I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, every day right up to Election Day.  There is NO ONE who makes the case better for voting AGAINST Democrats, ALL Democrats, than do the Democrats themselves.  How is it that any reasonably intelligent individual can listen to someone promising to lower the voter age to 16, allow illegals to vote, pack the Supreme Court while adding justices elsewhere, making DC and Puerto Rico into states, throwing open our borders and manner of other examples of corruption, and still think it’s a good idea to vote for such people.  And yet millions actually do.  

Cory Booker, aka Spartacus, Democrat from New Jersey, made another of his illustrious appearances this past Wednesday on MSDNC’s “All In” hosted by that journalistic genius, Chris Hayes.  And for anyone who happened to be tuned in during this clown’s show, Booker did little more than to make himself, as well as Democrats in general, sound not like the responsible leaders we all thought we were electing but, instead, like a bunch spoiled upset children angry because they didn’t get their way.  Yet it was Booker’s own hero who once said, “Elections have consequences!” 

Anyway, Hayes started out in typical fashion by saying, “I’ve been listening to a lot of your colleagues in the wake of that Amy Coney Barrett vote. And it seems to me that there’s — I don’t want to say radicalization, but there is a little scales falling from the eyes. Brian Schatz said you killed the old Senate. Whatever it was, it’s dead now. You killed it. We’ve got to make something new that’s better and works better. What happened in the last week that —what is going through everyone’s minds and hearts about what we’ve seen happen and what is ahead of us in this next week?

To which Booker answered by saying, “I joined this institution almost seven years ago to the day in a special election. And I have watched the erosion of norms accelerating from Mitch McConnell and the Merrick Garland incident to just tumbling downward from there. And the Senate is broken. It’s deeply wounded and injured. It’s not dead, but it is deeply wounded and injured. I think folks understand this is not something you can have in an earnest sort of naive way, this idea that if we just win back control of the Senate, things will get better. No. It’s going to take steps.”

And it was ‘Spartacus’ who then went on to say, “I don’t know what they are going to be. We’re going to debate them hotly. But I think that the atmosphere in the Senate to taking steps to try to right wrongs, balance scales, and do justice. The number of mild-mannered senators now to break out their inner wolverine or whatever superhero nerd illusion I can make. I think you’re going to see a lot of people stepping up to try to figure out what we can do after a very dark period in which, not just in the Senate but our constitutional norms and traditions have been trashed.”

And ‘Spartacus’ continued by saying, “And what is worse than the person that actually trashed them in Donald Trump is the people that stood by and did nothing.”  Now I’m assuming that the “very dark period” which Spartacus makes reference to would be the presidency of Donald Trump.  But I must admit that I was a bit confused regarding just what it was that he might have been talking about when he made the claim that “our constitutional norms and traditions have been trashed.”  And he never really explained how it was that the confirmation of Justice Barrett brought that about.

And while I am far from being any sort of a constitutional expert, it would appear that I know a good bit more about it than most, if not all, Democrats apparently do.  Because if memory serves nowhere does the Constitution actually specify that there must be some sort of a ‘balance’ in justices based on the party of the nominating president.  What it does say is that it is the obligation of the president to appoint justices to the court.  So, Donald Trump is still the president and is therefore fully within his right AND with precedent to have nominated Justice Barrett.

Look, I think we can all see what’s going on here.  This blowhard, Booker, is just setting up an excuse for the further defiling of our Constitution and our Republic in a blatant and unethical power grab.  Not hard to understand. These Democrats are disgusting, power hungry, liars.  They should be careful as to what they consider because, as we have seen, there will be Hell to pay.  And it is my fervent hope that all of the treachery that we have seen coming from them for the last four years has now fully awakened an angry giant who is about to make its presence known.

Democrats speak of some “injustice” that has been done, which implies some sort of violation of the law.  But what law is it that was supposedly violated?  That, Booker doesn’t seem able to tell us.  But then none of the Democrat can tell us, for the very simple reason that no law was violated.  And when he speaks of the process being “illegitimate” Booker implies there was some violation of the Constitution.  But again, exactly what part of the Constitution was violated?  Neither can Booker tell us that! That’s only because no law has been broken nor has the Constitution been violated!

And why is it that whenever the Democrats are not in-charge, the Senate is said to be somehow “broken?”  Or to use Booker’s own words it is “deeply wounded and injured. It’s not dead, but it is deeply wounded and injured.”  And just who was it that changed the rules?  Can you say ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid?  He was the guy who apparently thought Democrats would have a majority forever and he would be able to bully through all manner of progressive garbage, he changed the rules and then they lost the Senate and have been complaining ever since!  They brought it on themselves!

And so riddle me this, if President Trump does win re-election, and the Republicans do keep control of the Senate, what’s to stop them from packing the Court with conservatives?  I mean, if the Democrats can threaten to do it, why not us?  I’m so tired of those on our side simply trying to play nice while those on the other side behave as little more than a bunch of assholes!  The confirmation of Justice Barrett was a thing to behold.  But I must be honest, I was never sure it was going to happen until the vote had been taken and it was official and the heads on the left exploded.  

And finally it was someone much smarter than myself who recently made the following points:

“Donald Trump did not set the tone of the Robert Bork hearings. Trump did not set the tone of the Clarence Thomas hearings. Hundreds of conservatives did not disrupt the hearings when Barack Obama nominated Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. Nor do conservatives shout down speakers and assault innocent people attending public rallies. Conservatives do not protest our police officers or attempt to thwart the duly enacted laws of this country. Conservatives were not the ones in the streets in the 1960s, and they are not the ones violently ‘occupying’ the streets today.”

And they then went on to say, “There are valid reasons why nearly 60% of Americans fear left-wing violence. It is the Left, not Donald Trump, that has taken America to the brink of anarchy.  Electing more left-wing extremists to Congress this November is definitely not the prescription for what ails America today.  Can you imagine a Congress dominated by Cory Bookers?  That thought should compel every conservative to vote this November.”  Look, we all know what it is that we must do if we want our country to survive.  And it is not to vote for ANY Democrat!  Yes, it is that simple!!

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