BO’ did, with the assistance of inept boobs like Hitlery and John Kerry-Heinz, in eight long years of bowing and kissing rings. ‘BO’ was nothing less than an unmitigated disaster in all areas of American foreign policy!  The entire premise of the ‘BO’ Doctrine had America leading from behind and relinquishing the leadership role it had held since the end of WW II.  And it was in so doing that ‘BO’ was responsible for creating a vacuum, a vacuum begging to be filled by the world’s more unsavory players.  

And finally, it’s in ‘BO’ that we have someone who tried to overthrow a sitting U.S. president, someone who actually funded terrorism and who was, without a doubt, the most corrupt president ever to be elected in our history. He is someone who set race relations in this country back more than 50 years, and being the nation’s first black president that should be seen as unforgivable.  Sadly, we are still dealing with the consequences of his being elected.  He was handed a golden opportunity to change our country in a positive way, but he chose to piss it all away choosing instead to be consumed by the politics of his leftist mentors.  His time in office was such a waste.


I cannot be the only person in all of America who wishes that Hitlery would simply die in her sleep and by so doing removing any and all possibility that I would ever again be made to set eyes on her.  She is the personification of evil, and if Democrats were ever to be honest with the rest of us, which is unlikely to happen, they too would admit that they would be much better off, as a party, if they were wake up tomorrow to the news that Hitlery had passed away during the night.  But as luck would have it, she seems to be like that damn ‘Ever-Ready’ rabbit, stubbornly hanging onto life.  

It was a Tuesday of this week, on ‘comedian’ Conan O’Brien’s podcast “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” that our ex-secretary of state and failed 2016 Democrat candidate for president said that she hoped President Trump would soon be defeated.  Hitlery’s anger at having lost the 2016 election has never subsided, as she has yet to get over her humiliating defeat.  All the negativity over President Trump during the last four years was initially generated by Hitlery and she feels no remorse for all that she has put this country through.  She has no conscience, she has no shame.

Hitlery said, “I do think that we have to admit that we’ve made progress. We’ve made progress in these two really thorny, difficult areas of our communal life namely, namely race and sex. We’ve seen racism, and we’ve seen sexism that we’ve had to fight against and overcome, and we’ve had to change the laws, and there’s a constant pushback that sometimes is not as visible or effective as it can become. So when I look at where we are, I think that Trump and his enablers gave a lot of permission to people to say things and act in ways that were deeply racist and misogynistic.”

She said, “Part of what I hope part of this election will be about is reclaiming any ground that’s been lost and continue to push forward because it’s unfinished business. If anybody lived through the last months, how can you not see the need for a moral reckoning with systemic racism? How can you deny that?” O’Brien said, “You do not have to be an ethicist to know that this president has completely undermined the norms of behavior, and as a dad, I’m embarrassed. I’m embarrassed, and I’ve, several times, said to my kids, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that this is the president that you’ve got.”

Hitlery said, “This is an aberration. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of presidents, Republicans and Democrats, and on human level, as you’re describing, you could feel the humanity. You could sense the values whether you agreed with them or not. But you knew that this was a person who had thought a lot and really struggled and often overcame problems in his or her own life.”  She added, “What we’re going through now is so different from anything that I think we’ve ever experienced, really. So I’m hoping that we end this experiment, this national nightmare, in this election.” 

The only national nightmare that we the American people are forced to endure is the one where we wake every day and realize that corrupt politicians with names like Schumer, Pelosi, Durbin and Clyburn to name but a few, are still permitted any role in the running of this country and that those like Hitlery and ‘BO’ are still paid attention to as if they had ANYTHING to say worth listening to.  And it’s people such as these who define our “national nightmare” as Americans having too much freedom, having a job, the right to free speech and the right to keep themselves and their families safe.

Actually, in truth, our true national nightmare will come about if it’s ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ who win on November 3.  A national nightmare that will essentially open the floodgates when it comes to the butchering of our babies, up to and even after the moment of birth, illegals allowed to come into the country pretty much at will, the calling for an end to ALL fossil fuels driving up energy costs, federal judges having the power and authority to silence free speech, and where mayors and governors are able to close churches while allowing bars, strip clubs and abortion clinics to stay open.

No, our national nightmare continues to be fueled by those in the Democrat Party and it will only come to an end when enough of the American people come to recognize that the Democrat Party of 2020 bears very little resemblance to the Democrat Party of 1970, 1990 or even of 2010 and relegate it to its rightful place on the outer fringe of American politics.  These people can no longer be trusted when it comes to the everyday running of our country, they have repeatedly demonstrated that theirs is not a quest to make America better for all, but a quest for more power for themselves.

This is all about the party’s inability to come to grips with the fact that they lost in 2016. They disagree with the existence of the Electoral College in favor of a popular vote that the Founders knew could be corrupted, hence the check and balance of the Electoral College.  But it also goes well beyond just elections. This is about the progressive left trying to redefine America’s political, cultural, and economic values to conform with their ‘progressive’ definition of America.  Unfortunately, the conservative media is not fighting on all the fronts. It is reactionary, not proactive.

And it’s hypocritical, don’t you think, how these Democrats demand that President Trump answer the question about accepting the outcome of the coming election when she, and her entire party, has yet to accept the outcome of the election that took place four years ago. And now they question this President about peacefully transitioning power when the handoff was NEVER made to his Administration.  Instead, we have FBI Agents sauntering about the White House interviewing Senior Staff Members without predicate and to then concoct baseless charges.

And as we get closer to our next election, my biggest fear, even after all the crimes that Democrats have openly committed and openly advocated, there will still be enough gullible Americans who will accept their fake return to the middle. The Democrat Party is not, never has been, and never will be a moderate, center-left party.  Democrats are hardcore leftists, extreme in their positions regardless of the issue.  And to see them as being anything other than that places the future of this great country in severe jeopardy.  To vote for ANY Democrat is beyond foolish!

Finally, it’s a cornered animal that will make some of the strangest noises one has ever heard, and right now that’s what we’re dealing with as far as the Democrats are concerned.  Because if Donald Trump is reelected Democrats see so much of what they feel they have worked so hard for essentially going up in smoke.  And while I realize the phrase, “The most important election in our lifetime” has come to be rather overused, it is in 2020 that it can safely be said that truer words have NEVER been spoken.  Love him, or hate him, Donald Trump is the right man at the right time!


So I ask you, when was the last time you heard any Democrat actually being opposed to the government giving away money?  Personally, it’s a practice that I never been in favor of but it would seem that those in charge are once again determined to do just that and all, once again, in the name of the ‘Chinese Virus’ and in the form of a ‘stimulus.’  But can we all agree that the best stimulus would be an across the board reopening of everything with zero exceptions?  But, unfortunately, that is not within the president’s power which leaves far too many Americans continuing to essentially be held hostage by either their Democrat governors, mayors or both.

And so, it was this past Tuesday, during one of his routine appearances on MSDNC’s “All In,” hosted by some dolt Chris Hayes, that Democrat Chuckie Schumer defended House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for holding out for a ‘Chinese virus’ relief package larger than the current proposal of the Trump administration.  It was during this recent exercise in stupidity that Hayes, in speaking to Chuckie, said, “I want to pivot to a policy matter that you may have to take up soon around some kind of rescue package. I will confess that I follow this minutely, and I’m deeply confused about the status of things. The president’s all over the place. Here’s how I understand it.”

And it was this dolt who went on to say, “The president is all over the place and doesn’t have the attention span to concentrate on this for more than five minutes. The Mitch McConnell’s caucus hates the idea of passing a big rescue bill. And the House wants one, but the thing I can’t quite understand is it seemed like there was a tentative deal at, say, 1.8 trillion dollars between the White House and Mnuchin and the Speaker. The Speaker was on CNN today, basically saying, like, no, it’s not good enough, and that strikes people as a little nuts. If that were the deal, wouldn’t you all take it?”  Actually, what’s a “little nuts” are these Democrats!

Chuckie said, “Well, the Speaker is right. First of all, the 1.8 is not really the 1.8 that meets America’s needs. As she said, it contains all sorts of giveaways so the president can just give away money and leaves out huge numbers of things that are needed to help people. The package that the House passed, first, the 3.4 trillion and then when they came down and did the 2.2 trillion, was designed at a bare minimum to meet America’s needs. The 1.8 doesn’t, not just because it’s 1.8 but because the language in it is far worse than what is in the 2.2 and just doesn’t meet America’s needs. Nancy is right to reject it. And they are just playing a game.”

And Chuckie then went on to say, “They’re trying to say a higher number than they originally were without actually changing any of the language.”  He added, “She had asked Mnuchin to give her language on these issues, on the testing issue, so vital in preventing the third Corona wave which you talked about. They don’t get any. And then at the same time, you have this going on. It depends on what day it is to know where Trump is at and where the Republicans are at. Trump today now says go big, and the Republican Senate says go very little or not at all. How do you negotiate?”  Democrats don’t want to negotiate, they want to make demands!

And Chuckie saying that President Trump merely wants to give away money is the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black. The entire Democrat playbook is based solely on welfare and handouts to keep low income voters reliant upon the Democrat Party.  Only morons, those people who want free money and who never want to have to work, actually vote for Democrats.  I work for every dollar the government steals from me, and I am sick of Democrats giving my money to those who feel they are too good to work. Now we have a situation where people want to work but can’t and Democrats are pissed because a Republican wants to help those folks.

Chuckie, Pelosi, as does every other Democrat, has no problem at all giving away the money earned by hardworking American’s to deadbeats and illegal immigrants, but can’t stand giving back to hardworking American’s some of their own money.  And if memory serves, but I am getting older and memory is the first thing to go, wasn’t it the Democrats who just a short time ago wanted to actually give away $3 Trillion at a minimum or they wouldn’t engage in negotiations to help the American Citizens?  Please correct me if I’m wrong.  Hopefully, the American people will not forget that the Democrats were and are the reason that the last stimulus idea failed.

What Chuckie is trying to say is the President actually wants to give money to those American’s actually suffering, whereas Democrats simply want nothing more than to bail out those torched cities that they themselves allowed to let burn with the promise of government funds to rebuild.  And let’s also not forget the idiotic notion of stimulus checks for illegals. There is no way to get around the insanity of these Democrats. They are like spoiled children who when they don’t get their way they have a fit expecting to get more.  President Trump wants to help with a stimulus package, just what do the Democrats want to do with a ‘stimulus’ package?

The priority for Democrats has never been the welfare of those Americans who have been the most adversely impacted by the ‘Chinese virus.’  What has been, and continues to be, MOST important to Democrats is the funding of abortions, funding of illegal immigrant health care, funding sanctuary cities, paying people to essentially vote Democrat and even paying people to riot in the streets and so many other things that the majority of the American people actually oppose.  To most rational, reasonably intelligent, people the Democrats are considered to have legitimately lost their minds as they continue to show their contempt for hardworking Americans.  

Democrats, for as long as I can remember, have always insisted upon having it both ways!  And while claiming to be the party of inclusion, diversity and acceptance, what they have continued to show themselves to be is nothing more than the party of hate, death and violence.  They see as their purpose to incite and to divide. The first amount demanded by Democrats in the way of a ‘stimulus’ package was outrageous and purposely so.  And now, with stripped down and much more targeted package, all that we have continued to hear from Chuckie, Pelosi and every other Democrat, is that they will refuse to agree to anything that might be perceived by American people as a win for President Trump.  It’s politics at its absolute worst.

Chuckie is pathetic. Pelosi only wants to be able to pay the debts of the Democrat governors who have helped destroy their own states and the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of their citizens rather than get money into the hands of those people who really need it.  She has had several opportunities to take a lower package, get checks into the hands of the people, falsely claim it was she who did that, then push for yet another package.  She won’t do that because it would be a concession to President Trump, and she would rather let thousands per week lose their job or to go without a paycheck before she’s willing to allow President Trump a win.

Chuckie and Pelosi have very purposely prevented more funding from helping those Americans impacted by the ‘Chinese virus’ for one reason and one reason only, to give a boost to ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ in their effort to defeat President Trump.  Neither deserve the privilege of holding elected office. They are both frauds of the highest order.  Those who comprise the Democrat Party have made it quite, for decades, that they care about nothing more than power and the devising of new and better ways to acquire it so they can then use that power to further destroy this country.  They are a disgusting breed and deserving of nothing more than to be shunned!

Pelosi wants billions of dollars to bailout those Democrat controlled states who are now having trouble covering the cost of their public pension plans. But their unfunded liabilities were a known problem long before the ‘Chinese virus’ came along.  Now I don’t know how many states have this same problem but the president has made very clear that he isn’t willing to bailout these states over mismanagement while they try to blame it on this pandemic.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have an unbiased media that would report the truth instead of spending all of its time providing cover for the Democrats and their ongoing effort to destroy America?


Now to start with, there is no way that I would ever, intentionally at least, want to provide any advice to the team of ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ when it comes to defeating President Trump.  But it would seem that we have those who comprised the last dynamic duo to go up against ‘The Donald’ now giving him some rather odd advice. We have one, Hitlery, who’s telling ‘Creepy Joe’ NOT to concede under any circumstances, and now we ‘Little Timmy’ Kaine is telling him NOT to answer the important questions, especially those dealing with packing the Supreme Court.

Appearing this past Monday on the Fox News Channel it was ‘Little Timmy’ who joined one of the growing number of resident ‘NeverTrumpers’ there at ‘Fox News,’ Bill Hemmer, and actually argued that ex-vice president and now current Democrat candidate for president, ‘Creepy Joe’ shouldn’t answer mounting questions from both the few in the ‘news’ media who bother to bring the subject up, or questions coming from the opposition, regarding whether or not he supports calls now coming from the radical left for packing the U.S Supreme Court because it’s “not his business.” 

Then whose business is it?  Democrats have already announced that the voters don’t need to know what is going on in THEIR government.  This miserable failure of both a U.S. Senator and as a candidate for vice president, ‘Little Timmy’ is certainly not worth listening to on any subject.  And it is as his party’s candidate for president that it certainly is his business.  It’s ‘Little Timmy,’ as well as ‘Creepy Joe’s many other surrogates, who are trying hard to divert attention away from this specific question because it will affect voters. That is not the leadership demanded of the President.

A partial transcript of the idiotic discussion that took place between these two is as follows:

Hemmer: Why won’t he answer that question?

Timmy: I haven’t asked him, but I have a pretty good idea: Because it’s not his business. The Constitution gives no power to the president or vice president to pack the court. I heard the Senator Ernst say he won’t pack the court. It’s not a presidential responsibility. Congress, according to Article I of the Constitution, sets the composition. So that’s why it’s not even a part of the campaign plan.

So I can only assume that ‘Little Timmy’ happens to be of the opinion that we should first elect ‘Creepy Joe’ BEFORE we start worrying about all of those things that he might actually do if he happens to get himself elected.  After all, there’s no sense worrying about things until we can do nothing about them, right?  Isn’t that the exact same thing that Pelosi told us about Obamacare, that the bill would first need to be made into law BEFORE we would actually know what was in it?  And wasn’t that a nice little surprise?  Anyone other than me lose their health insurance with that one?    

And I guess I never realized that not informing the American people of your positions or, as ‘Creepy Joe’ recently did, to tell them that your positions are none of their business, was really an option.  Apparently, it’s only an option for Democrats?  And according to ‘Little Timmy’, neither is it ‘Creepy Joe’s business as the Constitution gives no power to the president or vice president to pack the court. Since I am unable to follow ‘Little Timmy’s logic here, I can only say that it is MY business, as a voter, to know if he intends to alter the make up of the Supreme Court if he wins.

Who he would name to The Court, as well as issues of packing the court, the Electoral College, the ‘Green New Deal’ and Medicare for all, to name but a few, are all questions that MUST be answered.  Who in their right mind would ever vote for a candidate who refuses to answer such important questions?  And you would think that a U.S. Senator would know something about the Constitution. If the Congress decides to add a justice or two or three or four or five, it’s the President who would then either sign it or veto it.  So yes, ‘Creepy Joe’ must tell us what his views are.

And ask a Democrat a question about taxes and he, or she, will tell you they love the poor. Ask them about the military and they will say they want peace. Ask about job creation and they will speak of fairness and equal opportunity. What does that tell you?  Well, either that they don’t have a clue, or they simply don’t give a damn. It’s in ‘Little Timmy’ that we have one leftwing kook saying that another leftwing kook shouldn’t be forced to answer questions about what ‘might’ happen if he gets elected. Big Surprise?  Who knew that was possible? Ginsburg, Kagan, Sotomayor.

Wouldn’t it be something, and quite fitting, if it were Black men who helped save our constitutional Republic by reelecting Donald Trump?  The party of slavery, of failed urban schools, of failed cities, of failing families and of a failing culture will be stopped by a coalition of middle-class traditional whites, working women, Black men, Latinos, Hindu, Jews, Christians and Asians. The elite whites and the well retired Baby Boomers who have sold out the nation and have willfully buried their children and grandchildren in unsustainable debt- all for their own comfort… are finished.

Look, it think ‘Little Timmy’ would agree that if the Democrat Party were ever to be truly upfront about what it is that they stand for and what are their long term goals and strategies, they would likely lose every national election and in landslide fashion for the next 50 years.  And while we continue to hear, from Democrats of course, how it is that ‘Creepy Joe’ will somehow unite all Americans, it’s those very same long term goals and priorities that would prevent such a thing from EVER taking place if for no other reason than because ‘Creepy Joe’ has now moved so far to the left.

I mean how is it that ‘Creepy Joe’ will be able to bring Americans together when he supports things like: Open borders, Sanctuary cities, Defunding law enforcement, Packing the courts to legislate through judicial branch, doing away with fossil fuels, the throwing into prison the CEOs of both insurance and fossil fuel companies, and Abortion, essentially on demand, up to and even after the moment of delivery AND at taxpayer expense and more.  Are we to assume that he will somehow be able to magically convince us all to agree with his extreme positions on these key issues?


Senator Chris Coons, Delaware Democrat, said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” hosted by ‘Commie’ Chris ‘I’m a Pro’ Wallace, that Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s positions were “disqualifying” for the post for which she has been nominated.  It’s without a doubt that Coons just might be one of the dumbest Senators we have.  Apparently, they have few to pick from there in Delaware when sending folks off to Congress.  No one cares what Coons thinks, if he doesn’t think Barrett belongs on the Court, then he should vote against her confirmation.

It was our genius Mr. Coons who said, “Well, I’m going to be laying out the ways in which Judge Barrett’s views, her views on reaching back and reconsidering and overturning long-settled precedent are not just extreme, they are disqualifying.”  How far this country has fallen to think that we are now living in an age where choosing not to support fourth trimester abortion is now considered to be EXTREME.  That alone makes clear that it’s those who support such an atrocity are the ones to be considered as EXTREME, and most certainly not Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Anyway, Coons then went on to tell ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace, “She has taught at a well-regarded law school. She clerked for Justice Scalia, but she has views that make her not qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. President Trump has said he would only nominate someone who would overturn the Affordable Care Act, taking away health care protection for more than 100 million Americans in the middle of a pandemic. Both President Trump and members of the majority on this committee have said they would only vote for a nominee who would overturn Roe vs. Wade.”

He added, “As I will layout in my questioning this week, we shouldn’t be having this hearing with two members of the committee infected with COVID. It’s rushed, it constitutes court-packing, and her views are too extreme to qualify her to serve on this court.”  IF this process can be considered as being rushed, it’s the Democrats themselves who are to blame.  After all, who is it that has been calling for abolishing the Electoral College or making all manner of changes to the voting process that far from making the process more secure, only serves to make it far easier to cheat.

The Democrats new ‘Plan A’ for trying to derail the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is to do their best to bastardize the meaning of ‘packing the court.’  The generally accepted definition describes ‘court packing’ as adding more judges to the total number of 9.  It has nothing whatsoever with the race of the nominee, the gender of the nominee, or simply the act of filling a vacant seat.  But they also seem to have a ‘Plan B,’ to not supply a quorum for votes in the Senate as another way to try and block the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett before the election.

And it was our Democrat candidate for vice president, ‘The Ho,’ who tried the same crap during the debate, when she proclaimed that the administration filling vacant federal judge positions was supposedly court packing.  These people will say anything, and they assume we’re stupid enough to actually fall for it. The sad thing is that a large number of those who support the left either will be gullible enough or stupid enough to fall for it, or will know it’s idiotic, but support it anyhow since the false definition supports the outcome they want. They have no shame, none what-so-ever.

We all should be disturbed by the possibly of true ‘court packing.’ The Supreme Court is supposed to be nonpartisan, politically blind so to speak. The fact the liberals actively search for a person who will side with them should be a disqualifying quality for anyone they nominate. The fact they see someone steeped in the Constitution as an opponent, and one who is nominated to “stack” the court, highlights their total disregard for our Constitution. The left wants America dead, they see the court is the quickest and most effective means possible for them to accomplished that goal.

Because we have now something occurring with all the frequency of a solar eclipse, that being the Republicans sticking together, the Democrats know they don’t have the votes.  Hence their rationale for doing all that they can to degrade and trash, in the minds of the public, a woman who, by all accounts, is the perfect nominee.  But it won’t work.  The Democrats are the party of Socialism, of death and of hate.  With luck they’ll be thrown out on November 3 in numbers no amount of cheating will be able to overcome in what will be a humiliating defeat and in historic numbers.

Democrats love to accuse the opposition of being the ones with extreme positions.  Which party is it that has, over the course of the last four years, exhibited behavior that any ‘normal’ person would definitely view as being extreme?  From flat out refusing to accept the outcome of the 2016 election, to coming up with ways to alter its outcome, to then having over 70 of it members refuse to attend the inauguration, to concoct one bizarre rationale after another to justify impeaching  a president who had committed no crime and on and on. Talk about disqualifying behavior!


So according to a guy who, without a doubt, knows a good bit about what it takes to be a farce, that venerable ‘faux journalist’ Dan Blather, the presidency of Donald Trump is simply nothing more than a farce.  Keep in mind that this coming from the very same guy whose entire ‘career’ was truly the farce by which all farces are to be measured!  And it was also our esteemed Mr. Blather who, during an appearance at ‘fake news’ HQ, aka the Communist News Network (CNN), on an episode of “Reliable Sources” said President Trump “would score in the high 90’s on an IQ test.”

Blather said, “As members of the press, we have to keep doing our job, which is keep telling people, keep reminding people through use of facts and quotes of how unusually unique this is to have, number one, a president who says in advance of the election that if it doesn’t appear to go his way, he is going to try to tie it up in the courts and he will not commit to a peaceful transfer of power at the top, even if the indication is that he has lost. Number two, there has never been anything approaching this in the way of voter suppression by any president of the United States.”

He said, “And the president has to continue to frame things in that way.”  And he went on to say, “As to his mental condition, I know there is a theory — he is mentally unstable. I am not qualified to say that. I will say this. He is constantly engaging in anger, manic behavior, abusive behavior, mocking behavior, and so often indicating that he would score in the high 90’s on an IQ test. We have a combination of selfishness and stupidity operating our White House. People, I think, will see that eventually. Will they see it in time to avoid what is ahead for us?”

And he said, “Frequently, in the past, and what I will call normal times, that there is a fine line between a tragedy and farce. Unfortunately, that was a long time ago. The story of the Trump administration is both tragedy and farce.”  I suppose Blather might as well try for a comeback.  After all, that which is laughingly referred to as our  ‘mainstream media’ long ago lost all standards and became all about lying, so Dan would fit right in. Heck, his fake story about Bush is tame compared to the fake stories about President Trump that are manufactured daily by CNN, WaPo, NYT, etc.

Someone really must tell old Dan that his time has come and gone.  He really should just sit back and keep his mouth shut, there is really no one who cares what he thinks.  Even the Democrats don’t really care what he has to say.  All this talk about the president and nothing about BLM and Antifa?  So, can we assume you support their violence?  What about the Democrats’ scheme to pack ‘The Court?’ What about the coup perpetrated against President Trump and the involvement of ‘BO’ & Co., and the many documents proving that Hitlery was behind the entire Russian mess?

Of course not, old Blather has nothing to say about anything but how Donald Trump’s administration is somehow both a tragedy and a farce.  Blather always fancied himself as another Walter Cronkite, but where Cronkite was easily just as far to left as Blather, he was better at keeping is insane side under wraps. Now there were those times when even Cronkite let his inner crazy see the light of day, just not quite as often as Blather.  Cronkite died still being perceived as an icon, of sorts.  Meanwhile it was Blather who essentially disgraced both himself and his entire profession.

But if what Blather says about President Trump is true, how does Blather explain how is it that President Trump has been far more successful in a shorter period of time than was his predecessor, a Democrat.  This “farce,” referenced by Blather, has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize.  President Trump has done more for Middle East peace that any president in the past 50 years.  And this “farce” has created one of the strongest economies in history.  And this “stupid” man has actually done more for black and Hispanic people than anyone could have imagined.

Look, Blather, we get it, we really do!  You don’t like President Trump, but like him or not you can’t deny the fact that the country, overall, is in far better shape than it was when he first entered office.  Except, of course, in those states, and cities where Democrat politicians, for what are purely political reasons, are determined in their effort to use their own citizenry in what is a continuing effort to do political harm to the president.  These same Democrats have shown that there is nothing they will not do to prevent the president from getting reelected.  And Blather must agree?

Like most on the left, Blather is another walking/talking example of what happens when a Democrat just makes shit up to advance ‘their’ narrative.’  I really don’t ever recall hearing President Trump make the claim that if the election were not to go his way, he is going to try to tie it up in the courts and he will not commit to a peaceful transfer of power, even if the indication is that he has lost.  What he has openly and honestly said is that he thinks this vote by mail mass ballot scheme is rife with fraud, and it’s been very much of a fiasco in so many states, and he is right to be concerned.

And while President Trump did not say he would tie things up in the courts, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden has bragged about how the Democrats are readying an army of thousands of lawyers that is already busy strategizing ways to challenge the election outcome should ‘Creepy Joe’ lose.  And all of that seems to be just fine with Mr. Blather.  Blather lost all credibility decades ago, and by aligning with the Democrats of today and perpetuating their lies, like so many other faux journalists, he has shown that corruption and collusion doesn’t change just because one is no longer in the limelight.