If there is one thing that I know with complete certainty and can loudly declare with absolutely zero hesitation it’s that Nancy Pelosi is one of the most disgusting human beings that God ever saw fit to breathe life into.  Worse even, I dare say, than Chuckie Schumer.  And it was in proving that point yet again, just this past Sunday, that Pelosi, during one of her many frequent visit to CBS News’ ‘Face the Nation,’ made the idiotic claim that Republicans and President Trump have allowed the coronavirus to “run free in the White House” because they are “anti-science.” 

This imbecilic reject from a booby hatch said, “You can’t just say we need to do something but we’re going to let the virus run free.  Now it has even run free in the White House.”  And she went on to say, “So we have to be serious about this.”  She said, “Let me just back up for a second and say this: for a long time the Republicans in Congress and this president have been anti-science. They don’t trust science and they don’t believe in governance,” she said, noting that “science says you should be testing, tracing, treating, mask wearing, sanitation, separation, and the rest.”

Pelosi also said that it’s important for the American people to “have trust” that the Trump administration is being completely honest about the president’s health.  She said, “We have to trust that what they’re telling us about the president’s condition is real. We have to have confidence in the judgment of the doctors who are treating him, that not only do they give a presentation — notice, when they give a presentation to the press, it has to be approved by the president. That’s not very scientific.”  Democrats have always been rather selective when it comes to ‘science.’  

But I’m more than a little confused.  Because it seems to me that if masks worked, we wouldn’t need to socially distance, and if social distancing really worked, why use a mask?  The fact is, like terror-stricken children, many are in desperate search for a perfect protection, when there is none.  And that’s very difficult for the spoiled brats of this generation to understand. And by the way, we’re all going to die sooner or later, and you may want to confront the fact that it may be sooner rather than later.  After all, does wearing a seatbelt or motorcycle helmet prevent all vehicle deaths?

Millions on the Left long ago gave up on religion, considering it to be unsophisticated, I suppose.  And yet, they eagerly long for dominance and tyranny.  Pelosi may call herself a Catholic, but she is certainly no Christian if she supports abortion, just another euphemism for infanticide.  As for ‘Creepy Joe,’ sniffing children’s hair, thrusting fingers into women’s crotches, or parading around naked in front Secret Service agents aren’t exactly Christian things to do.  And drop the Catholic thing, anyway. Millions of Christians (Protestants, Evangelicals) are also against abortion.

And let’s not forget that it was a number of Democrats who were downplaying the whole ‘Chinese virus’ thing back when it was just beginning.  Not the least of which was Pelosi herself who, back when this was just getting started, was insisting that people go to Chinatown and saying that the incoming flights from China should continue and that stopping them was racist.  And New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and his top health official, were bust telling citizens to take the subway and to attend parades months after President Trump restricted travel to coronavirus-plagued China.

The ‘science’ that killed over 32,794 in New York alone, is causing it to have a significant rise in cases.  The science that Cuomo ignored, caused at a minimum of over 6,400 nursing home deaths.  No one actually knows the real number because he continues to hide the actual number with creative accounting. The super spreader ad hominem is getting old. The RNC speech with 1500 people was supposed to be a super spreader, but zero were infected. The Mt. Rushmore speech was supposed to be a super spreader. One person, Herman Cain, died and it wasn’t traced to the speech.

Voting in person at the Wisconsin primary in April, was supposed to be a super spreader, zero were infected voting.  Everyone was tested before the Amy Coney Barrett announcement ceremony.  Sen. Thom Tillis who wore a mask, got Covid.  Fr. Jenkins, from Notre Dame, didn’t wear a mask and sat by Chris Christie who is positive, hasn’t received a positive test.  And there’s Gov. Northam, of Virginia, who has been wearing a mask since May, but recently tested positive for Covid.  And another mask wearing Governor, Mike Parsons, has now tested positive for Covid.

And then, we told that it was at the debate, despite the fact that everyone was tested, it’s now that positive tests can be traced to 11 workers who were there pre-debate.  This is rich in irony since it’s the Cleveland Clinic that has been on the forefront of Covid and set up the safety precautions to allow the debate to be held in person.  One last question, why is there no concern among those on the left about all of the protests with hundreds or thousands of those taking part turning into super spreader events?  These people aren’t social distancing and many don’t wear masks.

The MLK anniversary march, in August, attracted 500K people who didn’t social distance and many didn’t wear masks. That wasn’t labeled a super spreader event.  Why is it that only President Trump’s events that are to be labeled as super spreader events?   And so it would seem that the supposed ‘science,’ that continues to be held is such regard by Pelosi and her fellow Democrats, says you must wear a mask and make sure to socially distance unless, of course, you happen to be burning, looting and/or murdering.  It’s whenever engaged in such activities that no such need exists.


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