And so the wild conspiracy theories that we continue to hear coming from unhinged Democrat members of Congress, and echoed by those in our ‘fake news’ media, seem to get more hilarious almost by the hour.  You know, I thought we elected these people to be our leaders and to make salient decisions and points.  But that seems not to be the reason Democrats elect other Democrats to Congress, or to be President.  I mean in what has been a relatively short period of time, politically speaking, these people have forever altered the Democrat Party, and not in a good way.  Today there is no one who can be found in the party that has any credibility on any issue.

And it was on Tuesday of this week, right there at ‘fake news’ HQ, aka the Communist News Network (CNN), during an appearance on the “Situation Room,” that Adam ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff actually made the rather idiotic claim that President Trump’s decision to call off coronavirus relief talks “does call into question his judgment, certainly, but whether he’s being impaired by these drugs” that the president is taking for coronavirus.  Well of course, there can be no other logical explanation for the president choosing to bring to an end to negotiations that were going nowhere because of the stubborn refusal of Democrats to come to any sort of compromise.  

Host Wolf Blitzer asked ‘Pencil Neck’ about a number of various reports that Nancy Pelosi had suggested that the steroid which President Trump is taking might actually be having an impact on the president’s thinking and what he thinks about this prospect.  And ‘Pencil Neck’ said, “Well, you know, in my view, Wolf, on the best of days, the president’s thinking isn’t too sound, so if there’s any impairment, it’s a real problem. To me, this harkens back to the president proudly boasting that he’s going to take responsibility for shutting down the government. Well, he’s now proudly taking responsibility for denying the American people help in their time of crisis.”

And he then went on to say, “Basically, today, Donald Trump told the country, if you’re a small businessperson and you’re going under, too bad for you, I’m not going to bother with it until after the election. If you’ve lost your job and you’re on unemployment compensation, your benefits have run out, that’s too bad.”   And he continued by saying, “That doesn’t affect me. I don’t care. I’ll deal with that later. You know, this is so irresponsible, when millions are suffering. And, of course, politically, it makes no sense for him to do either. So, it does call into question his judgment, certainly, but whether he’s being impaired by these drugs.” 

And, of course, it was in very typical fashion that old ‘Pencil Neck’ added that he thinks that ending the talks was done in a “moment of pique” by the president and that President Trump is acting based on what he thinks is best for him.  Democrats continue to insist that President Trump approaches things in the same manner that they would were they in the same position, when he has made clear numerous times, over the last four years, that he does not.  Democrats, like ‘Pencil Neck’, ALWAYS approach things in the way that is most beneficial to them.  Because when it comes to Democrats it’s what’s best for the party that’s always seen as the priority.

And saying no to financial blackmail is not a symptom of drugs nor impaired thinking. Shame on the Democrats for once again holding the American people hostage to their own absurd demands. Since they seem far from confident about their chances in November, those like ‘Pencil Neck,’ and their media friends, work to make President Trump appear to be unfit for office.  But it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who’s unfit because of his refusal to answer key questions facing the nation like: court packing, defunding the police or more nationwide lockdowns?  We know where President Trump stands on these issues.  Yet, we know nothing about where ‘Creepy Joe’ stands on anything.

And ask yourself, why on ‘God’s Green Earth’ would President Trump ever sign a piece legislation the purpose of which is not to assist those struggling because the ‘Chinese virus’ but instead is to hand out stimulus checks to illegals, to legalize millions in this country illegally AND to bail out Blue States and Democrat controlled city’s because of their own mismanagement?  Democrats want to make hostages of those Americans affected economically by the ‘Chinese virus,’ and use them as pawns to pass a relief bill stuffed with all manner of Democrat pork.  The stimulus would have already been passed were it not for Democrats holding it hostage.

What President Trump has made perfectly clear, and on more than one occasion, is the fact that he is not willing to sign off on any Democrat plan that would end up giving taxpayer money to the very same Democrat political ‘leaders’ who chose to simply stand by and watch as rioters destroyed their cities, all in the name of ‘social justice!’  Again, the president has made it very clear that he wants a plan that will be beneficial to the American people and to millions of small businesses.  And that’s the message Democrats like ‘Pencil Neck’ are having a difficult time grasping.  So, of course, their natural response is to blame their own obstruction on the president.

Odd how it is that old ‘Pencil Neck’ goes on television to make this most bizarre statement right now, especially now with the documents from the Russia investigation coming to light that leave virtually no doubt that ‘Pencil Neck’ has been lying about Russian collusion from the very beginning.  He KNOWINGLY advanced the narrative that he knew was manufactured by Hitlery & Co.  The little bug-eyed twerp likely has many skeletons floating around in his own closet and I’m sure he will make further attempts to derail President Trump.  He’s one of those who scream the loudest as he has much to lose if President Trump is successful in getting reelected.

Let’s face it, if the Democrats really gave a whit about the hardships being faced by so many of the American people, they would have quickly passed a ‘stimulus package’ focusing solely on assisting those people without trying to play their typical games. But President Trump has adamantly refused to use taxpayer resources to bailout states that have been poorly managed and were in financial peril years before the arrival of the ‘Chinese virus.’ Those poorly managed Blue states must figure out how to fix themselves.  And I sincerely hope that voters will remember how it was that they were held hostage by Democrats for the purest of self-serving reasons.

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