When it comes to being delusional, no one can hold a candle to she who has now failed twice in her bid to become our first female president.  And it was she who recently admitted that she has frequently thought about how she would have handled the coronavirus pandemic so much better than has President Trump.  Yes, it was Hitlery who commented about the issue during a recent interview with New York Times ‘opinion’ writer Kara Swisher, one that previewed for Axios this past Sunday.

Swisher asked Hitlery if she felt that a woman president would have handled the virus better.  Hitlery replied, “I have no doubt, especially if it were me.”  Before going on to say, “I have no doubt. I mean, I was born for that.”  Oddly enough, the New York Times had published the argument in May that female leaders New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen were handing the virus much better than the male leaders were.

Hitlery, long a big admirer of Dr. Anthony Fauci going back to even before the ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic came upon us, would have very likely featured him, and very prominently so, in what would have been her likely response to the virus.  And it was also during this interview that she let her feelings be known regarding the man who last defeated her.  Obviously she has yet to move beyond her humiliating defeat. She said, “I can’t entertain the idea of him winning, so let’s just preface it by that.” 

And she went on to add, “Well, because it makes me literally sick to my stomach to think that we’d have four more years of this abuse and destruction of our institutions, and damaging of our norms and our values, and lessening of our leadership, and the list goes on.”  Asked if she felt any “fear” that President Trump would target her legally should he be reelected and Hitlery said, “There’s no doubt that he would do everything he could to attack and punish anyone who was, in his view, an adversary.”

And she continued by saying, “And he would be aided and abetted, sadly, by both elected and appointed officials.”  Hitlery said, “So, of course, one of the most important accomplishments that I hope we see in this election is a Democratic Senate, where that would be the check that we would need against further abuse of power.”  Hitlery accusing anyone of abuse of power is absolutely laughable.  There was no one more guilty of that than both herself as well as her former boss, ‘BO’!

And according to Hitlery, President Trump “lives with this specter of illegitimacy” over the 2016 election, which she lost.  She said, “I don’t think he has any boundaries at all, Kara.”  And she said, “I don’t think he has any conscience. He’s obviously not a moral, truthful man. So he will do whatever he can to lift himself up. And remember, as I said, he lives with this specter of illegitimacy. He knows more about how he got really elected than we still do. Hopefully, we’ll learn more in the years ahead.”

Look, we’ve been forced to contend with this woman now for nearly 30 years, and it has been during that period of time that we have all grown painfully accustomed to exactly what it is that she is as both a politician and a human being, and really even as a wife.  And there is nothing in that long painful history that would seem to indicate that she would have handled the ‘Chinese virus’ in anything other than a way that would have much, much worse than how President Trump has handled it.

And quite frankly, what makes ME “sick to my stomach” is how Hitlery, and every other Democrat, cares so very little about this country that they would push as their candidate for president a man who is so very obviously more than a few brinks short of a load.  And for no other reason than because they see him as their vessel back to power.  Because that’s what this is truly all about.  She was not supposed to lose in 2016 and here we are four years later and she has yet to get over that she did lose.

Look, neither Hitlery, nor any other Democrat, gives a squat about how many Americans have died because of this virus.  Frankly, if she had had her way many more Americans would have likely been made to die.  But because of President Trump’s quick response the potential death toll was very significantly reduced, and it’s THAT that really has the Democrats’, including Hitlery’s, panties in such a bunch.  And we have Democrat’s in their own words, on videotape making that all very clear.     

Hitlery’s rather checkered history as it relates to healthcare is far from comforting. President Trump chose to act quickly when he learned of the virus.  And it was the Democrats, including Hitlery, who chastised the president for blaming who it was that was most responsible, China and the World Health Organization (WHO), both of whom downplayed this virus until it exploded in China and spread worldwide.  And Hitlery would have never confronted either of these entities regarding their recklessness.

And why is it that we should believe Hitlery when she says she would have acted any differently than those Democrats who essentially did nothing more than to tell the American people that there was absolutely nothing to worry about with this virus?  That and to call President Trump a racist and xenophobe for taking the immediate actions that he did.  Oh ya, Hitlery would have done a much better job and the number of dead Americans would now likely be rapidly approaching 1,000,000.

If there is any area in which Democrats can be said to excel, it would be in the area of death.  I mean, can anyone name one Democrat who opposes the murdering of the unborn or who sees something fundamentally barbaric about the fact that 60 million babies have been killed in the last 47 years.  So why is it that Hitlery would likely have taken ANY actions regarding the ‘Chinese virus’ that would have resulted in anything other than to escalate the death toll.  I mean, it only stands to reason!   

I will never understand this type of criticism, especially from certain politicians or those in the ‘fake news’ media who have zero medical training.  The President is not a medical doctor.  He immediately shut down travel from the country of origin and called in the presumedly best experts this nation had to form a task force to best deal with a novel virus causing a pandemic. He made resources and funding available to the states to treat patients.  What more could he have done?  Absolutely nothing!

Even with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight, this is getting downright ridiculous. All these so-called experts keep saying how they would have done things differently had THEY been in charge.  And I have not yet heard anything in the way of concrete measures from any of these political naysayers who would have done anything different than the president despite having the benefit of that hindsight. I consider anyone who uses the health of others to score cheap political points, to be an enemy of the people.

Hitlery speaks of concern over the “destruction of our institutions,” when destruction seems to be the sole purview of the left.  Destruction of our history, abolishing law enforcement, destroying our sovereignty with open immigration, burning and looting our cities, abolishing prisons, perverting our justice system, shunning law and order, packing the Supreme Court, ripping up the Bill of Rights to curb free speech and abolish gun ownership, devaluing the nuclear family, butchering babies and more!

In truth, had it been Hitlery who was President, and not Donald Trump, during this pandemic, the White House would have likely stopped, all together, the reporting of COVID cases only a few months in and stopped all testing before then going on to claim that it was pointless because we already knew there was a pandemic, just like ‘BO’ did during the days of H1N1.  Democrats would have covered up the deaths in their states, and buried the nursing home nightmare like Andrew Cuomo created.

As well Democrats would also have likely mandated the wearing of masks, likely under threat of imprisonment; people would have been imprisoned in their homes, under threat of punishment; peoples’ power and water would have been shut off for failure to comply with the dictates of government.  This is what Hitlery was born to do!  Trust me when I say we should that our God above that it WAS Donald Trump who was our president and NOT Hitlery.  That would have been a true nightmare scenario!

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