Now to start with, there is no way that I would ever, intentionally at least, want to provide any advice to the team of ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ when it comes to defeating President Trump.  But it would seem that we have those who comprised the last dynamic duo to go up against ‘The Donald’ now giving him some rather odd advice. We have one, Hitlery, who’s telling ‘Creepy Joe’ NOT to concede under any circumstances, and now we ‘Little Timmy’ Kaine is telling him NOT to answer the important questions, especially those dealing with packing the Supreme Court.

Appearing this past Monday on the Fox News Channel it was ‘Little Timmy’ who joined one of the growing number of resident ‘NeverTrumpers’ there at ‘Fox News,’ Bill Hemmer, and actually argued that ex-vice president and now current Democrat candidate for president, ‘Creepy Joe’ shouldn’t answer mounting questions from both the few in the ‘news’ media who bother to bring the subject up, or questions coming from the opposition, regarding whether or not he supports calls now coming from the radical left for packing the U.S Supreme Court because it’s “not his business.” 

Then whose business is it?  Democrats have already announced that the voters don’t need to know what is going on in THEIR government.  This miserable failure of both a U.S. Senator and as a candidate for vice president, ‘Little Timmy’ is certainly not worth listening to on any subject.  And it is as his party’s candidate for president that it certainly is his business.  It’s ‘Little Timmy,’ as well as ‘Creepy Joe’s many other surrogates, who are trying hard to divert attention away from this specific question because it will affect voters. That is not the leadership demanded of the President.

A partial transcript of the idiotic discussion that took place between these two is as follows:

Hemmer: Why won’t he answer that question?

Timmy: I haven’t asked him, but I have a pretty good idea: Because it’s not his business. The Constitution gives no power to the president or vice president to pack the court. I heard the Senator Ernst say he won’t pack the court. It’s not a presidential responsibility. Congress, according to Article I of the Constitution, sets the composition. So that’s why it’s not even a part of the campaign plan.

So I can only assume that ‘Little Timmy’ happens to be of the opinion that we should first elect ‘Creepy Joe’ BEFORE we start worrying about all of those things that he might actually do if he happens to get himself elected.  After all, there’s no sense worrying about things until we can do nothing about them, right?  Isn’t that the exact same thing that Pelosi told us about Obamacare, that the bill would first need to be made into law BEFORE we would actually know what was in it?  And wasn’t that a nice little surprise?  Anyone other than me lose their health insurance with that one?    

And I guess I never realized that not informing the American people of your positions or, as ‘Creepy Joe’ recently did, to tell them that your positions are none of their business, was really an option.  Apparently, it’s only an option for Democrats?  And according to ‘Little Timmy’, neither is it ‘Creepy Joe’s business as the Constitution gives no power to the president or vice president to pack the court. Since I am unable to follow ‘Little Timmy’s logic here, I can only say that it is MY business, as a voter, to know if he intends to alter the make up of the Supreme Court if he wins.

Who he would name to The Court, as well as issues of packing the court, the Electoral College, the ‘Green New Deal’ and Medicare for all, to name but a few, are all questions that MUST be answered.  Who in their right mind would ever vote for a candidate who refuses to answer such important questions?  And you would think that a U.S. Senator would know something about the Constitution. If the Congress decides to add a justice or two or three or four or five, it’s the President who would then either sign it or veto it.  So yes, ‘Creepy Joe’ must tell us what his views are.

And ask a Democrat a question about taxes and he, or she, will tell you they love the poor. Ask them about the military and they will say they want peace. Ask about job creation and they will speak of fairness and equal opportunity. What does that tell you?  Well, either that they don’t have a clue, or they simply don’t give a damn. It’s in ‘Little Timmy’ that we have one leftwing kook saying that another leftwing kook shouldn’t be forced to answer questions about what ‘might’ happen if he gets elected. Big Surprise?  Who knew that was possible? Ginsburg, Kagan, Sotomayor.

Wouldn’t it be something, and quite fitting, if it were Black men who helped save our constitutional Republic by reelecting Donald Trump?  The party of slavery, of failed urban schools, of failed cities, of failing families and of a failing culture will be stopped by a coalition of middle-class traditional whites, working women, Black men, Latinos, Hindu, Jews, Christians and Asians. The elite whites and the well retired Baby Boomers who have sold out the nation and have willfully buried their children and grandchildren in unsustainable debt- all for their own comfort… are finished.

Look, it think ‘Little Timmy’ would agree that if the Democrat Party were ever to be truly upfront about what it is that they stand for and what are their long term goals and strategies, they would likely lose every national election and in landslide fashion for the next 50 years.  And while we continue to hear, from Democrats of course, how it is that ‘Creepy Joe’ will somehow unite all Americans, it’s those very same long term goals and priorities that would prevent such a thing from EVER taking place if for no other reason than because ‘Creepy Joe’ has now moved so far to the left.

I mean how is it that ‘Creepy Joe’ will be able to bring Americans together when he supports things like: Open borders, Sanctuary cities, Defunding law enforcement, Packing the courts to legislate through judicial branch, doing away with fossil fuels, the throwing into prison the CEOs of both insurance and fossil fuel companies, and Abortion, essentially on demand, up to and even after the moment of delivery AND at taxpayer expense and more.  Are we to assume that he will somehow be able to magically convince us all to agree with his extreme positions on these key issues?

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