When was the last time anyone heard from any Democrat, during any election cycle, anything other than a laundry list of reasons why one should vote AGAINST the Republicans but never a list of reasons why one SHOULD actually vote FOR the Democrats?  And yet the millions of simpletons among us march right out to the polls and vote for these same Democrats who seek nothing other than the power to control every aspect of our lives.  And what does it say about someone when they purposely work to convince folks of their own race to vote for those who want nothing more than to permanently enslave them to a political party that both what’s to keep them forever in poverty and is also busy killing them at the rate of 1000 every day.

All of which brings me to ‘Racist Jimmy’ Clyburn, Democrat, who told us just this past Tuesday, during an appearance on CNN’s “Andy Cooper 360”, that President Trump is “not a good person.”  ‘Racist Jimmy’ claimed his disdain for “African-American women” proved it.  In a clip from Fox News, Trump adviser Jared Kushner said, “One thing we have seen in the black community which is mostly Democrats, is that President Trump’s policies are the policies can help people breaking out the problems they complain about.  He can’t want them to be successful more than they want to be successful.”  ‘Racist Jimmy’ is a leech, a leper to America and a liar … apart from that he strikes me as your garden variety low IQ southern black racist.

‘Racist Jimmy’ said, “I want Jared Kushner to know, I think I got a pretty good idea what’s best for me and my children. I can tell you this — it ain’t in the policies of Donald Trump. I am hearing all these numbers they’re coming out with, telling they are expecting to get 20% of black votes. I want to see a black man who can tell me they can reconcile President Donald Trump looking into the camera speaking into a mic and calling an African-American woman a dog. Tell me how you reconcile that. Tell me how you reconcile this president calling the first African-American woman, Asian-America woman be on a major party ticket, and he called her a monster, and you are going to vote for him?”  All I can say to that is, if the shoe fits…

‘Racist Jimmy’ then proceeded to say, “I am the father of three African-American women. I am the son of an African-American woman. I can’t abide those kinds of insults coming from Donald Trump. I cannot abide the insults coming from Jared Kushner telling me he knows what’s best for me.”  After playing a clip of President Trump mispronouncing Kamala Harris’s name, Copper said, “It is like a fourth-grade kid making fun at each other, mispronouncing their names. It is so juvenile, and of course, it is something he’s targeting women of African-American descent. He’s targeting a black woman in America.”  Actually, what’s so juvenile is all of the racist drivel that we continue to hear from pathetic leftwing losers, like Jimmy.

Anyway, Jimmy said, “You are being very kind to elevate him to the fourth grade that is kindergarten stuff. That’s his mindset. He has a low regard for African-American women. He disrespects women. He disdains African-American women. I really feel that the goodness of this country is what’s on the ballot.”  He added, “This campaign is about restoring America’s goodness so we can maintain America’s greatness. Donald Trump is not a good person.”  It’s little more than comic relief whenever some liberal goes on television using words that they have no idea the meaning of.  Where would they be without their teleprompters and someone close enough to help interpret the message and to help them pronounce those really, really big words?

So I’m thinking that what we really had here was nothing more than yet another obvious attempt perpetrated by he who is really nothing more than Nancy’s Stooge, whose job is to fool the truly gullible who buy his drivel.  The fact that President Trump treats everyone EQUALLY is what really bothers those like ‘Racist Jimmy.’  It’s as if he thinks that Black women should be treated BETTER than anyone else, based upon their race and gender.  Which, or so you would think, could be considered as being both racist, and sexist.  Personally, it would seem pretty clear that it’s men like Jimmy who are the ones who have such disdain for black women.  Perhaps that’s why he remains such an enthusiastic supporter of Planned Parenthood?   

Look, this racist old dolt, along with every other member of that racist bunch of bigots referred to as the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), are nothing other than a bunch of 21st century plantation overseers, doing their best to keep blacks firmly in place right there on those inner city plantations.  And if you don’t know that, then you ain’t black!  And who maintains a very firm grip over those inner city plantations?  Well it sure ain’t the Grand old party of Donald J. Trump.  That you can take to the bank!  It’s the very same Democrat Party of which ‘Little Jimmy’ is a very proud member!  There does not need to be these inner city plantations, there’s no need for them.  But apparently many in the hood love the hood and that way of life.

So ‘Racist Jimmy’ is heard once again lying to black folks in what is nothing more than an attempt to scare them into doing the bidding of his white massas.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Jimmy’s great grandpa once sold out other blacks on the plantations, and his great, great, great grandpa was likely one of those back in the old homeland selling blacks into slavery.  Jimmy sure do jump high when ‘Creepy Joe’ comes a whistlin’.  Jimmy spew racial slurs, because he lacks the intelligence to debate the real issues.  He’s another of those who work to keep blacks down, not President Trump nor the Republicans, because he needs the racial strife as a campaign issue. All these years in Congress and what has he accomplished?  Absolutely nothing!!

Jimmy really should quit peddling all of his racism crap.  If he was honest he’d admit that, yes, Donald Trump has done more to actually benefit the black community in four years than Jimmy’s hero, and our first black president, managed to do in eight years.  It’s called creating a bona fide economic recovery and real job growth.  Not whatever it was that ‘BO’ had going before leaving office.  And as far as Harris being the first ‘black’ woman on a major party ticket, I’d say that’s up for debate.  Granted she is at least part black, no doubt, but you’ll remember that she also claimed to be Asian American, Indian, when she won her seat in the Senate.  So apparently she’s whatever she feels she must be in order to garner the most votes.  

And look, President Trump was speaking of Harris, the person, not about all black women everywhere, and Jimmy is very well aware of this, but this is what this stooge does.  And let’s be honest here, all claims of racism aside, Harris IS a monster and her record as D.A. of San Francisco quite literally proves that.  And it’s Harris’ rather checkered prosecutorial history, much like ‘Creepy Joe’s questionable legislative history, that ended up hurting a great many black people.  She would harm them even more if her imbecilic policy positions were ever allowed to become a reality.  Maybe you should be looking at that rather than at her skin color, Jimmy.  It would be a good habit to get into.   But then what’s the point in that, right Jimmy? 

Is it the historic unemployment numbers for Black Americans that led Jimmy to say of President that “He’s not a good person?”  It’s not that Harris is black, or half black, nor even that she’s a women.  It’s the fact that she simply SUCKS as a human being and is obviously nothing more than another of our run-of-the-mill corrupt politicians!  There is absolutely nothing special about her other than the apparent ease with which she seems to be quite willing to get on her knees, or her back, if only with the proper incentive.  Race and gender have nothing to do with it, screwing her way to the top and then screwing other people in order to stay there, that’s the problem!  And if she’s not wanting that to be talked about, she’s in the wrong line of work!

And I can’t help but wonder if there will EVER come a day when blacks in America finally wake up and realize just how badly they have essentially been played by the Democrats and also how it was that those like Jimmy not only allowed it to happen but were also pretty active participants.  And will it be too late to do anything about it once they do wake up?  I mean more and more blacks are slowly starting to come to their senses but it’s still so many more who seem to be quite content with the manner in which they are treated by the Democrats and who still look upon those like Jimmy as being someone whom they can trust and who has their best interests at heart.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  And that’s what is just so sad.

Besides being a racist, might we also argue that perhaps Jimmy is also be a bit of a cultural appropriator. How dare him refer to Harris as being African-American. Jimmy has to know that Harris is of Jamaican-Indian descent. The closest tie to Africa in Harris’ history is the fact, according to her father, that her ancestors practiced buying and selling slaves from Africa.  Jimmy is simply practicing cultural appropriation by identifying Harris as an African-American in hopes that other African-Americans will simply vote according to the perceived race of the candidate.  Harris has closer ties to the African slave trade than does 99% of the American citizens that she claims owes reparations for what happened in this country centuries ago.

And let’s be honest here, shall we Jimmy?  After all it’s Jimmy himself who has reaped, and continues to reap, the benefit of being black courtesy of the fact that his congressional district, like so many other districts in so many other states, is little more than a cutout of an area populated predominately by blacks. If they want to claim systemic racism, aren’t these ‘cutouts’ racism in itself?  Equality usually means competing on a level field, but it seems, to the Democrat, a level playing field is inherently tilted in their favor and black Americans still can’t make it without government help.  When will the black community shed the overcoat of such assistance and stand on their own, and kick racists like Clyburn to the curb?

President Trump insults everyone, and to suggest that some people should be entitled to ‘special’ treatment because of their ‘special’ status is, itself, a kind of racism. When you do that, you suggest that Harris is not the equal of everyone else President Trump insults, that she should somehow be treated more carefully because she’s not as capable of handling it by virtue of her race.  If she wants to play in the big leagues that she needs to expect to take a few hits just like everyone else.  And as I mentioned earlier, if she has a problem with that then perhaps she’s in the wrong line if work. I’d like to see how well she would be able to handle the barrage of insults that President Trump has had to deal with for four years.  And it bothers him not!


  1. Anyone taking a cursory glance at the involvement of black LIES matter in riots, arson, looting and murder cannot be blamed for thinking the knee grow is a huge liability to the USA. That is unless of course, they are conservative. Leftist knee grows wear their negritude on their left snotty sleeve and their fake victimhood/perpetual fake victimhood on their right ragged one.


  2. To the best of my knowledge it was Mr jiveing janguls jimmy commie clyburn whom calling for ” not missing the opportunity to radically transform ” both the constitution and the due process cause . In fact the pajoritve and malovent phrase ” people of color” disqualifies christians and Jewish whites of dignity


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