Let me just say, that there is no one who makes the case that we should never EVER vote for Democrats, better than do the Democrats themselves!  And the most recent example of that is how they ALL behaved like spoiled brats through the entire process during which Judge Barrett transitioned to Justice Barrett.  I mean, are these people really the responsible adults that we all want, or need, to have in charge of running our country?  Do they really think that we’re all THAT stupid?  Granted, most of those who chose to routinely vote for Democrats aren’t exactly known for their intelligence just as, and very obviously so, are the many politician who run as Democrats.

So what makes me ask the question is that during Monday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” it was Democrat Senator Chris Coons who said that there should be a “wide-open conversation” on rebalancing the courts, including the circuit and district courts, where there are “hundreds” of judges who should not “be allowed to sit peaceably without our re-examining the process, the results, and the consequences.”   So I’m guessing that, like most Democrats, Coons’ understanding of the Constitution is pretty thin, if he has an understanding of it at all.  But then also, like most Democrats, Coons likely views our Constitution as being etched in Jell-O.

Coons said, “[W]e’ve got to have a wide-open conversation about how do we rebalance our courts. Yes, the two Supreme Court [seats] that have been stolen through these processes that are just wildly hypocritical have been used to jam through partisan nominees. But we’ve got to look at our federal courts as a whole, Rachel. Because we’ve seen hundreds of conservative judges put on circuit courts and district courts all over this country in the last four years, in many cases, too young, too unqualified, and too far right to be allowed to sit peaceably without our re-examining the process, the results, and the consequences.”

The only reason there were so many judges available for President Trump to seat is because his predecessor, ‘BO’, never got around to fill them as he was far too busy wreaking all manner of other havoc upon the country and, anyway, Hitlery would be there to fill them once she was ‘elected.’  Oops!  If Coons wants to lay blame, anywhere, he needs to focus all of his attention in the direction it belongs, at ‘BO’. Oh wait he’s a Democrat and Democrats never, EVER, take responsibility for their own actions.  Taking responsibility of one’s actions, well that’s just for “chumps!”  These people are disgusting, and those who continue to vote for them, are morons.

And dare I ask what, exactly, it is that Coons means when he says, “not allowed to sit peaceably?”  I mean, is he openly threatening the safety, the security, or the ability of the lower court judges to sit on the bench and to perform their duties or is he, once again, being little more than your typical leftwing blowhard out to gain for himself a little attention from the ‘fake news’ dopes all in the hopes of not losing his next reelection?  It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference, but it would seem to me that threatening the safety and security of the sitting judges would land someone like you or me in jail.  But apparently those like Coons have a ‘Get outta Jail Free’ card?    

And why is it that whenever the Republicans play by the rules, and actually win, the inevitable Democrat response is always to demand that the rules be changed?  Democrats feel that they should be able to win all of the time because, as they see it, it’s their cause that is simply more just than that of their opposition.   But in truth Democrats are all about power and they feel it is their right be in total control of everything.  They want be able to control every facet of American life because it is they who know best.  And yet it’s time after time that they make it painfully obvious that they don’t.  Everything they touch almost immediately turns to shit!

And why is it suddenly that the court can be said to be unbalanced, or out of whack, or unfair?  Because the Democrats aren’t winning elections and therefore are unable to Constitutionally nominate judges, then the whole damn system needs to be torn down?  Or maybe, to use language Democrats better understand, is it in need of being burned down?  They are the ones out of step with America, along with the useful idiots who enable Democrats to acquire the power that they seek.  Democrats have become a violent, tyrannical party and in so doing have become the most dangerous threat America now faces.  Not ‘climate change’ and not white supremacy.

The Democrats have used the circuit courts to legislate for decades. They would pay groups to sue our government and purposefully lose so they could say one thing to the people, then throw their hands up in the air when they got what they wanted through the courts telling the people what else could they do. Now that the courts are following the Constitution the Democrats are unhappy because they must actually pass laws that do not stomp on the Constitutional rights of the citizens. The people can hold their elected officials accountable and the courts can protect the citizens of this country according to the Constitution. No wonder Democrats are so angry.

It’s now in just one week that every freedom loving, patriotic American must make sure that we do everything that we can to make sure we rid ourselves of as many of those Democrats who continue to say one thing and mean something very different.  And those who view the Judiciary not as another separate but equal branch of our government but instead as something meant to be bastardized in such a way as to allow them to get what they want and to force their liberal, unconstitutional policies down our throats instead of being forced to go through the normal legislative process as intended by those who first brought this great country into being. 

So what continues to have Democrats, like Coons, so wrapped around the axil, is that none of this was ever supposed to happen.  Instead, we were to continue down the path that ‘BO’ had set us on, led by none other than Hitlery.  Our economy was to continue ‘growing’ at 1 percent annually, wages were to do nothing but to continue to stagnate, we were to become increasingly dependent on countries who hate us for our ever more costly energy needs, we were to continue to send your young off to die in pointlessly wars and we were to go broke in an effort to combat bogus ‘climate change.’  But instead, Donald Trump won, and with God’s help he will win again!!!


  1. The damnocraps have always been leftist lying criminals and dangers to all that is good. The media liars support the dimocraps and cover for their incompetency and corruption. They are the party from hell.


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