So it’s according to so many of our modern day Democrats that if you love your country, if you think it’s best country in the world and if you want to see every single American, regardless of their race, color, creed, gender or even their sexual orientation, to become the very best they can be, well then there just has to be something wrong with you.  Now while I am not myself a Democrat it is at this stage of my life that I have known quite a few, and I can say with some certainty, that it was not always this way.  It used to be that Democrats loved their country just as much as everyone else did.  But sadly, that seems to be no longer the case.

And so you may ask, how is it that I would come to know such a thing?  Well actually, it’s pretty easy, really.  You see, it’s like this.  There remains to this day a boob who wanders around from one ‘fake news’ show to the next, a guy still referred to by the moniker of…’Democrat strategist.’  That guy is James Carville, who on Thursday on MSDNC’s “All In” said that something is “really wrong” with President Trump.  He added that Nancy Pelosi was very much correct to forward with a bill to give Congress a role in determining whether the President of the United States must be removed from office because he’s incapable of doing his job under the 25th Amendment.

And in his attempt to somehow regain relevancy, Carville said, “You’re really starting to see separation with these Republican candidates from Trump. All along, people say when are they going to say something? Look, he wants to arrest Barack Obama. You know what that’s going to do to Lindsey Graham? Do you know what that will mean, African-American turnout and South Carolina? You know what that’s going to do for African-American turnout in Georgia or North Carolina? Donald Trump is not trying to win this race. He really isn’t. I have no idea who would give him money because the guy is just going all over the place on the debate, all over the place on the stimulus.”

And, of course, he continued by saying, “I think Speaker Pelosi has a point, that’s something really, really wrong with a politician who’s running for an election who’s not trying to win. And then you have this thing in Michigan. The last suburban woman leaving the Democratic party, please turn out the lights. Because we’re at that stage right now, I mean, I couldn’t imagine anything going worse than they’ve gone. This whole thing is just — we say down here, goat roguing, it really is.”  He went on to add, “The Democrats are going to drive this home so hard, and they better not take their foot off the gas. Just drive it home and get rid of all of them.”

The Russia-gate Hoax, impeachment Hoax, and now a 25th Amendment Hoax? The Democrats don’t want to beat Donald Trump democratically on policy arguments. They want to regime-change him, because ‘Creepy Joe’ made Socialist promises to Bernie in their 110-page ‘Unity Task Force’ document they know voters would reject. This is why we see ‘Joe and The Ho’ flipping and flopping on taxes, the ‘Green New Deal,’ fracking and defunding the police. This is why ‘Joe and The HO’ avoid challenging interviews, and those in the ‘fake news’ media continually provide cover for them. How many traditional Democrats realize their party has been infiltrated?

Now I must admit that I find it all quite remarkable, if not downright amazing, that there is actually anyone, regardless of their political affiliation, who still insists upon taking this crackpot Pelosi seriously, when she continues to demonstrate that she clearly isn’t all there.  Why does no news outlet point out the obvious?  That Pelosi is talking about something that has absolutely no chance of actually taking place. She is trying to pass legislation that would somehow allow Congress to designate another person or government agency that would initiate the temporary removal of the president, instead of the vice president and the Trump cabinet initiating the process.  

I mean let’s face it, you would have to be a complete moron, which arguably most Democrats are, to actually think that Pelosi could, first, get such a bill passed in the House before then sending it over to the Senate, thinking that it would have any chance of passing which, again, ain’t going to happen, before then landing on the president’s desk.  And who but someone who is a complete lunatic and delusional boob would think there would be any chance of the president signing it.  Oh yes, there is something definitely wrong with somebody, it’s just not President Trump.  It’s those currently afflicted with Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

All in all, Jimmy continues to prove himself to be more than a little pathetic.  I loved his line about, “He wants to arrest Barack Obama.”  He knows very well that it’s about ‘BO’s very active participation in the attempted Russia frame-up of Donald Trump.  It won’t happen, primarily because ‘BO’ is black, and for another reason he’s a Democrat.  But there’s nothing crazy about President Trump suggesting it.  It’s the same crap the ‘fake newsers’ used in 2016, when they said “Trump threatens to throw his political opponents in jail.”  They tried to make him out to be third world dictator, even though they knew he was talking about Hitlery’s illegal activities.

These people, such as Carville and of course Pelosi and any number of other Democrat loons, must think we’re all pretty stupid, and sadly it’s far too often that they are correct.  But, sadly for them, I do believe that more and more people are slowly coming to recognize that they are merely being played by these dishonest manipulators.  And, I think, that that just might include at least a few Democrat voters.  Now I’m not foolish enough to think that it will, in any meaningful way, change those voters’ political views, but I think that the honest ones will recognize the ‘fake news’ media’s continuing attempts to actually control their thinking.   

The problem that the Democrats now have, and really have had since day one of his presidency, is that, for the first time in a very long time, they now have a Republican President whom they can’t control.  That’s the biggest problem they have with Donald Trump, they can’t lead him around by the nose like they have done with most other Republican presidents.  He actually does think for himself.  He does have a brain and he knows exactly how to use it.  Unlike ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden whose brain seems to be mush and who has difficulty answering even the most basic of questions without the question first being put on a teleprompter along with the answer.

Now agreed, he may at times say things that I don’t particularly like, that make me cringe, or really wish he wouldn’t say, or wish he hadn’t said, but he does his own thinking and that is the Democrats biggest concern with our President, they have no leverage against him, they can’t and don’t get to tell him what to do. I have respect for anyone who does that for themselves, I may not like what they say, but I do respect them for being smart enough and brave enough to say it.  And I see it as being imperative for the survival of this country, as we know it, that he be reelected.  Because if it’s ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ who win, then we’re effectively…DEAD!!!

And look, the Democrats don’t like Donald Trump because, for one thing, he isn’t a Democrat any more, if he ever really was, because most, if not all, of what he has done as president is not the work of a Democrat.  Something else that rubs the Democrats the wrong way is the fact that he’s not your typical Republican pansy, in that he doesn’t take their crap and fights to win.  Also, he keeps his promises and gets things done, and unlike the Democrats, he doesn’t think people are stupid.  And he believes in fighting for the country and not the party and he uses a commonsense approach to problem solving.  And he says what he means and means what he says.

I’m sure there are those who still remember what a pervert ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton was, and the freak show he surrounded himself with in the White House, not the least freakish was Carville himself.  And then, of course there was Stephanopoulos, Panetta, Podesta and ever the enabler wifey, Hitlery.  So to now be hearing this wackjob making the claim that there’s “something really, really wrong” with President Trump is pretty sick.  Personally, I think there’s “something really wrong” with a political party that so openly hates America, its history, and its people as the Democrat now do.  In the past most Americans would have seen them as the enemy.

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