You know, every time I hear some Democrat speaking about “our” values, I kinda get this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  You know the one, that one you get just before you…puke.  We all need to be more than a bit wary when our politicians, especially Democrat politicians, start throwing around the word “our!”  Because who it is that he, or she, includes in “us” or “our” is not your average American citizen! Nope!  Whenever a Democrat speaks of “our” country, “our” children, “our” values, or “our” priorities, they mean “our” as in “belonging to us, the Democrat Party!”

And such was the case yet again just this past Wednesday when ex-president ‘BO’, on Wednesday, chose to berate President Trump at a campaign stop for his former vice president, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.  It was then that ‘BO’, when arguing that ‘Creepy Joe’ and his running mate, ‘The Ho’, could lead the country out of “dark times,” said, “We need to reclaim our values.”  ‘BO’ also criticized President Trump’s character, citing the angry messages on Twitter and the personal attacks against his rivals.  ‘BO’ must not remember, as the rest of us do, his own many angry, and very personal, attacks!

‘BO’ noted that Americans would not tolerate President Trump’s behavior from a high school principal or a coach, but perhaps only from a “crazy uncle” in someone’s family.  He said, “That’s not normal presidential behavior.”  And he went on to ask in faux disbelief, “Why would we accept this from the President of the United States and why are folks making excuses for that?”  So I’m guessing that if President Trump were instead to threaten to use his phone and his pen, that WOULD be seen as being acceptable “presidential behavior?”  Right, and ‘BO’ was ever so ‘presidential!’

‘BO’ said that the president’s behavior only serves to embolden the negative forces in the country.  He said, “There are consequences to these actions. They embolden other people to be cruel and divisive and racist.”  And he claimed, “I will tell you one thing, four years ago, he would be tailgating here at the lake instead of watching the speech from your cars.”  But it struck me as rather odd that ‘BO’ was heard describing President Trump as if he was talking about himself when speaking of the president’s actions encouraging other people to be “cruel and divisive and racist.” 

‘BO’ took the stage taunting President Trump for joking about having to work hard for reelection due to the coronavirus pandemic.  ‘BO’ said, “The president spent some time in Erie last night and apparently he complained about having to travel here and he cut the event short.”  And he added, “Poor guy. I don’t feel that way; I love coming to Pennsylvania.”  Right, the guy who spends the vast majority of his time in Washington, DC or at his newly purchased $11.75 million home in Martha’s Vineyard, just loves getting out amongst those whom he considers as the unwashed masses.

‘BO’ said, “America is a good and decent place, but we’ve just seen so much noise and nonsense that sometimes it’s hard for us to remember.”  Right, and that America remains a good and decent place is in spite of, and not because of, what those like ‘BO’ insist upon turning it into.  And God forbid, should it be ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ who actually do win in November, the chances of this remaining a good and decent place will be rather significantly reduced.  I mean these two are about as crooked as they come and possess no real desire to keep America neither good nor decent.

And also, as expected, ‘BO’ criticized President Trump for his response to the coronavirus pandemic.  He said, “This idea that somehow this White House has done anything but completely screw this up is just not true.”  Which I thought was more than a little odd especially coming from the very same guy who not only monumentally screwed things up during the H1N1 outbreak, but also never saw fit to replenish the stockpile of N95 respirator masks after the outbreak was over, leaving that to whomever would come after him.  This guy is such a loser on so many levels.

‘BO’ also compared South Korea and Canada’s response to that of the United States, praising their governments for handling the response to the coronavirus differently. ‘BO’ said, “Donald Trump isn’t suddenly going to protect all of us. He can’t even take the basic steps to protect himself.”  And of course ‘BO’ accused President Trump of “screwing up” testing, calling scientists “idiots,” and he criticized Trump for hosting a “super spreader event” at the White House.  But again, coming from a guy who did nothing but to make things worse for eight years it means absolutely nothing!

And in sounding as crazy as many of those who have already come out to prop up ‘Creepy Joe’, ‘BO’ also claimed that his economic record was far better than that of President Trump, actually going so far as to accuse the president of making the economy worse.  ‘BO’ said, “Just like everything else he inherited, he messed it up.” Some of ‘BO’s attacks were predictable, criticizing President Trump for trying to repeal Obamacare and arguing that he only supported tax cuts for billionaires, but the ex-president also leveled several misleading political attacks against President Trump.

‘BO’ repeated the debunked story that President Trump called soldiers “suckers” and “losers.”  He also taunted President Trump for having a “secret bank account” in China, even though it’s a requirement for doing business in China.  But overall, ‘BO’ seemed to focus on a moral argument for Americans to vote out President Trump, urging his supporters to not trust the polls that showed ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden winning. ‘BO’ said, “We need to get those values back at the center of our public life.”  And he added, “And we can, but to do it we’ve got to turn out like never before.” 

So what we really had on display here was the most corrupt President in our history actually having the gonads to bring up the subject of values.  Pretty ballsy coming from a guy who had two crooked Secretaries of State, a crooked vice president, an ambassador who illegally unmasked over 100 citizens, and a Communist Party voter in charge of the CIA, all while claiming to have headed up the most scandal free administration in history.  Apparently, he must think that many of us were paying as much attention to his many antics as were so many in the ‘fake news’ media were.    

‘BO’ tells his supporters that the way a president speaks is more important than what he delivers.  It worked for him.  Stealthily dividing our country, all the while accusing others of doing it.  But many of us still saw through his tactics.  He was clearly the worst president in my lifetime, guilty of the worst sin of all, tearing Americans apart.  And here he is, doing it yet again! He’s promising the darkness will end but only if Americans would vote for his party.  The wanton ineptitude I could live with, as I did Jimmy Carter.  ‘BO’ was not inept in what he did.  It was deliberate.  All of it!

Nobody really gives a rat’s behind what ‘BO’ thinks.  He had eight years in office and accomplished absolutely nothing for the black community here in America. He failed them completely. He also worsened the racial climate in our country too, setting it back 50 years and we see a lot of the results of it in the BLM movement today. Nothing but cultural Marxist/Communist bull.  ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden is a corrupt politician who has been leeching off taxpayers for decades and accomplishing very little in return. I wouldn’t be betting the farm on the polls yet. Remember 2016?

And it’s in ‘BO’ that we have a guy who: Never ran a business, Never ran a city as mayor, Never ran a state as governor, Never introduced a major piece of legislation as a U.S. Senator and Never was tenured faculty at the University of Chicago.  What he was, was a lecturer. He was not an associate professor, an assistant professor or a full professor.  And he was mentored by someone who was a Communist Party USA member, a pornographer and a regular on the FBI watchlist, Frank Marshall Davis, who instilled HIS values in ‘BO’ and now he’s lecturing us on civics and morality? Seriously?

Despite all of the polls supposedly telling us that this election is going to be a cakewalk for old ‘Creepy Joe’ I can’t help but wonder if it’s just the opposite that’s true.  I mean, what is one supposed to think if ‘Creepy Joe’ now has to rely on ‘BO’ for help.  As far as I’m concerned ‘Creepy Joe’ might as well grab onto the anchor and jump overboard.  And if ‘BO’ is that good, why is ‘The Ho’ not appearing right along with him or, for that matter, anywhere else?  Because she’s nothing more than the chain that goes with that anchor all the way to the bottom of the ocean.

So nice of ‘BO’ to come back and remind us all of his many empty promises, how racism worsened under his watch, and of the violent destruction he brought to America all in his typical sarcastic manner that we’re all quite familiar with.  He nearly destroyed the nation, his ultimate objective, and belongs in jail for his treasonous role in the attempted coup against a sitting President.  He was, and continues to be, a complete disgrace.  And it’s anyone who can be convinced by this political thug into voting for ‘Creepy Joe’ that is someone who’s a moron.

‘BO’s values, and the left’s values, are not my values. Not to mention, as we have seen in the Democrat run cities, Democrats don’t seem to make neither good managers or administrators. I really don’t want a return to ‘BO’s eight years, the main reason Donald Trump was elected in 2016. If this country is to survive, conservative values must form the foundation. Protecting the country is needed now more than ever. The barbarians are at the gate.  Giving away the country is not the way to save our country for our future generations.  America must come first!!!

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