So I ask you, when was the last time you heard any Democrat actually being opposed to the government giving away money?  Personally, it’s a practice that I never been in favor of but it would seem that those in charge are once again determined to do just that and all, once again, in the name of the ‘Chinese Virus’ and in the form of a ‘stimulus.’  But can we all agree that the best stimulus would be an across the board reopening of everything with zero exceptions?  But, unfortunately, that is not within the president’s power which leaves far too many Americans continuing to essentially be held hostage by either their Democrat governors, mayors or both.

And so, it was this past Tuesday, during one of his routine appearances on MSDNC’s “All In,” hosted by some dolt Chris Hayes, that Democrat Chuckie Schumer defended House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for holding out for a ‘Chinese virus’ relief package larger than the current proposal of the Trump administration.  It was during this recent exercise in stupidity that Hayes, in speaking to Chuckie, said, “I want to pivot to a policy matter that you may have to take up soon around some kind of rescue package. I will confess that I follow this minutely, and I’m deeply confused about the status of things. The president’s all over the place. Here’s how I understand it.”

And it was this dolt who went on to say, “The president is all over the place and doesn’t have the attention span to concentrate on this for more than five minutes. The Mitch McConnell’s caucus hates the idea of passing a big rescue bill. And the House wants one, but the thing I can’t quite understand is it seemed like there was a tentative deal at, say, 1.8 trillion dollars between the White House and Mnuchin and the Speaker. The Speaker was on CNN today, basically saying, like, no, it’s not good enough, and that strikes people as a little nuts. If that were the deal, wouldn’t you all take it?”  Actually, what’s a “little nuts” are these Democrats!

Chuckie said, “Well, the Speaker is right. First of all, the 1.8 is not really the 1.8 that meets America’s needs. As she said, it contains all sorts of giveaways so the president can just give away money and leaves out huge numbers of things that are needed to help people. The package that the House passed, first, the 3.4 trillion and then when they came down and did the 2.2 trillion, was designed at a bare minimum to meet America’s needs. The 1.8 doesn’t, not just because it’s 1.8 but because the language in it is far worse than what is in the 2.2 and just doesn’t meet America’s needs. Nancy is right to reject it. And they are just playing a game.”

And Chuckie then went on to say, “They’re trying to say a higher number than they originally were without actually changing any of the language.”  He added, “She had asked Mnuchin to give her language on these issues, on the testing issue, so vital in preventing the third Corona wave which you talked about. They don’t get any. And then at the same time, you have this going on. It depends on what day it is to know where Trump is at and where the Republicans are at. Trump today now says go big, and the Republican Senate says go very little or not at all. How do you negotiate?”  Democrats don’t want to negotiate, they want to make demands!

And Chuckie saying that President Trump merely wants to give away money is the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black. The entire Democrat playbook is based solely on welfare and handouts to keep low income voters reliant upon the Democrat Party.  Only morons, those people who want free money and who never want to have to work, actually vote for Democrats.  I work for every dollar the government steals from me, and I am sick of Democrats giving my money to those who feel they are too good to work. Now we have a situation where people want to work but can’t and Democrats are pissed because a Republican wants to help those folks.

Chuckie, Pelosi, as does every other Democrat, has no problem at all giving away the money earned by hardworking American’s to deadbeats and illegal immigrants, but can’t stand giving back to hardworking American’s some of their own money.  And if memory serves, but I am getting older and memory is the first thing to go, wasn’t it the Democrats who just a short time ago wanted to actually give away $3 Trillion at a minimum or they wouldn’t engage in negotiations to help the American Citizens?  Please correct me if I’m wrong.  Hopefully, the American people will not forget that the Democrats were and are the reason that the last stimulus idea failed.

What Chuckie is trying to say is the President actually wants to give money to those American’s actually suffering, whereas Democrats simply want nothing more than to bail out those torched cities that they themselves allowed to let burn with the promise of government funds to rebuild.  And let’s also not forget the idiotic notion of stimulus checks for illegals. There is no way to get around the insanity of these Democrats. They are like spoiled children who when they don’t get their way they have a fit expecting to get more.  President Trump wants to help with a stimulus package, just what do the Democrats want to do with a ‘stimulus’ package?

The priority for Democrats has never been the welfare of those Americans who have been the most adversely impacted by the ‘Chinese virus.’  What has been, and continues to be, MOST important to Democrats is the funding of abortions, funding of illegal immigrant health care, funding sanctuary cities, paying people to essentially vote Democrat and even paying people to riot in the streets and so many other things that the majority of the American people actually oppose.  To most rational, reasonably intelligent, people the Democrats are considered to have legitimately lost their minds as they continue to show their contempt for hardworking Americans.  

Democrats, for as long as I can remember, have always insisted upon having it both ways!  And while claiming to be the party of inclusion, diversity and acceptance, what they have continued to show themselves to be is nothing more than the party of hate, death and violence.  They see as their purpose to incite and to divide. The first amount demanded by Democrats in the way of a ‘stimulus’ package was outrageous and purposely so.  And now, with stripped down and much more targeted package, all that we have continued to hear from Chuckie, Pelosi and every other Democrat, is that they will refuse to agree to anything that might be perceived by American people as a win for President Trump.  It’s politics at its absolute worst.

Chuckie is pathetic. Pelosi only wants to be able to pay the debts of the Democrat governors who have helped destroy their own states and the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of their citizens rather than get money into the hands of those people who really need it.  She has had several opportunities to take a lower package, get checks into the hands of the people, falsely claim it was she who did that, then push for yet another package.  She won’t do that because it would be a concession to President Trump, and she would rather let thousands per week lose their job or to go without a paycheck before she’s willing to allow President Trump a win.

Chuckie and Pelosi have very purposely prevented more funding from helping those Americans impacted by the ‘Chinese virus’ for one reason and one reason only, to give a boost to ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ in their effort to defeat President Trump.  Neither deserve the privilege of holding elected office. They are both frauds of the highest order.  Those who comprise the Democrat Party have made it quite, for decades, that they care about nothing more than power and the devising of new and better ways to acquire it so they can then use that power to further destroy this country.  They are a disgusting breed and deserving of nothing more than to be shunned!

Pelosi wants billions of dollars to bailout those Democrat controlled states who are now having trouble covering the cost of their public pension plans. But their unfunded liabilities were a known problem long before the ‘Chinese virus’ came along.  Now I don’t know how many states have this same problem but the president has made very clear that he isn’t willing to bailout these states over mismanagement while they try to blame it on this pandemic.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have an unbiased media that would report the truth instead of spending all of its time providing cover for the Democrats and their ongoing effort to destroy America?

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