Now I don’t know about anyone else, but as far as I’m concerned the last person, and I do mean the VERY last person, who should be lecturing any of us on the subject of racism in America is someone who is and, by all accounts, has been for some time, a racist!  And, of course, that would be none other than billionaire multimedia mogul, Oprah Winfrey. You see it was during a recent interview with Isabel Wilkerson, author of ‘Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents,’ during the latest episode of Winfrey’s Apple TV series, Oprah’s Book Club, during which Winfrey took the opportunity to describe America’s “caste system” as “the template for Nazi Germany.”

Wilkerson, who I’m told is an alumnus of the New York Times, characterized ‘Caste’ as an analysis of what she describes as a race-based American “caste system.”  Winfrey said, “How did you decide to focus the book on three cast systems, India, Nazi Germany, and the United States? I think a lot of people get riled up and offended that you’re comparing the caste system here to Nazi Germany, yet we discover that we were the template for Nazi Germany.”  Both ladies noted that Hitler drew inspiration from American eugenicists in formulating the Nuremberg laws, yet neither acknowledged Margaret Sanger’s prominence in America’s eugenicist movement.

According to Winfrey, America’s racial “caste system” includes “systemic racism” and “microaggressions.”  Wilkerson explained the rationale behind her deliberate omission of the terms “racism” and “racist” in her writings, describing the terms as broadly ineffective and overused literary tools of persuasion in the context of her political polemics. Winfrey also falsely accused President Trump of praising white nationalists in Charlottesville as “very fine people,” echoing the falsehood upon which Joe Biden’s latest presidential campaign was launched.  ALL episodes of The Oprah Conversation, Winfrey’s second eponymous series on Apple TV, have focused on racial politics.

And the billionaire media mogul shows no signs of letting up on this kind of political tripe.  It was in the first episode of ‘The Oprah Conversation’ that she declared, “Whiteness still gives you an advantage, no matter what.”  She described “white privilege” as a social force affording advantages to whites at the expense of blacks. She later warned how “whiteness” can be used “as a weapon.”  So says the black billionaire made rich by her many devoted, and white, followers.  And what is it that might motivate someone such as herself to spew such toxic and hate infused rhetoric.  Does she somehow see it as a way to possibly increase her already massive wealth? 

And in speaking of that wealth, how much of it has she contributed to programs the purpose of which would be to convince 7 out of 10 black men to stay with the families they’ve created?  I’m thinking, it’s probably pretty close to zero.  Because that’s not what Winfrey is really all about.   She has done absolutely nothing for those in the black community here in America. She is like all those other ‘humanitarians,’ in that she took her ‘charity’ to Africa where there wouldn’t be a lot of scrutiny of outcomes.  Her ‘Leadership School’ was plagued with all manner of abuse accusations and then dropped off the radar.  She is just as big a fraud as all the other cabal owned ‘icons.’

Frankly, I find it all more than a little disgusting that someone with billions of dollars can be so uneducated and can continue to scream how it is that ‘her’ people continue to be oppressed.  Now if I remember correctly, Germany was homogeneous in the era of the Third Reich, which was a very big part of why they were successful.  Germany was a caste system BEFORE the Nazis, not after.  So once again Winfrey makes very clear just how truly ignorant she is on that point.  She doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about, not that that likely matters much.  People like her don’t really care if what they’re saying is true, it’s only important that they are believed.  So don’t!

Winfrey, like so many in her unique group, chooses to ignore that Americans went to war with each other to abolish slavery, while Germany was at war with the rest of the world in its quest for world domination and to perpetuate the Holocaust.  America evolved precisely because of our institutions and our Constitution, and she is who she is because of these privileges.  There is not another country on Earth where she could have succeeded to the level she has.   She may have some sort of an emotional need to be angry with her country.  If she were to actually leave the U.S. and move to another country what it is that she would then she rant against in her new country?  

Winfrey loves to talk about ‘white privilege,’ but it’s ‘BLACK privilege’ that she was able to exploit in her rise to wealth and power.  A white person with the same mediocre interview skills and repugnant appearance would still be working at a local affiliate on the morning news.  But because she has black skin, and because white baby-boomer females were brainwashed regarding their white guilt, voila Winfrey became a star!  Why is it that anyone would listen to a black billionaire spew all manner of nonsense about a racial caste system?  The entire pretext is nonsense. If anything she says were true, she wouldn’t have been allowed to become a billionaire.

And let’s be honest, blacks are, without a doubt, the most privileged group in the country.  They get into the best colleges over white children despite the fact that their grades are not as good and they get jobs over whites, despite being less qualified.  And once hired it’s almost impossible to fire them, just because they are black.  They get preferences over whites in just about everything.  They have the backing of nearly every bank, corporation, and non-profit in the western world as well as from those in the media, in academia and in entertainment.  Enough is enough!  So much for one being judged by the content of one’s character.  What a joke!!

And when you get pregnant at 14 and drop out of school at 15, or get involved with drugs and alcohol at 16, and join a gang at 17, I’m not really sure how it is that one can complain about being the victim of some racist caste system in America.  And such behavior is all the more idiotic because the system is slanted so much in favor of blacks.  ‘Systemic racism’ does not exist in America despite all the claims made by those like Winfrey.  The assumption by blacks that they should be handed everything  or they are somehow a victim, is as disgusting as is their assumption that other people who chose to work hard to get ahead, were handed it all because of privilege.

Winfrey has never found a problem suffered by blacks that she couldn’t then blame on whites.  Those like Winfrey never look inward and address all of the self-destructive behaviors of blacks in America.  We are all the product of the decisions we make such as, 72% out of wedlock births, single parent families, no fathers in the home, government dependency, high drug usage, very high gang and criminal activity, highest incarceration rates, victimization and entitlement mentality, class hatred and envy and all the other self-induced actions that have kept Blacks down.  But it’s just easier to blame white society, and now white people, for all their own failures.

And just how many trillions of dollars have been wasted in this country because of blacks?  Whether we’re talking about the monies spent on them directly, via all manner of taxpayer funded entitlement and social programs, or the costs to rebuild those areas destroyed by them because of some perceived injustice they feel that they have been made to suffer because they’re black.  Try to imagine if blacks had never been brought to this country, how much of the money that comprises our $27 Trillion national debt has been spent on blacks and what do we have to show for it.  And yet we have those like Winfrey essentially claiming more must be spent?


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