If the election of Donald J. Trump has shown us anything, it’s just how truly crazy those who so proudly call themselves Democrats are here in 2020.  I mean what sort of responsible political party behaves in the manner that we have continued to see coming from these pathetic individuals in the Democrat Party for over four years.  And what’s truly sad, is the fact that so many of their supporters seem to be crazy as they are, which only serves to encourage even more insane behavior.

Which brings me to Democrat ‘Little Dick’ Durbin’s and his latest silly appearance on CNN this past Tuesday on “The Lead” where he made the statement that if his party takes the majority in the November election, they will work restore “balance” to the courts in response to the Republican-controlled Senate confirming President Trump’s nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, to the Supreme Court.  Which, I would argue, prompts the question, how is it, exactly, that ‘Little Dick’ might define ‘balance?’

Anyway, it was ‘anchor’ Jake ‘The Fake’ Tapper who said, “If Barrett is confirmed as it looks like will happen, and Democrats win back the Senate, we don’t know if that is going to happen or not, but hypothetically, if that were to happen, would you vote to add to the number of justices on the Supreme Court?”  And ‘Little Dick’ responded saying, “I haven’t made up my mind on that issue. It’s a serious one. Very serious.”  Right, I’m quite sure that ‘Little Dick’ has yet to make up his mind.  Anyone buy that?  

‘Little Dick’ said, “I think the American people want balance on our federal courts, and for the last three and a half years, they have watched Senator McConnell load these courts up with right-wing ideologues. We need real balance if we want real justice.”  By “balance” ‘Little Dick’ likely means having a majority of liberal judges who rule in favor of the Democrats regardless of the constitutionality of the issue being decided enacting, by judicial fiat, policies that voters would never support.

Anyone who is the least bit familiar with this turd, ’Little Dick,’ no doubt realizes that his claim to be only interested in “real justice” is likely a pretty dishonest one, or at least a bit disingenuous.  And it would be to anyone who actually believes this lying sack of shit that I would love to sell some prime ocean front property I currently own in Arizona.  President Trump is simply doing what should have been done all along, seat judges who will NOT legislate from the bench as is the leftist preference.

While they may not agree, their current predicament regarding the courts is yet another issue where the Democrats have no one to blame but themselves.  It all goes back to 2016 when they were so confident that Hitlery was going to win, in fact there was no way she could possibly lose to Trump.  ‘BO’ left over 140 court vacancies with the express purpose of having Hitlery fill them.  But a funny thing happened on the way to Inauguration Day, it was Donald Trump who got sworn in as President.

Actually, it’s the Supreme Court that is currently ‘balanced’ with four Justices who follow the Constitution and four who … don’t.  And as we recently saw not much gets decided in “balanced” courts!  Hey, here’s an idea, how about all courts be 100% one sided, one sided in favor of the law and the Constitution.  Oops, never mind, I forgot about whom it was that I was speaking of, the Democrats.  And as we all know, Democrats have virtually no interest in the law or, even more so, our Constitution.

The American people, at least those who genuinely care about the rule of law, equal justice for all and the Constitution, want objective jurists on the court, not those jurists who are simply interested in being puppets of the Democrat Party.  Democrat leaders consider “balance” as ensuring they have enough judges unhinged from the law and willing to legislate from the bench that will then allow them to advance portions for their agenda they can’t advance through the proper legislative process.

So here’s a translation of what ‘Little Dick’ really means when he speaks of wanting “real justice.”  He means that Democrats will work to pack the courts, all of them.  Then it’s goodbye Second Amendment, goodbye free speech and freedom of religion. Goodbye Conservative talk radio. Goodbye energy independence. Goodbye private and charter schools.  Goodbye military flyovers and the military. Goodbye police. Does Durbin offer ANYTHING that makes America better, stronger or more prosperous? 

‘Little Dick’ Durbin is an idiot and liar. He’s just another career politician, who has been in Washington for nearly 40 years.  He is just another of those who continues to be part of the problem and another who offers no solutions other than political ones that always seem to benefit only his party not the country. If voters in Illinois were smart, which apparently very few are, they would kick this buffoon to the curb and vote in a person, with real life experiences, to represent them in the Senate.

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