And so, it was during what was billed as the “post-presidential debate coverage” on Fox Business News that those tuned in got to hear, within minutes of the debate ending, one of the network’s many ‘NeverTrumpers,’ Neil Cavuto, come rushing to make excuses for ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.  Sometimes I wonder if there might be some sort of competition going on over at Fox to see who it is that can be seen as being the biggest ‘Trump Hater.’  Right now I’d say that it’s pretty much of a tossup between Cavuto and Wallace.  But there are several others who are also in the running.

But, the focus here is going to be on Cavuto who, on Thursday night, again during Fox Business Network’s post-presidential debate coverage, took the opportunity to react to ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s rather bold declaration about getting rid of fossil fuels.  The comment that seemed draw Cavuto’s attention was when ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “I would transition from the oil industry, yes.”  And it was our old Trump-hating buddy Cavuto who likened ‘Creepy Joe’s comment to what was then considered as being a gaffe committed by Gerald Ford back in a 1976 presidential debate with Jimmy Carter.

Cavuto said, “That’s what they call an unforced error, folks.”  Before then going on to say, “I don’t know if that was his intention, but that sounds very familiar to me. The goof that Gerald Ford made in the 1976 debate with Jimmy Carter when he famously said Eastern Europe was not under any Soviet aggression or oversight. Gerald Ford lost the debate that night, and many argued that he lost what was a closing race for him when the numbers were looking good because of that comment, that the Soviets had no dominating influence over Eastern Europe.”  Which was no small faux pas.

And it was our buddy Cavuto who continued by saying, “This is a very different beast, I grant you.”  Cavuto added, “But over the debate over fracking and whether he’s for or against it, he says on public lands. I’m against it. I’m for it on private lands. But to go the extra step of saying, you know, eventually close down the oil industry, I’m sure he would want to take back or at least clarify that remark tomorrow.”   ”Clarify,” Cavuto?  It all sounded pretty clear to me.  From the many earlier statements made by both ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ it’s clear they want to shut down the oil industry.

Cavuto is another one of those at Fox News who chose to willingly surrender what little credibility they may have once had, in what has been a continuing effort by the network to do damage to this president. However, the low IQ voters that he, and those like him, most likely appeal to don’t really care what the truth is.  And despite Cavuto’s attempt to portray it as such, ‘Creepy Joe’s comment was far from being any sort of an error on his part.  Instead, it was actually one of the very few true statements that was made by ‘Creepy Joe’ throughout the entire debate.

Now while I am not, by any means, an expert on sports analogies, isn’t an “unforced error” something that one makes quite unintentionally?  Which would make this supposed error anything but “unforced” as ‘Creepy Joe’ has, in fact, made this very same ‘error’ numerous times before on those rare occasions when he has actually ventured out of his basement headquarters and out onto the campaign trail.  So once again we have Cavuto acting as nothing other than the ‘Creepy Joe’ sycophant that we all know him to be.  He’s another of Fox News’ true Biden butt-swabs.

It’s obvious that ‘Creepy Joe and the Ho’ would love nothing better than to put this country back to where we would once again be at the mercy of the world’s oil producers, most of whom are hostile to this country.  President Trump has made us energy independent, something else that the great ‘BO’ once said could NEVER be achieved.  It’s a national security issue, and therefore is low on the list of Democrat priorities.  President Trump wants wind, solar, hydroelectric too, but realizes right now they can’t provide near the amount of energy that we need as a nation. 

And maybe I’m just being a little suspicious here, but it all sounds just a little bit too much like Venezuela to me.  Another one of those places that’s always being touted by so many on the left as being another socialist paradise.  But it also happens to be a place where they have massive oil reserves, still in the ground, with nary a drop of gasoline at the gas stations.  And whether it was “unforced” or a bit of honesty on his part, it certainly wasn’t very bright to risk losing millions of voters in the oil patch.  But then ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden has never been one known for being particularly bright.

And let’s be real, any American who doesn’t know by now that signing on to the ‘Paris Agreement’ would result in a huge wealth transfer from the U.S. to China shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  Any American who doesn’t know by now that terrible trade agreements like NAFTA (and the TPP, a bullet that Trump shielded America from) inevitably result in massive numbers of American jobs relocating to China, shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  And any American who doesn’t realize by now that the Democrats plan to end the use of fossil fuels, also shouldn’t be allowed to vote. 

And it’s always amusing watching these twits attempt to spin the narrative for their champion when he sticks his, or her, foot in his, or her, mouth.  But the sad reality here is that contrary to what this fool Cavuto would have us all believe, this was no ‘error,’ unforced or otherwise, on the part of ‘Creepy Joe’.  And while you can certainly call into question ‘Creepy Joe’s mental stability, it was in making this specific comment that he said exactly what he meant to say.  He has also said that he would throw oil executives into prison for environmental crimes against humanity.

Look, the intent here is to force us into paying for enormously expensive, ‘renewable’ energy.  So who is it that’s in favor of going back to 4, or more, dollar a gallon gasoline or would like to fork over a grand, or more, every month just to heat and/or cool your home?  If so, then just vote for ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ and you will definitely get your wish.  And if, God forbid, these two loons do win, my friends, it will then be up to us whether we get to heat/cool your home, get to buy food or get to buy needed medicine.  We just won’t be able to do them all in the same month!


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