Now while I will freely admit that I am most certainly nowhere near the ‘Pro’ that Chris ‘The Pro’ Wallace most certainly views himself as being, especially when it comes to virtually all matters having to do with politics, it was after watching the VP debate and then listening to his analysis of it, that I can only assume that he must have watched a much different debate than the rest of us had.  Because what I saw was Ms. Harris’s, aka ‘The Ho’, arrogance and hubris on display for all to see.  She, at least as far as I was concerned, made very clear that she is nowhere near ready for the Oval Office and is someone who actually shouldn’t even be in the U.S. Senate.

And so following Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate, it was ‘The Pro’ who made the comment that ‘The Ho’, the Democrat vice-presidential nominee, was not only the winner but that she, in his view, had left no doubt that she could definitely be trusted to be a mere “heartbeat away from the presidency.”  And ‘The Pro’ argued that if ‘Creepy Joe and the Ho’ had come into the night leading, they left the night with the lead as well.  But whether they truly are in the lead rests on polls that have led us astray before, yet this time we’re told that things are different.  Really?  How so?  What is it that makes the polls in 2020 any more accurate than those in 2016?   

Anyway, Chris, ‘The Pro,’ said, “I think going into tonight, the Biden campaign had one concern, and it wasn’t whether or not Kamala Harris was going to be sufficiently likable.”  And he then went on to add, “It was whether or not people were going to be able to at the end of the night to envision her as being a heartbeat away from the presidency, which she in terms of her knowledge, command of the facts, her policy, would she seem presidential? And I don’t think she did anything at all tonight to disqualify herself in that sense. So, if they came into the night leading, I think they left the night, the Biden campaign did, with the lead.”  What a ‘maroon!’

’The Pro’ has continued to prove himself to be quite the disappointment ever since first taking over the reins from Tony Snow on ‘Fox News Sunday.’  And I find myself wondering of there was ever a time when he was ever actually considered a bona fide ‘journalist.’  I mean to offer accolades to the flip-flopping ‘Ho’ who contorts herself in such a manner as to at least make it appear as if she stands on both sides of nearly every issue, to me seems a bit much.  And when she said she wants to make America like California, that alone should scare the Hell out of every single American across the entire country, regardless of whether they are a Democrat or a Republican.

But then we can always count on ‘The Pro’ to tell it, like it ain’t.  He’s just one more reason why so many of those in the ‘fake news’ media are trusted by something like 15% of the American people.  He’s nothing more than a liar.  But then at this point in time does anyone really expect anything different from ‘The Pro?’  The man is a creature of ‘The Establishment,’ you know, the self-appointed ruling class.  And it’s now gotten to point where, these days, whenever ‘The Pro’ shows up on my television, regardless of where it is that he might be, it’s time to change the channel.  Even an infomercial for a pressure cooker makes a much better programming option.

But in getting back to the debate, it was ‘The Ho’ who was clearly in command of NO actual facts.  And it was the ‘The Pro’s rather simplistic analysis that provided absolutely nothing of any value or consequence.  And again it was during the debate that ‘I’ was watching that ‘The Ho’ repeatedly exhibited that she is either a mediocre pathological liar or just an incredulous imbecile to say the least.  And were it not for the fact that Mr. Pence bought up certain topics that the moderator, for whatever reason, had decided were simply not important enough, such as the Democrats’ plan to pack the court or raising taxes on all Americans, they might have gone undiscussed.

I can’t help but wonder if ‘The Pro’s comments may have finally dealt what might a final and fatal blow to credibility he might have still possessed.  He’s like an odious little cockroach who seems to see as his mission, in this election season, to convince as many conservatives as possible of the importance of supporting ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho.’  But that seems to now be the mission of ‘Fox News’ as well.  Despite ‘The Pro’s confidence, why was is it that ‘The Ho’ didn’t even get to the batter’s box of the Democrat primary.  Democrats didn’t like her. She has no personality, and the more I hear and read about her she seems nothing more than a floozy opportunist.

‘The Ho’ just does not come across as being all that likeable of a person and there is a certain fakeness about her that most people are able to see right through.  And apparently, for at least much of her adult life, ‘The Ho’ has made it a habit of getting what she wants by what appears to have been a willingness to spend a great deal of time on either her knees or her back.  Yup she comes from some real presidential timber, by golly.  And yet it’s according to ‘The Pro’ that ‘The Ho’ left no doubt that she could definitely be trusted to a mere “heartbeat away from the presidency.”  Prostitutes are experts too, at giving their clients what they want, but it’s all a fake.

These days, ‘The Pro,’ seems to be much more out in the open regarding his support for those in the Democrat Party, as well as for their causes.  Where he once tried to keep his leftist tendencies a bit more under wraps, it’s these days that he doesn’t even bother to try to hide them.  And that he could actually announce ‘The Ho’ as being the winner of last night’s VP debate, and only a week after his own rather disastrous attempt at fulfilling the duties of moderator at the first presidential debate, simply proves that as a debate moderator, he makes a much better janitor.  It’s when thinking of Wallace, that the last thing that pops into my head is, ‘Pro.’ 

Last night’s debate exposed for all who were willing to see, of which ‘The Pro’ is not one, just how weak the Democrat Party platform truly is when placed next to the many successes and promises kept by President Trump.  ‘The Ho,’ hardly looked presidential, instead looked far more like, well, a Ho.  She made ridiculously asinine comments, patently untrue statements and Mr. Pence very articulately presented the stark differences between what the Democrat Party stands for versus the successes and promises kept of the Trump administration.  And it was ‘The Pro’ that once again showed his bias in the lame comment he made about ‘The Ho’s fitness for the office.

It was evident last night that ‘The Pro’ was still seething from being embarrassed last week by President Trump. That wasn’t the only stupid comment he had last night.  There many others that would simply take too much space to try to list here.  As I have said these days I mute my TV every time Wallace, Brazile, and some others come on. I try to be open-minded but I feel they don’t “speak their truth”. I feel like I’m being manipulated and lied to. And I hate that!  Granted, President Trump can be over the top but I have found that to be a characteristic I appreciate in him.  He’s a fighter. I love that! I have never gotten a sense from him that he hates America.

Apparently the powers-that-be there at ‘Fox News’ seem not to care that a rather substantial number of their viewers have come to view ‘The Pro’ as little more than a joke.  But then he’s no worse than that other joke, Juan Williams, and they keep his sorry ass around.  And I’m not sure why either of them continue to be included in post-debate analysis panels?  Neither of them ever have anything of substance to add to the conversation.  We all know ‘The Pro’ is a ‘NeverTrumper,’ and has been since even before Donald trump was elected.  And yet he continues to be presented to us as being a credible, unbiased journalist, which we know he most definitely is not.

Finally, I think many of those in the media, as well as on the left, have forgotten why Donald Trump was elected president in the first place, if they ever even knew.  The American people were, and still are, sick and tired of the political goings on in Washington.  We’ve had enough of it during the ‘BO’ years and we’ve had enough of it as those on the left have continued to perpetuate it through the first four years of the Trump Administration.  And as hard as he has tried to fight back it has been extremely difficult as the old ways are hard to reverse.  As abrasive is Donald Trump is I think he is the best hope this country has and as such I will continue to get my vote.

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